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Annual 2005: Feller-Buncher

Product Review

Blount, Inc.

The Prentice zero and full tail swing track feller bunchers are designed for tough harvesting conditions and feature a rugged undercarriage with 30-35" clearance. They are built with the most robust track links available for track feller bunchers and a high strength, welded track frame made to minimize flexing. The Cummins QSC 8.3 liter Tier II compliant engine with a 24-valve overhead cam provides a power boost in the lower rpm range where it is needed. The IQAN control system integrates the hydraulics with the engine. In the tilting models, a 3-cylinder mechanism allows simultaneous 20” forward and 11” side-to-side tilting. Gull wing doors, activated from inside the cab, open for engine and hydraulic pump and valve maintenance.

The zero tail swing machines — non-tilting 1090 and 1190, and tilting 1190T and 1290T — lift 17,000 lbs. at 20'. Swing torque is 61,000 ft./lb. with drawbar pull of up to 82,940 lbs. The full tail swing machines — non-tilting 1390 and 1490 and tilting 1490T — have a felling range of 12' to 28'1” and lift 20,000 lbs. at full reach. Swing torque is 72,000 ft./lb. with up to 101,540 lbs. of drawbar pull.

Blount also markets the Timberking full and zero tail swing track feller bunchers to Caterpillar dealers. For more details on the Timberking see "Cat" below.


Timberking feller bunchers are engineered for reliable production in tough logging applications. Seven models of track feller bunchers and three models of wheel feller bunchers enable loggers to select a machine that suits the job.

Each tracked machine has a proven undercarriage designed to handle harvesting conditions ranging from wet bottomlands to steep, rocky slopes. Three models — TK722, TK732 and TK752 — feature a patented three-cylinder tilt mechanism with simultaneous tilting forward and side-to-side. The purpose-built forestry cab with heavy-duty guarding is comfortable and provides excellent sight lines to the work area.

Timberking wheel feller bunchers feature 90-degree steering articulation to maximize thinning productivity. Quarter-turn steering and adjustable tilt-telescoping steering
column are standard. Joystick steering is an option. Power ranges from 175 to 225-hp.

Caterpillar engines power each model, and each Timberking feller buncher is backed with industry-leading parts and service from the local Caterpillar dealer.


John Deere

The John Deere 853J, 903J and 953J tracked feller bunchers — built to handle high-volume logging operations under difficult conditions or applications — feature a new 294-hp engine. The 6081H diesel engine is able to automatically access extra power for enhanced multi-functioning, faster cycle times and improved saw speed recovery. Productivity is increased with a steeper torque rise from the common rail fuel injection system providing superior lugging power.

Beyond the power plant, the J-Series feller bunchers utilize higher oil flows that give the operator better control and match hydraulic output to engine power for maximum performance.

The heavily guarded, highwalker undercarriage provides the clearance needed to travel over the worst terrain. And durable, strong main and stick booms are built larger for high-rotation felling heads.

Matched to the J-Series is the high-accumulation 22" felling head. The shape of the saw housing easily discharges chips and can even be bolt-in replaceable after many hours of service. The new FS22B comes with a powerful two-cylin-der wrist and can be installed with a high-rotation wrist under a special dealer order. Intuitive and predictable controls are combined with excellent visibility to maximize the value of the timber and reduce operator fatigue.


Machinery Tanguay (Trans-Gesco)

Machinery Tanguay offers three series of feller bunchers. All models feature high quality components with oversize cooling packages and gull wing enclosures for easy service and maintenance access. They also share a D7 size undercarriage with F80 final drive and huge 90,000 lbs. of drawbar pull. An optional severe duty D7G size undercarriage with F100 final drive and tractor rollers is offered for the most demanding conditions.

The smaller TG300 series are limited tail swing feller bunchers with a fuel-efficient 275-hp Mercedes engine and almost 200 Usgal of hydraulic power controlled by Parker hydraulics.

