November December 2005



2005 Year In Review



Oregon Logging Conference Show Guide, pg. 8

All the Right Movies — After over 50 years, Wampler success can be credited to crews, equipment, good leadership and a strong sense of ethics, By Jack Clayton, pg. 62

Five Generations of Non-Tradition — Boak Logging isn’t afraid of change to stay in the game, By Kurt Glaeseman, pg. 70

Making Necessary Changes — Surco Logging learns survival means leaving some “old school” ways behind, By Bob Bruce, pg. 78

On the Road Again — Road Building and Maintenance: Where Are We Today?, By Kurt Glaeseman, page 84

“Waste Wood” Finds a Place of Honor — Porterbilt creates stunning roundwood buildings, By Barbara Coyner, pg. 90

Cleaning Up — The Timbco-Quadco team used to thin and reclaim the forest, By Kurt Glaeseman, pg. 94

Thinking Thin — How a Traditional Mill Changed with the times, By guest columnist, Craig Rawlings, pg. 106



Old Ways, New Iron — St. Maries Logging, Inc. maintains half a dozen sides with the best equipment, By Kurt Glaeseman, Pg. 12

Small Logging Conference — Creating Capacity to Compete, pg. 19

New Mill for California — Pacific Lumber Company — the world’s largest redwood producer— has started up a new $30 million sawmill operation, the first mill to be built in California in 10 years, By Alan Froome, pg. 24

Getting into Small Logs in a Big Way — Three Rivers Timber looks for ways to compete for future dollars, By Barbara Coyner, pg. 30

Battling the Bugs — Larger, More Frequent Forest Insect Infestations — A Manmade Problem, By Tony Kryzanowski, pg. 35

Safety Through Mechanization — Innovations over the past decades have created more mechanized harvesting and safety environment for loggers, By Barbara Coyner, pg. 40

Winter in the Woods — Ponderay Valley Fibre finds more than wildlife benefits from habitat improvement, By Bob Bruce, pg. 44

Cut-to-Length Update — A review of the cut-to-length equipment on the market today, By Brenda Kohlmyer, pg. 48

The Dolbeer Donkey Engine — A glance at the past, By Kurt Glaeseman, pg. 52

Oregon Logging Conference 2005 Review, Pg. 56

Politically Correct Wood — By guest columnist, Tom Straka, Professor of Forestry and Natural Resources, Clemson Univ., pg. 74



TimberWest Turns 30! — A look at the industry and the achievements of the last three decades, By Barbara Coyner, Pg. 6

Thirty Years Later — What loggers we interviewed in the 70s are doing today, By Bob Bruce, pg. 12

Grinding, Recycling & Energizing Landfill reaches out and beings serving forest products customers, By Tim Clayton, pg. 22

Consistency Brings in the Jobs Quality equipment and employees keep Allen Brothers Forest Management running year round, By Barbara Coyner, pg. 28.

Small Log Conference Fires up Participants — Review of conference held in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, By Barbara Coyner, pg. 32

Harvesting/Felling Heads Tech Update — An overview of the heads available on the market, By Brenda Kohlmyer, pg. 36

Our National Concern About Forestland Development — By Guest columnist, Jeffrey Kline, Research Forester, pg. 50



Reaching for the Moon — Moon Light Timber prides itself on skilled operators who can handle specialized logging conditions, By Kurt Glaeseman, pg. 4

Deming Log Show — By Diane Mettler, pg. 10

Surcharge through Solidarity Rally — Northwest Log Truckers Cooperative addresses serious concerns regarding fuels issues, By Sherrie Bond, pg. 12

Mountain Pacific Enterprises — Tight spaces - particularly on the edge of RMZs, are no problem for Mountain Pacific Enterprises, thanks to the design of the grapple/hotsaw head on the Tigercat 870, according to owner Craig Chambers,
By Bob Bruce, pg. 14

Restructuring the Forest Floor — Tricon Timber, Inc. finds a way to turn small diameter wood into tongue-and-groove flooring By Barbara Coyner, pg.18

Conference Discusses Tapping Wood for Energy — During a time of rising energy prices, using wood residue as an energy source will be front and center as a topic at the Residual Wood Conference being held October 19 - 21 in Vancouver, By Paul MacDonald, pg. 24

2005/2006 Buyer’s Guide & Directory, pg. 26

Securing The Future For America’s Forest Products Industry — Guest Columnist, W. Henson Moore, President &CEO, American Forest & Paper Association, pg. 102



Staying Ahead of the Game — Mahon Logging uses new technology to take on unique jobs, By Kurt Glaeseman, pg. 8

Logging Right — Commitment to excellence and hand’s on management are cornerstones of the Brownson Logging Company By Kurt Glaeseman, pg. 12

Salvaging Blackened Timberland — SDS Lumber Company performs award-winning salvage operation, By Kurt Glaeseman, pg. 20 Morton Loggers' Jubilee, By Diane Mettler, pg. 24

America's Forest Technology, "Growing Better" — An overview of OLC 2006, By Sherrie Bond, pg. 28

Annual 2005: Feller-Buncher Product Review, By Diane Mettler, pg. 30

Rising from the Ashes — Lester Shingle Mill in Sweet Home, Oregon rebuilds after a fire, By Alan Froome, pg. 38

Predicting the Future — UW introduces industrial-strength timber management software for non-industrial landowners, By Bob Bruce, pg. 44

Land Lessons — By Guest Columnist, Mary Stuever, Burn Area Emergency Rehabilitation Coordinator for the White Mountain Apache Tribe, pg. 50



Creative Logging — Teamwork, top equipment and a creative streak make Cascade West Logging the choice for specialty jobs, By Kurt Glaeseman, pg. 6

Review of Annual ALC, By Diane Mettler, pg. 10

Working The Small Spaces — Joe Hackenberg works with small woodland owners to achieve top results, By Jeff Mullens, pg. 15

Every Drop Counts — Your tires can save you fuel dollars, By Diane Mettler, pg.18

Oregon Logging Conference — A look at what will be in store for 2006, By Sherrie Bond, pg. 19

Capturing it on Canvas — Logger and painter — Eldon “Ole” Olin has been wielding a brush since 1937, By Kurt Glaeseman, pg. 23

Pacific Logging Conference Review, Diane Mettler, pg. 27

Compatible Goals — Magness Memorial Tree Farm demonstrates to public that forest management and habitat preservation can co-exist, By Jeff Mullens, pg. 28

A New Model — Intermountain Logging Conference will reflect a changing environment, By Diane Mettler, pg. 31

Forest Science Trumped by Politics — By Guest Columnist John Stuart, Ph.D., pg. 38



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