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October 2000 - Volume 25 Number 10 

New Products

Caterpillar 535B Wheel Skidder If you were at Demo 2000 you saw the new 535B Wheel Skidder in action. The 535B combines state-of-the-art engine technology and torque converter/direct drive for excellent pulling power, fuel economy and durability. It offers 12 percent more horsepower and drawbar than the 525B while maintaining the same wheel base and ground clearance. A five-speed transmission, heavy duty torque converter and lockup clutch match engine power to load size and ground conditions for efficient skidding and fast returns when empty. For more information contact Sharon Holling or Jean Hiller, (309) 6758995 or (309) 6755175.

New Stump Cutter The new RAYCO RG85 Super Cutter is a self-propelled, 83hp stump cutter. Engineered on the same principals as its smaller counterpart, the RG50, the RG85 combines a diesel engine, hydrostatic cutter wheel drive with quick stop cutter wheel, a low center of gravity, turf friendly rubber tires, a backfill blade, two speed hydrostatic wheel drives and a swing out operator's console. For more information contact RAYCO Mfg. Inc., Wooster, Ohio at 8003922686, visit their website at or email them at

Phantom WedgeLock Amulet Manufacturing Company now offers the Phantom WedgeLock quick coupler as a package assembly with their Amulet PowerClamp. This combination maximizes an excavator's versatility by allowing the machine operator to quickly switch between buckets or other attachments while maintaining full functions of the PowerClamp thumb. The PowerClamp and the Phantom quick coupler share the same main pin, resulting in stability of the bucket load even during adjustment of the bucket curl position. The PowerClamp design maximizes the degree of clamp rotation and structural strength while keeping the attachment weight to a minimum. "Our customers were looking for a complete coupler/thumb package from Amulet," says Deric Wagner, national sales manager. "We believe this combo package to be the answer our customers have been looking for." For more information contact Amulet Manufacturing Co., 5640 West End Road, Arcata, Calif. 95521, (800) 526 8538 or (707) 8222282, or visit their website at

Alliance Scale's Pitless Truck Scale Alliance Scale, Inc. is introducing a new pitless truck scale that features modular assembly simply bolted together at the site, without the need for welding. The Active/Alliance Modular Electronic Vehicle Scale features prebuilt modules that range from 15 to 25 feet long, by 10, 12 and 14 feet wide. The scale uses standard load cells, which are fully encapsulated within the weighbridge with the other electronics for optimum protection from ice, snow and deck runoff. The scale can also be expanded in length without modification to the existing weighbridge. For more information contact Alliance Scale, Inc., 1020 Turnpike Rd., P.O. Box 509, Canton, Mass. 020210590, (800) 3436802 or (781) 8288386, fax (781) 8289510, email:, or visit their website at

New Fabtek FT663 Fabtek Corporation,

recently purchased by Blount International, Inc., unveiled their new FT663 Rubber Tired Harvester last month at Demo 2000 International in Kelowna, BC. Manufactured at Fabtek's Menominee, Michigan facility, the FT633 features a 27 ft. squirt boom and comes standard with a Fabtek FT180 Processor Head. The 6wheel FT663 Harvester is designed to work in combination with any of Fabtek's 4, 6, or 8Wheel Forwarders as an optimum cut to length harvesting system. Fabtek's line of forestry products, designed, engineered and manufactured to meet the rigors of North American logging applications, greatly expands Blount's product offerings in the cut to length markets. 

Replaceable Nose Bar Australian company Griffiths & Beerens (GB) is celebrating its 40th anniversary by improving their ProTop line of replaceable sprocket nose guide bars. The chain saw bar is crafted from solid, high carbon steel and it's nose assembly is attached by a unique self-locking design. Some of the improvements include using a titanium alloy harvester bar still for the new side plate material for the ProTop noses. The alloy is incredibly tough and wear resistant. GB also applied harvester bar nose sprocket technology - stepping up the sprocket from 10 to 11 teeth to increase the radius of the .404in pitch ProTop noses. For more information contact GB America, Inc., P.O. Box 514, Lancaster, N.H. 035840514, (603) 7882825, fax (603) 7884529.

Partek Launches ProAct Partek Forest ProAct is an extended machine care protection program designed to increase productivity and profitability of Valmet forest machines. "Being proactive instead of reactive results in less unplanned downtime and longer uptime. ProAct aids the customer and dealer to solve problems together, before they arise," says Bert Jonsson, Partek Forest Product Support Manager. Machines are inspected regularly according to a detailed checklist. Hydraulic oil is analyzed and vital components are inspected. Under ProAct, aging components can be replaced before they reach the end of their service life. There are three levels of protection you can choose. The first, ProAct 1, at no cost, extends the new machine warranty to twelve (12) months or 2000 hours, whichever comes first. ProAct 2 and ProAct 3 include a ProRata component warranty that can be purchased to cover selected components for up to thirty-six (36) months/6000 hours. For more information contact Partek Forest, (906) 428 4800 or

New Deflector Precision Husky has created the Thrown Object Deflector standard equipment on their tub grinders. "It greatly reduces the potential for thrown objects by reducing the thrown object angle," says Billy Daniels, vice president of engineering at Precision Husky Corp. "The deflect helps direct material in a lower trajectory to the inside tub wall, where it fall harmlessly into the hammermill for reprocessing." There are five sizes of the ProGrind Tub Grinders ranging from 100 hp to the largest at 750 hp. For more information you can contact Precision Husky Corporation, P.O. Drawer 507, Leeds, Ala., 3550940507, (205) 6405181, or visit their website at 

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