Sept Oct, 2002





New Products

Bandit 5680
Bandit has introduced their new machine, the horizontal Model 5680 Beast Recycler. It’s the third largest in the Beast family, with an opening of 50" x 83" and options of 800-1000 horsepower. The 5680 can process up to 200 tons an hour, depending on the material. It is ideal for the production of mulch, compost, fuel and a raw material for pressed board. For more information call (989) 561-2270 or log onto their website at

Kenworth Extends Warranty
For a limited time, Kenworth is providing a Cummins extended warranty at no additional charge. To qualify, customers must purchase, between Oct. 1, 2002 and Jan. 31, 2003, a Kenworth heavy duty truck powered by either a Cummins ISX or ISM 2002 EPA-certified engine. The additional coverage is available in the U.S. and Canada for Kenworth's T600, T800, W900, T2000 and C500 models. Under the Cummins protection plan for 2002 EPA-certified ISX and ISM engines, buyers of new Kenworth on-highway vehicles will receive a three-year, 300,000-mile extended warranty at no charge. That is above the current base coverage of two years, 250,000 miles. For more information on the extended warranties, log onto

Firestone Tubeless Tire
Firestone Forestry Tire Division ( Firestone) announced a tubeless version of its Forestry Special Severe Service tire — the industry’s first tubeless LS-2 tire. Firestone’s tubeless tire features CRC® (Cut-Resistant Compound) to resist snags and tears from rugged terrain. Available in 30.5L-32 18-ply CRC Severe Service, the new tubeless tire offers a state-of-the-art inner liner for tubeless construction, an improved bead package for additional strength and reduced slippage, as well as an increased ply rating, allowing for heavier loads. It was specifically designed to reduce the downtime and expense associated with mounting a tube in a forestry tire. This version of the Severe Service tire is the industry’s first tubeless forestry tire. For more information on the tire, contact the Firestone Forestry Tire Division at (800) 350-3276 or visit its Web site at

Four New Products by ALCM
ALCM, Inc. has come out with four new high performance products, especially designed to aid lumberyards in the drying of furniture grade lumber and other similar products. They include: Aluma Max fibered aluminum coating, Black Max asphalt fibered coating, Black Max rubberized end sealer and Peel & Seal aluminum roll coating. For information about these products call (216) 341-2000 or fax ALCM at (216) 341-5833.

HogZilla’s Solution
CW Manufacturing has engineered a combination Tub Cover and Back Stop Assembly that allows the operator to fully utilize the HogZilla tub grinder while controlling possible thrown objects through a huge guard. The guard can be hydraulically adjusted from a high and wide position to a fully enclosed position for clean-out. Adjusting is easy from the control panel or a wireless remote control. The guard’s size, adjustment, and covering can be manufactured to customers’ specifications based on their applications and preferences. For more information log onto

Axe to Grind?
Another alternative for sharpening axes, pulaskis and hatchets is the new Super Axe and Tool Sharpener from Creative Sales in Elmo, Montana.  The diamond-ground tungsten carbide inserts hone sharp, precision edges on both sides of the blade with just a few strokes.  Light weight and easy to grip.  the sharpener is made of high-impact plastic and is 10" long and 1" in diameter.  For more information call (866) 869-8115


Tigercat's New rear Chassis
Tigercat has lengthened the rear chassis o the C640 clambunk skidder, to accommodate a variety of off-road hauling applications.  The first 640 hauler will be equipped with a hydraulic dumper and serve as an off-road articulating dump truck.  Other potential applications for this machine are fertilizeror herbicide spreader/applicators.  The six-wheel bogie design and long wheel base offer low ground pressure, a smooth ride and excellent traction.  Like the Tigercat skidder line, the 640 multipurpose hauler is hydrostatically driven for challenging terrain conditions.


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