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New Products

The New Timberjack 1010D
Timberjack has come out with a mid-sized unit — the new 1010D forwarder. The machine combines the latest in technology with smooth operator control, John Deere diesel power and Timberjack engineering and construction. The JD4045, 4.5 liter, four-cylinder diesel engine puts out 115 hp with maximum net torque of 367 lbf. and can carry a payload of 22,000 lbs. in the sturdy bunk. The water-cooled, turbocharged engine features a heavy-duty radiator with coolant level indicator and recovery reservoir to prevent overheating. The service interval for the engine has been increased to 500 hours to provide more production and less downtime. The 1010D surpasses previous models with improvements to performance from the transmission, hydraulics and telescopic knuckle boom loader with Loader Control System (LCS). It’s equipped with a wide variety of options designed to extend the performance potential of this hardworking unit. Three CF5 loader boom choices offer reaches from 23’ 7”. all the way up to 32’ 10”. For more information, contact your local Timberjack dealer or log onto their web site at

Caterpillar Adds New Machines to Its Lineup
Caterpillar has several new pieces of equipment on the market, including the 325C Forest Machine and their new line of wheel feller bunchers. The versatile 325C Forest Machine can be configured as a log loader, delimber or road builder. The machine is based on new 325 hydraulic excavator technology and offers improved performance through increased horsepower and hydraulic flow. It’s powered by a CAT‚ 3126B ATAAC (turbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled) six cylinder diesel engine which meets worldwide Tier 2 emissions requirements. The 533 and 543 are the company’s new line of wheel feller bunchers. Either one can be equipped with the CAT‚ HF221 or HF222 felling head, or HS20 shear head. Both are powered by the CAT 3126 diesel engine with direct injection, turbocharging and aftercooling. The 533 has 204 gross horsepower and an operating weight of 28,535 lbs. The 543 has 225 gross horsepower and an operating weight of 30,600 lbs. In both the 533 and 543, the engine orientation in the frame is reversed for improved balance and stability, and easier servicing of engine and hydraulic components. For more information on any of these machines, contact your local Caterpillar dealer or visit the CAT web site at

Kenworth AG380 Air Suspension
Kenworth Truck Company has come out with a new lightweight Kenworth AG380 air suspension, which offers improved ride, handling and stability. The suspension, rated at 38,000 pounds, is designed for on-highway fleets and owner operators who require less weight and a lower chassis height in applications such as tankers, flatbeds, reefers, vans and car carriers. The Kenworth AG380 weighs several hundred pounds less than the trailing arm suspensions typically used on other Class 8 trucks, helping to increase payload and productivity. In addition, the AG380 was designed with about half the parts of other typical truck suspensions, and made to be maintenance free with no lubrication points. For more information, log onto the company’s web site at

The Lako X50 PREMIO line
Lako offers a variety of heads: the 450, 650, 750, 850 and the 950. The line has been designed for both harvesting in forest (cut-to-length or tree length) and processing at the roadside or mill. All the heads have a unique parallel gripping geometry. Front knives are operated by one hydraulic cylinder and are linked by an elastic seadler bar. Load sensing, high performance cutting and felling capacity is achieved with a linked saw cylinder system. Automatic saw function increases the productivity. And a springloaded length measuring device with combined idler wheel guarantees high accuracy. The largest head, the 950 Premio, is designed for clear felling and tree length operations. A suitable carrier for the 950 is a 30-ton excavator. It has a 38” cross cutting diameter, 115 hp output, and a 20” top saw cutting diameter. It weighs in at 6,700 – 7,000 pounds, has a feed speed of 0-13 ft. per second and a feeding diameter of 40”. It has an open grapple width of 90” and the minimum engine power required is 204 hp.

Terex Introduces Two Machines
Terex has added the 7,720-lb. HR16 Mini Excavator and the 29,767-lb. SKL873 SP Wheel Loader to its compact equipment family. The Mini Excavator is powered by a 36hp, 4-cylinder Mitsubishi diesel engine, can dig 11’2" deep and has a 18’2" reach with a 16" standard bucket. The Wheel Loader is powered by the Perkins 140 HP, 1006- 6T six-cylinder turbo diesel and its hydrostatic, 2-stage drive transmission. It has a maximum breakout force of 24,425 lbs. and has a turning radius of 18’9". It also has a standard issue 2.87 cubic yard bucket and a standard quick attach system. For more information on either machine, contact Kristy Jennings at (662) 393-1209 or e-mail her at

