September October, 2004




2004 Annual Feller-Buncher Specification Chart

By Brenda Kohlmyer

The healthier economy and somewhat brighter outlook for the industry this year means that dealers who may have had machines sitting on the lot last year are now beginning to take orders for delivery several months out. This fact coupled with the approaching cold weather make it a perfect time to think about replacing old equipment or buying a new machine in advance of increased work next spring. Because there are so many options for modern feller-bunchers, we've tried to make your initial selection process easier. In this year's Feller-Buncher Specification Chart you'll find basic specifications on over 70 swing to tree machines. The chart is divided by two types of machines leveling and non-leveling. Leveling and non-leveling machines within any company's line often have nearly identical specs, however the leveling mechanism will add weight, which can be a critical decision on certain soil types. But, when steep terrain all but dictates a leveling machine for safer working conditions and easier access to trees, the additional weight may not be as important. When you need a leveling feller-buncher you can do an easy comparison by evaluating slope percentage and weight across theses specialized workhorses. Please contact your local dealer or manufacturer for further information on interesting machines.

 **These specifications (available as a pdf download) are current as of September 2004. Although we try to make certain that all material is correct, specifications may change at any time. The inclusion or exclusion of any particular manufacturer or model is not meant in any way as an endorsement or comment on suitability.


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