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Bush rally highlight at ALC Annual Meeting

The American Loggers Council celebrated their 10th anniversary at this yearís annual meeting. This September over 200 loggers, manufacturers, suppliers and forest industry representatives from 27 states met for three days in Bangor, Maine to review their progress over the last 10 years and to set their course for 2005. Highlighting this yearís meeting was the rally that President Bush held on Thursday, September 23, in which President Bush remarked, "I want to thank Steve Ė Steve Hanington. Heís the President of the American Loggers Council. I appreciate you coming. I want to thank all of the loggers who are here today. Thank you for helping us put together the Healthy Forest Initiative. Good piece of legislation. I appreciate you working on it with us."

2004/2005 ALC Pres. Tom Van Slyke

The 127 ALC members in attendance were surprised and appreciative of the kind words of support that President Bush showed towards the logging industry. Kicking off the annual event was the Annual Board meeting at Husson College that resulted in the unanimous decision to go forward with the formation of a Associate Member Advisory Committee created to bring loggers, manufacturers and suppliers in the industry to consider programs and proposals that would enhance the logging profession as well as to promote the businesses of those who are supporting the ALC.


On Friday evening the group gathered to recognize their 10th year anniversary and the Past Presidents of ALC. Montana State Senator Sherm Anderson, gave a moving presentation on how this industry will remain competitive as long as all involved come to the table and cooperate with each other. Senator Anderson, who runs both a logging and sawmill operation in Deer Lodge, Montana, understands personally why the timber industry needs to continue to work together. President Hanington presented two Presidentís Award for Commitment to Excellence and the ALC.

The recipients were Ed Ehlers, the Executive Director for the Associated California Loggers, who was instrumental in organizing ALCís legislative committee, and Danny Goodbar, owner of Two Brothers Logging in Goshen, Virginia, who worked for the ALC in both the communications and legislative committees. Service Awards were presented to Matt Jensen, Wisconsin; John Boulton, Washington; and Pete Thill, California for their service to the ALC Board of Directors.

The meeting culminated with Steve Hanington passing the gavel to 2004/2005 President Tom Van Slyke of Vaughn, Washington. Tom presented his vision for the ALC over the next 12 months and graciously accepted the Presidency. In President Van Slykeís speech at the Presidentís farewell banquet he stated, "Our history has shown that with perseverance and fortitude, when we do work together as a team, we can get things done."


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