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One Person... Speaking Out

 Do you feel strongly about current issues in the timber industry? Would you like to tell others your views? Here's your chance! Timber/West is trying out a monthly column featuring strong opinions about important issues from you out there in the field. If you think it's about time someone stood up and said something, speak up! If you write it, we'll try to print it. We're starting off this month with a letter Richard Van Damme, President of Acme Manufacturing Inc., recently wrote to Oregon Representative, Peter DeFazio. Richard's letter was in response to an article appearing in the Register Guard, explaining why the Forestry Service vehicles were now white - to save taxpayers the cost of painting them pea green. Richard's letter speaks for itself: 

Please find the enclosed copy of an article cut out of the October 10th Issue of the Register Guard newspaper. It sparked my interest enough that I have two very important comments to you and the general public. I grew up in the Tillamook area in the 1950's. I remember the salvage logging and the replanting of the "Tillamook Burn" which is now known as the Tillamook Forest due to the proper forest management used via salvage logging, replanting, etc. Back then the forest service vehicles were painted green to represent that agency's pride in helping to make and keep our forests green. 

The employees of the forest service and the employees of all the other land management companies, including loggers, involved in caring for our forests were quite proud of their role they played in helping Oregon to have the best forests in the world. Nowadays it seems to me that, except for the preservationists working for the Forest Service, a large majority of them can hardly wait to find another job or retire. The same holds true for the rest of the forest management companies, including loggers. 

Getting back to the issue of the color of the vehicles, I feel that with the gross mismanagement of our national forests by this agency, seeing all the bug killed forests, and recalling all the fires we have had and will continue to have because of the politics of "logging" appearing to be a bad word in your vocabulary, that black may be the color that best represents our forests of the future. Fortunately, if and when you and the rest of the politicians representing me wake up there should be a surplus millions of dollars in the Forest Service budget to hire the proper timber management people because black is a standard color from the automobile makers. 

Richard Van Damme, Very Disappointed Tax Payer If you have a concern that you'd like to voice, we'd like to hear it. Please email or fax your views to: or (425) 7713623 

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