The TG700 series are full size feller bunchers with a 300hp Cummins engine and over 225 gpm of hydraulic power. They feature proven and simple Linde hydraulics with two dedicated single piston pumps for the head and saw disc.

The TG400 series are the largest and most powerful feller bunchers of the industry with a 330-hp Cummins engine, closed loop hydraulics for the traction and almost 300 gpm of hydraulic power controlled by a Parker IQAN system. Both the 400 and 700 series have up to 32’ boom reach.



Madill offers a number of feller bunchers. The two newest are the T1200 and the 1200. The T1200 has a 50 percent forward tilt, 18 percent side-to-side and 5 percent rear and is powered by a 285-hp engine. The standard boom length is 22'5", with a maximum reach of 27'11", as well as a tail swing of 6'4" and track length of 14'6". The other two Madill models with the same tilt capacity are the T2200B and the T2250B. Both are powered by a Cummins QSL 9 engine. They have the same 21'11" boom length, 28' reach and 9'2" tail swing. The T2200B weighs in at 73,600 lbs. (with head) and has a track length of 14'9", whereas the T2250B weighs 85,500 with a track length of 15'8".

The new Madill 1200 has a 22'5" standard boom reach, a 27'11" maximum reach, a tail swing of 6'4" and a lift capacity of 15,500 at 20' (without attachment). Its track length is 14.6" and ground clearance is 2'4". Madill's similar models include the 2200B, 2250B and 3200C. They range between 62,500 and 77,000 lbs., have a standard boom reach ranging from 21'11" to 27'4", a maximum reach ranging from 28' to 33'5" and a lift capacity between 21,800 at 20' and 22,500 at 25'. The 300 hp 3200C, a flat-bottomed buncher is designed for high production. Each is powered by a Cummins QSL 9 engine.



Tigercat offers a wide variety of feller bunchers, including the new C-series — the 860C, 870C, and L870C. The C-series carriers are powered by a 280-hp Cummins QSL9 Tier II engine operating at 1,800 rpm. The entire roof enclosure retracts clamshell style, providing full access to the engine. They are equipped with Tigercat's patented ER boom system, which extends and retracts on a horizontal plane using a single joystick. They have a maximum cut radius of 27.5’ and a lift capacity of 13,350 lbs.

The 860C/870C machines are equipped with a hydraulically driven, automatic variable speed, reversible cooling fan. Because the fan speed is matched to the cooling demand, fuel consumption is reduced and cold weather operation improved. The reversing cycle keeps the air intake area and cooling cores clean. The air intake is at the rear of the machine for reduced debris loading in summer and reduced icing.
The L870C, like the 870C, is Tigercat's highest production feller buncher, best suited to large timber, final-fell applications and extreme terrain. It is also capable of tilting 20 degrees forward, 7 degrees rear and approximately 16 degrees side to side.



Valmet's purpose-built EX and EXL machines are built for high production and smooth performance and are ideal in heavy timber. EX-series carriers come in four model sizes and can be outfitted as a feller or harvester.

Valmet/Timbco 475-EX or EXL (leveling) has a purpose-built carbody, 330- or 300-hp engine, D7 tracks with high-ground clearance and independent closed-loop hydrostatic drive. The counterweight machine is equipped with a setback boom for added balance — standard boom and stout "power boom" options are available. The ergonomically designed cab is comfortable and quiet. It uses proven EX drive-by-wire controls, and the operator can set preferences and perform troubleshooting with machine self-diagnostics. It’s capable of 360-degree rotation, 2-cyl, 4-way leveling (to 55 percent) and delivers exceptional fuel economy. It also comes with clamshell engine work platform and auto-reverse cooling fan.

Valmet/Timbco 425 (D6 size), and 445-EX or EXL (leveling) D7 size, also has a purpose-built carbody with high-clearance and closed loop hydrostatic drive carrier with unique setback boom design. Available in 260 or 300 hp, it uses proven EX-series control for smoother performance, better productivity and reduced fuel costs. Operators can set preferences and perform self-diagnostics.


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