Komatsu Adds to Fleet
Komatsu has announced its PC138USLC-3 near-zerotail- swing excavator. It is designed primarily for work in confined zones, where standard-sized excavators cannot be used. The 86hp, 30,860 lb. machine provides the power and productivity of its standard-sized counterpart with no machine overhang. It’s powered by a turbocharged Komatsu S4D102E-1 four-cylinder, water-cooled engine and features a 20,940 lb. bucket digging force and 13,890 lb. arm force. For more information, visit Komatsu America’s web site at

Hakmet Harvesting Heads
HAKMET USA, Inc. offers two Finish-built ARBRO processing heads, specially designed for small wood harvesting and thinning. ARBRO 400 is a stroke harvester with a stroke length of 29.5”. It’s capable of felling, delimbing and cutting-to-length both hard- and softwood and can fell trees with diameters up and to 12”. It weighs only 550 lbs with a min. oil flow of 12 gpm and at max. 21 gpm. Operating pressure is 2,500 to 2,900 psi, delimbing force 3,075 lbs, max. opening for delimbing knives is 12.5” and for grip arms 16.5”. It’s equipped with a Volvo saw mechanism, with a 14” or 16” cutter bar. The big brother, ARBRO 1000, handles trees up to 18”, weighs 990 lbs., has a max. opening for grip arms of 19.5” and for knives 18.5”. Stroke length is 26”, max. operating pressure 2,600 psi, hydraulic flow 21 to 31 gpm, max. delimbing force 7,250 lbs and it’s equipped with a Volvo F11-10 saw with 20” bar. ARBRO 400 and 1000 have Arbromatic respective Abromit user-friendly microprocessors. Several pre-selected lengths may be programmed in. Any length can be chosen at any time. Delimbing is performed through pressing a single button. Delimbing and grip knives may be opened separately. ARBROs are automated, time and cost effective harvester heads that may be mounted to low-flow base machines e.g. small excavators, tractors, etc.

Timberjack adds two feller bunchers
TimberJack has introduced the 608L leveling and the 608S non-leveling feller bunchers to their 608 line. The 608L is the first leveling feller buncher, using a patented leveling system called ShiftTilt. This patented 4-way leveling system shifts the center of gravity ahead as the cab is tilted forward. The upper can tilt 27º forward (51% slope), 10º rear (18% slope), and 20º (36% slope) to each side, for working at maximum reach and lift capacity in all directions. The leveling system also allows 360º continuous rotation, so the operator doesn’t have to be concerned about limit stops. The innovative leveling system moves the cab ahead as it tilts forward, allowing the operator better visibility. The 608L is powered by a 230 hp Cummins 6CTA8.3 diesel engine.

It has a 30” ground clearance and an open center carbody to reduce build-upon of debris, snow and ice. It’s equipped with an 18” Timberjack S547 disc sawhead with a 22” severance capacity for handling large butt flares. Its compact size, long reach and near-zero tailswing make it a great choice for thinning. And its 23’3” boom reach gives a wide work radius and reduces machine travel. The 608L is low impact, with a ground pressure of only 7.2 psi on the optional 28” single grouser track, and weighs in at 59,159 lbs. The 608S is a heavier and more powerful version of the 608B. It has a 205 hp Cummins 6CTA8.3 diesel engine but the 230 hp 6CTA8.3 is optional. Like the 608L, it’s equipped with an 18” Timberjack S547 disc sawhead.

The boom has a reach of 25’8” allowing it to work in most 5th row thinnings without travel off the takeout row. It has continuous 360º rotation and features SPEED SENSE, a hydraulic pump control system that matches hydraulic demand to available engine power. Timberjack’s harvesting heads — the FG18 & FG22 — work like giant, flexible hands. With 220º wrist rotation they can be positioned anywhere you want, for faster cutting and bunching without moving the feller buncher. Larger, right sized bunches reduce the number of bunches per cut block, all positioned for fast pick-up by a grapple skidder. The 110º rotation to each side is accomplished by a unique twin cylinder gear drive mechanism, offering lower maintenance than other high rotation wrist systems that use hydraulic motors and gear boxes.

The wide throat opening, large accumulation area and high rotation capability make it easier to cut and gather up to eight small stems before bunching. High rotation enables bunching at full boom reach on both sides of the machine, so each bunch is accumulated and stacked without moving the machine. Both models feature field proven disc saw blade and saw teeth. The FG18 felling head weighs in at 5,905 lbs., has a cutting capacity of 21’5”, a throat opening of 27.35” and an accumulation capacity of 4.53 sq. ft. The FG22 however is 6,575 lbs., with a cutting capacity of 23.35 inches, has a throat opening of 38.75”, with an accumulation capacity of 5.0 sq. ft.



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