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Wood-Mizer Introduces LT28 Manual Sawmill

Wood-Mizer recently launched a new portable sawmill — the LT28. It features an 18-hp engine and will cut up to 200 board feet per hour using a manual crank and walk-along cutting technique. The LT28 handles 32" diameter logs up to 21’ long and comes standard with a trailer package.

The optional power feed replaces the manual hand crank feature with an electronic-driven system. This allows sawyers to move the head down the log and back at a faster pace to further increase production. Additionally, the log deck package, which includes manual winch, a log turner, and toeboards, is a labor-saving option to assist in loading, leveling and turning logs. For more details call (800) 553-0182 or visit

Two New PowerBox™ Models by Dynamic

Dynamic Power Source, LLC (DPS) announced release of its new PowerBox™ 175MP and 240MP models. Complementing the current PowerBox™ line, both of the new units build on PowerBox’s patented features, and package the maximum amount of technology and power into a new, more compact design.

The PowerBox™ 175MP features a 12-hp Kohler air-cooled engine, 7,500 watts of power, 13 CFM of air @ 100PSI, a 5-gal-lon air storage tank and a powder-coated high-strength shell. The PowerBox™ 240MP has the same features, but less watts (4,500) and 175 amps of welding. For information visit  or call (877) 693-7269.


Quadco 2900 Intermittent Saw Head

Quadco’s 2900 intermittent saw head features a large 29" cut capacity — 56 percent more cutting power than the 2800 model — and dual motor and pinion for longer component life. The 2900 offers a new 29" retractable disc saw and can be equipped with a 40degree, 360-degree or 360VI tilt for added buncher versatility. It uses replaceable bolt-on holders and rotatable 2" kerf Quadco teeth, which are common to hot saws. With the improvements, it still weighs the same as the 2800 — 6,500 lbs. See more at



Tigercat C-Series Feller Bunchers

Tigercat recently released the first run of 860C feller bunchers, phasing out the successful 860/870 series feller bunchers. The new C-series carrier has undergone a ground-up redesign, focusing on improved service access, cooling capacity
and operator comfort.

The new C-series lineup includes the 860C, 870C and L870C feller bunchers, the H860C harvester, S860C shovel logger and D860C delimber carrier — all based on a common platform.

The 860C/870C machines are equipped with a hydraulically driven, automatic variable speed, reversible cooling fan. Because the fan speed is matched to the cooling demand, fuel consumption is reduced and cold weather operation improved. The air intake is at the rear of the machine for reduced debris loading in summer and reduced icing in winter.

The operator's station has been completely redesigned. The full-length front windshield serves as the primary entry/exit.

The C-series carriers are powered by a 280-hp Cummins QSL9 Tier II engine operating at 1,800 rpm for longer engine life. The entire roof enclosure retracts clamshell style, providing full access to the engine. To find out more visit


Multitek TSS16-Way Splitting Wedge System

The Multitek TSS16-Way Splitting Wedge System is a new and revolutionary design for the bundlewood or fireplace wood industry. It is designed to produce a uniform piece of firewood with just one pass through the splitter. The system will eliminate extra manpower required to resplit firewood to size in your operation.

It can be adjusted to each customer ’s needs when it is manufactured. It has no vertical adjustment like the com-pany’s other model. The splitter initially splits the cut round in quarters, then these quarter pieces are pushed through a secondary set of splitter blades. The result is pie shapes on the exterior and squares or rectangles on the interior.

If wood does get jammed or bound up, the operator from his seat can open up the splitter box, then stroke the splitter through a cycle for cleaning the blades of the problem wood.

For details log on to


Supertrak SK120TR Carrier

The 14,000 lb. SK120TR is built on a Cat 287B carrier. The unit is equipped with a Cat 3054 turbocharged engine producing 127 hp. It has a 22 GPM separate loader hydraulic circuit and a 40 GPM 4000 PSI closed loop dedicated auxiliary hydraulic circuit to operate high flow requiring attachments.

The SK120TR features a Supertrak high debris and ambient temp radiator and cooling system. The fuel tank has a 41gallon capacity and the tracks are 18” wide and have a length on the ground of 73” giving the unit 5.3 p.s.i. ground pressure. The fully enclosed cab is air conditioned and heated. The SK120TR features a forestry guarding package and can be equipped with a rear hydraulic 15000 lb. winch. The SK120TR is capable of operating any number of attachments and the Fecon “BULL HOG” mulching head comes as the standard attachment. For more details visit


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