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Logging and Sawmilling Journal November 2013

December/January 2014

On the Cover:
With the industry turning around, Western Forest Products’ Mid Island operation on Vancouver Island has been rebuilding its logging equipment fleet. They looked at their equipment line-up and what they needed to replace, from a strategic point of view—and decided that two Cat 568 FM machines from Cat dealer Finning would fit the bill nicely. (Photo by Paul MacDonald).

Making coastal logging safer
A new initiative to make B.C. coastal harvesting operations safer has been launched, and has the attention of the CEO’s of the major companies operating on the Coast.

Downie Timber goes up in production
With strategic investments of capital, B.C.’s Downie Timber is utilizing technology throughout the sawmill to best utilize their timber, upping lumber production in the process.

Previewing Ponsse’s Scorpion harvester
Ponsse recently put on a tour of its facilities in Finland—including a demo of its brand new Scorpion harvester, which will soon be hitting North America—and Logging and Sawmilling Journal has the full report on this new concept harvester.

Canfor being pro-active in sawdust management
Canfor is taking a pro-active approach to tackling sawdust management in its facilities, a move that included completing a series of intensive facility risk assessments. The goal is simple: the company wants to do better at dust management.

The Edge
Included in The Edge, Canada’s leading publication on research in the forest industry, are stories from the Canadian Wood Fibre Centre, Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and FPInnovations.

Shifting the logging into high gear
B.C.’s Lizzie Bay Logging adeptly shifted gears into doing more construction work during the downturn, and with the recovery in the forest industry, is now shifting gears to build up its logging side, adding equipment and people.

New Cat iron is a welcome addition
Now that the industry is getting back to normal, Western Forest Products’ Mid Island Forest Operations is building its equipment fleet back up to improve log production, and has found two Caterpillar 568 FM loaders to be very welcome additions.

High hopes for wood in high rises
B.C.’s Structurlam Products is expanding its presence in the Cross-Laminated Timber market, with new equipment that will help it to better service, and grow, the CLT market into areas such as wooden high rise buildings.

The Last Word
Tony Kryzanowski says the attack by competing building products on the wood industry over proposed changes to the National Building Code of Canada is bogus—and it demands a response

Tech Update Class 8 Trucks

Supplier Newsline


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Supplier Newsline

By Tony Kryzanowski

Tigercat 880 loggerTigercat 880 logger now has new junior companion—the 875

The new Tigercat 875 logger—a companion machine to the Tigercat 880—is an 80,000 lb carrier with two boom options for loading or processing applications.

It is equipped with the new Tigercat FPT 6.7 L Tier 4i engine, producing 282 hp. Designed for extremely fuel efficient operation, the 875 is equipped with variable speed cooling and Tigercat’s unique closed loop energy recovery swing system.

The twin swing drive system provides powerful swing torque and reduced gear tooth loads for excellent performance and reliability in demanding processing applications. The new F7-150 heavy duty forestry undercarriage provides a stable base of operations, improving performance and operator comfort, says the company.

The operator’s cabin on the 875 is said to be very spacious with excellent all-around visibility. Floor windows provide a clear view of the tracks. The engine compartment is open and spacious. Access to daily service points is very convenient and major components are readily accessible. The engine and hydraulic components are shielded and compartmentalized.

WoodmizerWood-Mizer releases new maintenance equipment line

Wood-Mizer Products Inc. has released a new line of blade sharpeners and setters, along with new blades for high production sawing and better performance with highly abrasive wood species.

The BMX500 blade sharpener was recently introduced to the North American market and is designed to handle up to 3” blades with the performance to sharpen hundreds of blades per week. Its auto-run mode saves time, improves efficiency, and the 8” CBN wheel is powered by a 1 hp motor for consistent, accurate full-profile grinds. The BMS500 can be adjusted for different blade sizes and lengths used in various operations.

For lower blade volume needs, the new BMS200 and BMS250 blade sharpener models are steady performers with minimal downtime and easy set-up. All Wood-Mizer sharpeners are based on superior CBN wheel technology with sharpening wheels manufactured by Wood-Mizer to meet precise specifications.

