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Case Adds 70-Ton Excavator

Case Construction Equipment recently introduced its new 70-metric-ton CX700 Excavator. Case has also taken advantage of Tier III technologies to upgrade its CX330 Excavator, increasing power and improving fuel economy, while adding features that enhance operator comfort and simplify maintenance.

The new CX700 is powered by a high-performance, fuelefficient Isuzu engine that is Tier III certified. With an operating weight of 153,400 lbs. and 425 net horsepower, the CX700 digs to 31'11” and reaches to 46'11” at ground line.

“This new model provides all the features customers associate with Case excavators-four work modes, auto power boost and a climate-controlled, iso-mounted cab-while providing several new features that enhance performance and make the machine easier to maintain,” said Dave Wolf, marketing manager, Case Construction Equipment.

More information is available at

Timberwolf Introduces the PRO-HD Inline Firewood Processor

Timberwolf Manufacturing Corporation introduces its top-of-the-line firewood processor. A top choice of professionals, the PRO-HD offers a high degree of customization with an industry proven design. It's rated at 3 1/2 cords per hour.

Features include: a fast clamping, patented Top Roll system which can handle odd or crooked logs with ease; a very fast hydraulic cut-off saw; and an 80-hp John Deere engine. Options include: Electric Autocycle, Hydraulic cooler, 8-way wedge, Hydraulic Deck Lift, and Operator's seat. For more details log on to

LeTourneau Log Stackers

LeTourneau log stackers come in five basic models with operating capacities ranging from 70,000 to 130,000 pounds. All models feature independent electric drive: 2-wheel for the 35 Series, and choice of 2-wheel or 4-wheel for the 45, 50, 55, and 65 Series lines. Independent electric drive generates maximum torque instantly, while minimizing wheel slip and tire scuffing. The system also provides regenerative braking through the electrical traction motors.

For reduced fuel consumption and component wear, the diesel engine on the log stacker operates at constant-rpm, powering the AC generation system rather than the drive wheels. Except for the 65 Series, which comes with a 550-hp engine, 2-wheel drive LeTourneau log stockers have a 400-hp engine rating, and 4-wheel drive models a 475-hp rating.

Standard and optional lift heights are 20 and 24 feet, respectively. Articulated frames, assisted steering, unimpaired visibility, and a maximum traveling speed of 14 miles per hour contribute to fast cycle times. Visit for details.

Volvo Launches Forestry Machines

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) introduced its new heavy-duty tracked forestry machines at the Interior Logging Association exhibition in Kamloops, B.C.

The machines are exclusively designed for forestry applications and currently, three models are available - the 26-ton EC210 BFX; the 31-ton Volvo EC 240 BFX; and, the 36-ton Volvo EC 290 BFX.

The FX range was introduced in three configurations to suite the customer's needs in harvester and processor, log loader and general forestry operations. These allow a wide scope of forestry duties, including road building, harvesting, processing, log loading and stacking, and site preparation The equipment features heavy-duty track-drive motor and undercarriage components such as rollers, links and idler of a higher capacity than those utilized on conventional excavators, says the company. The machines are also is built with a strong, high and wide heavy-duty 'high walker' forestry undercarriage which helps avoid obstructions. The superstructure features heavy-duty forestry guards, including a choice of independent top and side guards or a new 'gull-wing' system that integrates both top and side protective structures. For more information visit

Morbark Model 1600

Morbark's Model 1600 is a monster machine, capable of grinding up to 10' stumps at unprecedented production rates.

The hammermill is nearly 6' in length and production capabilities are limited only by the equipment needed to feed the tub. The base diameter measures 11'2” with a tub capacity of 20 cubic yards. With a standard 22-hammer pattern, offering more space between hammers, the 1600 quickly grinds landfill material, mixed debris and large, chunky wood. It can easily be fed using a 13-yard bucket. Because of the high production rate, the discharge system is beefed up to match, including a belt that measures 60” wide. For regrind applications, you can change to a 30-hammer pattern in only an hour.

The 1600's standard three-auger system eliminates damage from steel contamination and provides for a pressure sensor, which will stop the tub if the augers become overloaded. The Iqan system, standard on the 1600, also boosts production by minimizing downtime. The system, unique to Morbark machines, allows the operator to quickly adjust feed systems from the control panel to obtain maximum production rates while keeping engine load constant and fuel consumption to a minimum. An optional satellite modem-a wireless link between the factory and the machine-is also available. To learn more log on to

John Deere Expands CTL Line

John Deere has unveiled an expanded lineup of cut-tolength equipment. The 770D Harvester and 1470D Harvester with the new CH8 Boom, the highly-maneuverable 810D Forwarder, and the tough H480 Harvesting Head will round out its cut-to-length offerings to North American customers, whatever their applications.

For first thinnings and processing small-diameter trees, the agile 770D is the ideal choice. The four-wheeled harvester works effortlessly in a variety of terrains, thanks to its sturdy structure and powerful John Deere diesel engine.

For the most extreme conditions, the 1470D is the one, with its patented balanced bogie. The 1470D features a powerful John Deere high-torque engine and an efficient hydraulic system.

John Deere offers the new CH8 Parallel-Motion Boom on the 1470D Harvester. The CH8 is available in three different reaches, with redesigned lift boom construction and cylinder placement for optimum lifting torque and force.

And the maneuverable 810D is the smallest forwarder in the lineup, designed for thinning applications. From the boom-set to the narrow frame, the 810D is designed for quick removal of logs without damaging the residual stand. See more at

Draeger Brush Mulching

For the past three years, Dave Draeger has been operating a Takeuchi PL150 with Fecon Bull Hog head. It takes down 6” trees, brush and other vegetation. One of the benefits of the remaining mulch is that it’s used for replanting trees. With the Fecon’s minimal ground pressure (less than 5 psi), Draeger is able to offer environmentally friendly brush mulching and fuel reduction for his clients. For more details contact (541) 836-2246.

Quadco Exclusive distributor of Keto

Quadco is pleased to announce that it's now the exclusive importer/distributor of Keto harvester/processor attachments and parts. Quadco's Darren Hadlock will head up sales in the region, taking over Brian Joiner who is retiring from Keto. Field service and parts support will continue with Phil Becker and Jody Eastridge out of the Vancouver, Wash., office.

To better serve Quadco's growing number of customers in the Pacific Northwest, the Vancouver location will also handle parts and service support for Quadco's line of disc saw heads, stroke delimbers, etc. Dealer enquiries on Keto heads and Quadco products are welcome.


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