November December, 2004






January/February, 2004

Quietly Growing
– Employee-owned Pacific Regeneration Technologies (PRT) has quietly grown to become the largest container seedling producer in North America, pg 78

Small Log Conference on Utilization
– International Small Log Conference held March 31-April 2, 2004, in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho focuses on “Doing Something”, pg. 82

Why are Mills Choosing Polyester Strapping?
– Q&A with Steve Wilson of Samuel Strapping Systems, pg. 84

Washington Contract Loggers Association Launches Insurance Company
- WCLA forms American Forest Casualty Company RRG, pg. 93

Keeping Fire at Bay
– Two companies use Rayco equipment to improve forest health and reduce fire, pg. 94

Kinzua Finds Future in Small Logs
– Oregon mill uses technology and innovative fiber production ideas to secure their future, pg.

March/April, 2004

Nontraditional Logging
– Broadfoot Logging LLC copes successfully with the challenges of both plantation harvesting and traditional logging, pg. 20

New Attitude
– Review of the Oregon Logging Conference, February 25-28, 2004, pg. 21

– A history lesson in industry efficiency, pg. 35

Open for Business
– The new Lewis County Forest Products stud mill opened in Winlock Washington with a production goal of 130 million board feet a year, pg. 40

Keeping a Steady Eye On the Bottom Line
- Keen business sense has made Lowry Trucking the thrid largest log hauling company in Northern Idaho, pg. 44

Bundling Up BTUs
- Northwest forest industry first to witness entry of energy wood harvester into North American market, pg. 48


May June 2004

Fifty Years and Still Strong
– Hagedorn Logging’s flexibility and commitment to quality have kept them successful for over 50 years, pg. 8

New Grapple Saw Increases Efficiency and Enhances Safety
– Alaska Pacific Logging reports success with new Hultdins equipment in blown-down harvesting, pg. 14

The Ultimate Purpose-Built Forestry Machine
– Why chain saws aren’t going away any time soon, pg. 18

Moving from Cut-to-Length to Cut-to- Diameter
– Washington State small log mill tweaks system, pg. 22

Tackling the Numbers Game in Forestland Management
– Retired forest economics professor, Charley McKetta, unveils Tree Cents software, pg. 28

Small Log Conference Delivers Reality Check
– Review of the International Small Log Utilization Conference held in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, pg. 30

Recycling Waste Wood into Electricity
– Burney Forest Power, together with Fruit Growers Supply, help keep the area in jobs and energy, pg. 36

2004 Skidder Review
– A look at a variety of skidders on the market, pg. 40

Avoiding Tickets and Insurance Claims
California Highway Patrol provides commercial industry education program, By Kurt Glaeseman, p. 34 2003

Annual Feller-Buncher Specification Chart, p. 36

Guest Column: Exporting our most precious commodity!
Rick Haines, Northern Ag Network, March 2003, pg. 44

July/August, 2004

When the Dust Settles
– Warner Enterprises expands, diversifies and succeeds, pg. 4

Wood Power
– Gathering lays out facts on waste wood energy, pg. 10

A Towering Solution
– Three companies use tower logging to tackle the terrain and to hit environmental goals, pg. 12

Back to Basics
– New book focuses on economically and environmentally sound forest jobs in the Pacific Northwest, pg. 16

Terrific Tradition
– Deming Log Show supports the industry and the community, pg. 18

2004/2005 Buyer’s Guide & Directory, p. 22

September/October, 2004

North to Alaska
– Spotted owl concerns cause saw-milling family, the Dahlstroms, to move north to Alaska, where they have set a large/small log mill that has thrived, pg. 18

Mulching Toward Healthier Forests
– Rotary disc mulchers used to decrease fires and improve habitat, pg. 10

2004 Annual Feller-Buncher Specification Chart
– a detailed review of the fellerbunchers available, pg. 15 Tire Data Fuels Savings – Everett Fuel & Lumber Distributors uses Goodyear tracking system to save dollars, pg. 30

The Urban Timber Crusade
– Pacific Coast Lumber is just one example of sawmill owners cashing in on waste wood.

Innovation Keep Erickson Air-Crane Flying High
– Company develops new and more efficient ways of meeting the needs of the marketplace, pg. 39

November/December 2004

Taking a Stand - Pro-active logging earns Lone Rock the SW Oregon 2003 Operator of the Year Award, pg. 6

Clearing the Air – Q&A about western red cedar and asthma, pg. 12

Partnering - Dabco Logging’s 50 years are based on great partnerships and solid machinery, pg. 16

Weeds to Dollars - Unique plant converts juniper into valuable products and provides training and employment for workers with disabilities, pg. 24


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