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Morton Loggers' Jubilee

The 63rd annual Morton Logger’s Jubilee was held this August and attracted thousands. The large attendance doesn’t strike residents as strange — it’s the norm. The three-day event is one of the largest and oldest, and it also contains a variety of entertainment. In addition to logging competitions — like climbing, birling and springboard chopping — there are a host of other events. You will find bed races down Main Street, lawnmower races, a crowned queen, street dances, a parade, a 10K fun run, and much more.

Whether the show got its start in 1937 or 1938 is debated, as is also who came up with the idea — F.E. Coleman or J. Longmire. The first show was held in a vacant lot near Longmire’s auto and truck repair shop. Log bucking was the only event held that first year, but tree climbing was soon added on a tree not far away.

The event grew. "A colorful ‘hillbilly’ band advertised Jubilee by touring nearby towns, including Tacoma, Chehalis and Centralia. A mock ‘hillbilly’ wedding on Main Street was a feature of the early shows, with plywood axes sold as souvenirs," reads the Jubilee archives.

The Jubilee continued to grow, with the help of donations and Jubilee funds. It has also had its downs, including the years of WWII, when it wasn’t held at all. But through it all, it’s never stopped being an important part of communities past, present and future


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