Nov Dec, 2003





Year in Review


January/February, 2003

Hustling for Federal Contracts Tom and Seth Zacharias carve niche for pro thinning with a Timbco & Rottne combo By Barbara Coyner, p. 60

Diversification for all Seasons
Doug Schlatter Contracting diversifies through logging, tree planting and fence building By Kurt Glaseseman, p. 66

Oregon Logging Conference Show Guide, p. 6

Savaging Old Growth Cloquallam Wood Products uses its Wood-Mizer to mill old growth left on the forest floor decades ago. By Carl Clayton, p. 72

A Word on Chainsaws
Selling chainsaws for over 40 years, Milt Moore has seen it all. By Barbara Coyner, p. 76.

Hardwood Sawmilling Weyerhaeuser Northwest Hardwoods division has made its latest expansion in what is traditionally softwood country in the Pacific Northwest. By Paul McDonald, p. 80

March/April, 2003

Bridge Over Troubled Waters Janicki Logging uses Rapid-Span solutions By Kurt Glaeseman, p. 6

Sierra-Cascade Logging Conference & Equipment Show Review
By Kurt Glaeseman, p. 10
2003 Oregon Logging Conference Review, p. 18

Avoiding Band-Aids
Excessive sawmill “patching” in effort to delay major upgrades could be terminal By Tony Kryzanowski, p. 30

Evolution of a Logger
Richard Van Damme Moves for the Woods into Acme Manufacturing By Morley Young, p. 34

Threat to the Douglas Fir
Could disease take them? If so, what can be done to stop it? By Thomas G. Dolan, p. 36 2003

Annual Log Loader Specification Chart, p. 43

Guest Column: Like Any Asset, Our Forests Need Proper Management
David S. Hill, Executive V.P., Southern Oregon Timber Industries Assoc., p. 56

May June 2003

Building Mills – and Jobs – for the Future
The Yakima Nation takes advantage of technology and trends By Barbara Coyner, p. 8

Teaming up for Nearly 20 Years
D&S Logging helps Cascade Timber Consulting Manage 140,000 acres. By Tim Buckley, p. 14

Chipping Away at a “New” Forest Industry
Grinders, like the Brute, offer potential profits By Carl Clayton, p. 20 2003

Intermountain Logging Conference Review, p. 24

Growing in a Down Time
Joe Zender and Sons’ success is built on attention to detail, a great attitude and the right machinery for the job By Diane Mettler, p. 28

ALC Gathers for 35th Annual Meeting
Forest health plan and habitat hot issues By Barbara Coyner, p. 32

Avoiding Tickets and Insurance Claims
California Highway Patrol provides commercial industry education program, By Kurt Glaeseman, p. 34 2003

Annual Feller-Buncher Specification Chart, p. 36

Guest Column: Exporting our most precious commodity!
Rick Haines, Northern Ag Network, March 2003, pg. 44

July/August, 2003

Resource at Risk
Loggers are facing the challenges of urban logging in beetle-killed timber in Southern California By Kurt Glaeseman, p. 2

Helicopter Logging’s Bumpy Ride
Using helicopters to thin forests instead of fighting fires By Bob Bruce, p. 8

Watch that Spark!
2003 Fire Season/Fire Prevention Guidelines for Loggers By Bob Bruce, p. 12

2003/2004 Buyer’s Guide & Directory, p. 14

September/October, 2003

Template for the Future? Cascade, Idaho reinvents itself as a smallwood town By Barbara Coyner, p. 8

CedarPrime is Both Mover and Shaker
Canadian company moves to the U.S. and builds a red western cedar re-man mill using radical new concepts By Alan Froome, p. 14

Tire Tips
Getting the most from your tires By Morley Young, p. 18 One Answer to the Future More Fiber choose cut-to-length machinery when planning or the future By Morley Young, p. 30

Turning Wood Residue into Revenue
The residue-to-revenue residual wood conference By Paul MacDonald, p. 32 Product Update: Harvesting & Felling Heads, p. 34

The Backtracks of High Wheel logging
Short history of the High Wheel By Lorraine Platz, p. 41

Guest Column: Times Have Changed, But So Have We . . . By Bob Bond, log hauler and past chair main of Washington Log Truckers Conference, p. 46


On the Stump for Responsible Logging
Roy Lawson Chooses Valmet Machines to Keep His Cut-to-Length Operations Up and Running By Barbara Coyner, p. 6

Technology in the Forests More forestry companies can take advantage of GPS and other technologies By Tim Buckley, p. 12

Chaining Up
Knowing Your Options When it Comes to Chains By Diane Mettler, p. 18

Wood-Mizer Meister
Far West Forest Products, Inc. uses their Wood-Mizer to find new venues By Kurt Glaeseman, p. 28

Don’t Fail Me
Know Tips for avoiding engine problems By Morely Young, p. 34

Guest Column, Going for the Brass Ring Jerry F. Franklin, College of Forest Resources, University of Washington, p. 42


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