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New Products

Log Packer
Tree Tracks has introduced the new Log Packer. This patented product is designed to be used in tandem with a log loader and allows the loader operator to move up to 55,000 pounds of logs per turn to the landing. Instead of the standard method of shovel logging, the operator loads up the Log Packer and moves the entire load to the landing. The Log Packer can be used on level or adverse terrain.
The logger can often use a small shovel to do much the same work as a much larger shovel. For example, a 160 or 200 size machine could be used versus a 330. And the Log Packer can help reduce the costs by saving on extra skidding machines, operators, fuel and insurance.
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New Reduced-Weight Bars
Oregon Cutting Systems has introduced a new reduced-weight version on its popular Power Match® guide bar. Currently available in 32”, .063 gauge, 3/8"pitch, the new Oregon® bar offers the timber cutter a significant 26 percent weight reduction. Reduced-weight bars can be adapted for .404-inch pitch chains with a simple tip replacement.
When operating with Oregon® reduced-weight guide bars in long-bar applications, users will notice a dramatic improvement in saw balance. Less weight helps to limit the risks associated with user fatigue. Cutters will also notice productivity gains.
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Tigercat 220 Loader
Tigercat released its first run of 220 series loaders this past summer. Powered by a QSB5.9 Tier II engine, the 220 also has optional delimber and slasher hydraulics, and handles light-duty delimbing such as in pine plantation first and second thinning applications. It is small enough to be mounted on a truck or trailer. It has an open-center hydraulic system and is light enough to be easily maneuvered around the deck. The 220 boom has large diameter pins throughout and extra reinforcement where required to optimize strength to weight ratio, and also has a swing bearing of 47" in diameter.  For more information, call (519) 442-1529 ext. 314 or e-mail .

Mettler Toledo 7461 Truckmate®
The Mettler Toledo 7461 Truckmate® truck scale combines a weighbridge design with economical analog load cells. The modular, steel-deck scale is designed for fast and easy installation with reliable weighing at an affordable price.
The 7461 weighbridge features an orthotropic design with reinforcing ribs that extend the length of each module. The ribs increase the deck’s rigidity by distributing loads over a larger surface area. Each rib is continuously welded to the underside of the module, forming an airtight chamber that eliminates rusting from within. The orthotropic design also resists damage from metal fatigue due to no welds in the highest stress areas. Analog load cells within the 7461 Truckmate® offer accurate weighing with economical analog technology. The load cells use a simple design without extra mechanical components that can wear or become misaligned.
"The Truckmate® line of scales has been tested more extensively than any other on the market. Mettler Toledo uses several test processes, including tandem-axle load simulation for evaluating the life cycle of its scales," explained Dylan Hardy, the company’s Product Manager.
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Baumer Electric’s Log Profiling Light Curtain Line
Baumer Electric has introduced the Infrascan line of self-contained measuring light curtains used to profile the size and shape of objects. The devices offer resolutions from 1.25 to 50 mm and measuring distance ranges of more than six meters or 19.6 feet. The series is not a safety-rated device. The light curtains feature measuring windows from 75 mm to 2375 mm within a single housing and up to 3870 mm with its modular housing series. The two-piece Infrascan system is fully programmable using Windows-based software. A scanning frequency up to 110 kHz translates into cycle times as fast as 0.30ms. Wide angle dispersion LEDs and the integrated message OEDs mean simple installation.
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New GB Products
GB America, Inc. has developed a new guide bar specifically for high-output professional chain saws. The new CN40 Titanium Pro-Top bar combines advanced materials with a special hardening process to achieve incredible durability. Since the titanium alloy bar steel is too hard to machine, GB uses precision grinders to form the bar groove. This has the added advantage of creating a rounded gullet, which gives even more strength to the rails. GB has also expanded its range of products for chain saw carving. The line now includes dime- and quarter-diameter solid nose guide bars in lengths of 12", 14", 16" and 18", plus a new range of miniature sprocket-nose bars.
GB is the first bar manufacturer to fit a sprocket/bearing assembly into the carving bar nose. The sprocket nose offers faster and smoother cutting than a standard solid nose carving bar. The sprocket-nose range comes in lengths from 12" to 18". There are 12" sprocket nose bars to suit both 3/8" pitch low profile and 1/4" pitch cutting chains. The longer SN bars suit 1/4" pitch chains only.
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Redback Introduces Birtium Composite Strapping
Redback Industries announced today the arrival of Birtium Composite Strapping. It draws on innovative co-extru-sion technologies to combine strength, impact resistance and joint efficiency into a single user-friendly product. The result is an affordable strapping solution that safeguards employees against serious injuries and protects lumber from costly product damage.
With a unique combination of elongation and memory, Birtium maintains tension over time and can absorb impacts and load shifting that would normally break steel banding or damage valuable product. It is light, flexible and contains no sharp edges, so it is easy to handle and dispose. Fastening is accomplished using a simple, economical tool and a high joint efficiency buckle.
Birtium is ideal for banding lumber, trusses, railroad ties and vineyard stakes, as well as many other heavy or irregular shaped objects. For more information, contact Redback Industries at (425) 455-9200 or visit .

New Rayco StumpCutter RG 1631
Rayco Manufacturing, Inc. announces its RG 1631 gaspowered
stump cutter. The RG 1631 is a larger, more powerful version of the popular RG 1625A Super Jr. It provides 31 HP, fingertip controls, variable travel speeds, single wheel or posi-traction select drive, an anti-creep hill brake, and a Rayco "Quick Stop" cutter wheel brake for maximum safety.
"We anticipate the RG 1631 to make a significant impact on the stump cutter industry," said J.R. Bowling, V.P. of Sales and Marketing. "It offers an exceptional value in the selfpropelled market." The RG 1631 self-propelled stump cutter will be available from the factory in early 2004.
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