The new BMT250 tooth setter has been upgraded and sets the bar for accurate and consistent sets on band blades up to 3”, the company says. This machine is designed with an automatic feed system that ensures blades will be in top shape for maximum performance. The BMT200 tooth setter is an economical alternative to set both sides of blades with a hand crank.

Macs Tie DownNew device for transporting chainsaws safely

Anyone with experience hauling a chainsaw around knows that transporting it safely can be a concern. Mac’s Tie Downs has developed a chainsaw scabbard, designed to keep a chainsaw safe and secure no matter where it’s hauled, and regardless of the size or bar length.

The chainsaw bar simply slides into the scabbard, and is clamped down against the scabbard so that both the bar and the chain are protected from damage while in transit. Made out of aluminum that has been powder coated black for maximum durability, the scabbard has a universal design that can be mounted to a variety of different surfaces at a variety of different angles, and fits most chainsaws. The product comes with a master lock for security. An optional 90-degree mounting bracket is also available, which provides more freedom of alternative mounting positions.

BrandtB.C. invests $8.4 million to develop new wood markets

The B.C. government is investing $8.4 million to build new markets for B.C. wood products at home and in major markets around the globe, including China and India.

“Diversification means better protection for B.C.’s economy—that’s why the government has worked hard to diversify our export markets over the past decade,” says B.C. Premier Christy Clark. “This approach has paid dividends. During that time, our wood exports to China alone have increased by 3500 percent to $1.4 billion in 2012, and become a significant driver of economic activity and job creation.”

Nine associations, which operate market development programs in China, Japan, South Korea, the U.S. and other major markets, will receive $6 million from the province for international market development. Those associations include: APA - The Engineered Wood Association; the BC Shake and Shingle Association; the BC Wood Specialties Group; Canada Wood Group; Coast Forest Products Association; the Council of Forest Industries of B.C.; the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association; the Wood Pellet Association of Canada; and the Wood Products Council.

Brandt shortwood grapple features straightforward design and durability

Brandt power grapples are built to withstand the harsh operating environments experienced in Canada’s forest industry. Uptime is everything in today’s log handling operations and Brandt says its JAW 8.0 square foot shortwood grapple keeps its customers working with a straightforward design and durable components.

Weighing in at 5188 lbs., and with dimensions of 100” X 42” X 101”, the shortwood grapple features a high flow-in head valve that allows for the maximum auxiliary flow from the log loader, meaning that operators can perform multiple functions without loss of speed.

The innovative jaw design features a high strength box design, and hardened pins and bushings, as well as a robust pin retention system that results in better durability and less downtime.

An industry-proven drive system offers high torque VIS motors in 38.6 or 60.5 cubic inch configurations. Optimal hose routing results in minimal hose movement and rubbing.

From left to right: Malcolm McKay, Tracy Cope, Bob Bartlett, Cliff Lane.Viking Chains, Lacey Harmer, I’Anco connect to form Connexus

Cliff Lane, formerly general manager of Viking Chains, is pleased to announce that Viking Chains, Lacey Harmer and I’Anco Products have joined forces under a new banner—Connexus Industries Inc.

“Bringing the top three brands in the forest industry chain business together to engineer, manufacture and distribute chain products under the new Connexus name offers a number of advantages to our many customers,” says Lane. “Not only will this provide mills with expanded inventory, product offerings and availability, but it will also improve delivery through our five strategically located facilities across North America.

From left to right: Malcolm McKay, Tracy Cope, Bob Bartlett, Cliff Lane.

“An added benefit is our expanded pool of industry expertise and application knowledge. With a combined 250-plus years of experience, the Connexus team can help our industry analyze chain/sprocket wear issues and develop preventative maintenance schedules designed to eliminate unscheduled downtime.”

Viking, VC Chains, I’Anco and Lacey Harmer’s Summit line of sharp top chain will become brands under the new Connexus banner. Connexus Industries Inc. can be reached at 1-800-324-1244.