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Logging and Sawmilling Journal November 2014

December/January 2015

On the Cover:
Equipment manufacturer T-Mar Industries is addressing the increasing volumes of second-growth timber on steep slopes in B.C. with its new Log Champ 550 grapple yarder. The first Log Champ 550 is being used by new owners Southview Forest Services Ltd. on Redonda Island, on B.C.’s lower coast, yarding second-growth fir. (Cover photo and story photos courtesy of T-Mar Industries)

The forest industry worker gap—and becoming ‘cool’
The forest industry can no longer assume the huge workforces it has been used to in the past are still going to be there when it needs them. It now needs to capture the hearts and minds of its future workforce—in short, it needs to be considered a ‘cool’ and lucrative career choice.

Safety champion
Don Banasky, president of the Truck Loggers Association and vice-president of operations at fast-growing Tamihi Logging, is a champion of safety in B.C.’s coastal forest industry.

Winning the sawmill battle—and the war
Saskatchewan’s L & M Wood Products is winning the employee training battle, with a program that was actually designed for training people on the manufacturing line in World War II.

True multi-purpose head
B.C.’s Tolko Industries has been trying out the GP grapple processor head, produced by Pierce Pacific, and after six months the multi-purpose GP head has been able to prove its stuff successfully in two different types of trials in the B.C. Interior.

Canada’s newest sawmill revs upLakeland Mills’ newly completed sawmill in Prince George, B.C., is like no other sawmill built before it in terms of production, employing the very latest technology to attain the maximum recovery and value from its available wood fibre—but with a very strong focus on safety.

The New Lakeland Team

More stringent WorkSafeBC
investigation techniques being

Sinclar Group a PowerSmart leader

Lakeland’s—and the Sinclar
Group’s—rich community history

The Edge
Included in The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions and FPInnovations.

New grapple yarder for British Columbia loggers
Working with its industry-leading design expertise—and with an industry heritage reaching back decades—T-Mar Industries recently introduced the Log Champ 550, its new steep slope grapple yarder designed to take on the increasing volumes of second-growth timber in B.C.

Going four-wheeling with Waratah’s new head
Waratah’s new 622C 4x4 multi-tree processing head with four roller drive is getting solid praise from the folks at McNeil and Sons Logging in the B.C. Interior, where it makes for a solid harvesting combo with a John Deere 2154D carrier.



The Last Word





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Lakeland Mills’ newly completed sawmill in Prince George, B.C.

Sinclar Group a PowerSmart leader

The common sense practice of saving money by curtailing energy use has become second nature for sawmills and plants run by Sinclar Group Forest Products Ltd. And it’s not gone unnoticed. BC Hydro, through its biennial recognition programs, has acknowledged the Sinclar Group operations for their best-in-class energy management and conservation practices.

In 2010, BC Hydro recognized Sinclar with a PowerSmart Leader award. It was based on the Sinclar plants’ collective ability to slash energy consumption by about 25 per cent in 18 months. This was achieved by applying and combining a couple of Sinclar’s guiding principles. The first was paying attention to small details. Most of the energy savings achieved were of the little here/little there variety which collectively became significant.

The second applied principle was tapping into the mill workers knowledge and experience of their working environments. As Sinclar declares on its website: “Valuable ideas can emerge from day to day experiences in the field and on the shop floor. Therefore, we encourage a culture of creativity and innovation among our staff.”

That same “creativity and innovation” was evident with some of the safety design features that have been incorporated into the new Lakeland sawmill. No-one knows better than the employees the places where potentially hazardous sawdust collects around their work stations and how best to eradicate or control it.

BC Hydro recognized the Sinclar Group again in 2012, that time with a Leadership Excellence Award. The same award came Sinclar’s way again in 2014. “The Sinclar Group has demonstrated strong leadership in the sawmill industry, with its innovative project to generate electricity by burning waste wood at its Nechako Lumber plant,” noted BC Hydro when announcing the award. “Over the past two years, Sinclar has achieved a 30 per cent savings in both avoided and actual energy usage.”

The utility also credited Sinclar’s appointments of dedicated energy managers through the years and “energy champions” in each mill or plant to help drive energy savings projects. BC Hydro also recognized Sinclar’s pioneer work among B.C. sawmills with LED lighting, another feature in the new Lakeland sawmill.

DAGR Industrial Lighting, which specializes in rugged, high-performance LED lighting for industrial operations, supplied a range of energy-efficient bay lights and flood lights for the new Lakeland mill, all of which are certified for hazardous, dust-explosive environments. These lights will reduce energy consumption at the mill by approximately 75 per cent compared with traditional metal halide fixtures.

BC Hydro is scheduled to acknowledge Power Smart leaders again in 2016. Don’t bet that the Sinclar Group won’t make
it a four-timer.