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Advanced Forest Equipment Mfg, Inc.

Advanced Forest Equipment Mfg, Inc. (AFE) has been a pioneer in the development of the Rotary Disc Mulching Technology (RDM) for 15 years.

The RDM series utilizes a patent pending drive train design that delivers maximum power to the mulcher attachment, allowing operators to use an AFE attachment with smaller excavators. The unique shroud design not only cuts and draws the material in to the attachment, but also mulches the material to a smaller size.

The RDM mulcher series can mulch trees and large brush, pull out stumps, and pick up logs and rocks with the spade and thumb feature. The attachment can also be utilized to assist the excavator in maneuvering over steep and rugged terrain, virtually creating zero ground disturbance or soils compaction.

The RDM series requires no expensive excavator modifications. It can be utilized on excavators as small as 7 metric tons up to 20+ metric tons.


Barda Equipment introduces the latest vegetation eater by Davco TM, the PACU 4 Brush Mulcher. It is direct driven on both ends for perfect balance and weighs 2,200 pounds.

A patent pending tooth design has four cutting edges per tooth with an edge saver contact point for rocky conditions. The drum can be easily removed, turned and replaced.

Barko Hydraulics

The Barko model 930 Mulcher is a 305-hp wheeled machine designed for demanding right-of-way projects, land clearing, and site prep applications.

The 930 is equipped with an efficient 305-hp Cummins QSC 8.3L diesel engine (or optional 300-hp Deere 9.0L). Barko blended load-sensing hydraulic performance with the engines' high torque/low RPM characteristics to lower fuel costs, minimize component wear, and reduce engine noise levels by up to 50 percent.

The 930 Mulcher's power resides in a purpose-built carrier featuring heavy plate front and rear framing, a robust center-joint section, and massive pins with double-tapered roller bearings. The 108-inch wheelbase provides a smooth ride, and the responsive heavy-duty hydrostatic drive and 90-degree articulation allow for excellent maneuverability.

Electronic hydraulic diagnostics keeps the operator informed of machine performance. Enhanced radiator, hydraulic and charge air coolers extend component life and keep the machine cool in high-heat conditions.


With 90° articulation and the muscle to power mulchers, stump grinders and rotary mowers, the 220HP Hydro-Ax 764 and the 260HP Hydro-Ax 864 site prep tractors are ideal for land, roadside and pipeline clearing and brush abatement for fire breaks. Manufactured by Blount, Inc., the tractors are equipped with a Cummins QSB 6.7L engine that meets Tier 3 emissions requirements. The engine is designed to maximize machine performance through a “power bulge” that boosts horsepower when the engine is loaded. The load-sensing hydraulic system provides smooth power while consuming less fuel. The Hydro-Ax Quik-Flow selection system allows the operator to easily install and operate many attachments. The harness connection to the attachment automatically identifies the tool and dictates the proper flow from a dedicated variable displacement hydraulic pump.

D&M Machine Division, Inc.

D&M manufactures Slashbuster® extreme service forestry mulchers. Utilizing low-RPM mulching disks for safer operation, their excavator-mounted attachments can shred 18" diameter trees with ease — and all without an auxiliary engine. Operators can also vary the chip size, for quick results or a fine park-like effect. And an available third boom doubles the area you can treat from a stationary position.

For maximum productivity, the teeth are designed to be field sharpened with an angle grinder and are economical with a total cost of less than one dollar per hour of operation. Slashbuster® extreme service attachments are capable of higher production rates than a comparable drum shredder, says the company, and are designed to withstand the daily abuse of mulching trees with some units operating in excess of 10,000 hours.

Denis Cimaf

Denis Cimaf Inc. develops, manufactures and distributes industrial land clearing and vegetation control equipment. It offers four different lines of products.

The DAH brushcutterchippers for excavators and the DAF brushcutter-chippers for skid steers both use the patented rotor technology of sharpenable blades bolted on fixed knives. They cut and chip the vegetation and don't require an extra power unit to perform.

The DAV brushcutters are attachments with a vertical-axis disc with a pair of swiveling blades. Designed for application where chipping is not required, they offer maneuverability and low maintenance cost.

Finally, the new DTN brushcutter-mowers consist of a frontmounted boom, arm and cutting head kit for graders. This allows the operator to transform an idling grader into a fast and powerful roadside mowing machine.


FAE USA offers an aggressive range of forest shredders that include a series of models designed and developed to meet different requirements — the grinding of stumps, the mulching of lopping and wooden remains in forest, conversion of forestlands into agriculture surfaces, in-depth reclamation of forest lands for crops changes, and more — even in the most difficult conditions.

The shredders are available with rotors with free swinging hammers (F type), or with rotors with fixed tools (U type), and can be fitted on tractors of different power, and in particular on those with creeper transmission.

The ground material is a useful organic substance that, left on the ground, contributes to the fertilization of the soil and protects it against erosion.


FECON adds the BH62EXC to its extensive line of Bull Hog® mulching attachments. Weighing 2,500 lbs. with a flow of 30-35gpm, the BH62EXC is designed for lighter, smaller weight excavators with a low ground pressure. It offers the same performance as other Bull Hog® models and has 24 carbide tipped tools with a maximum cutting width of 50”.

FECON also offers the new FBS1600 Tree Shear for 15 ton or larger hydraulic excavators. It can shear trees of any species up to 16” in diameter.

The FG58 Front Mounted Grapple for skid steers weighs 800 lbs., has a static load lifting weight of 8,990 lbs. and a dynamic load lifting weight of 2810 lbs. Maximum opening is 58” and it can open in .8 seconds at 15 gpm.

The Stump Hog SH340 is ideal for reaching up and down slopes and other areas unreachable by traditional stump grinding equipment. The SH340 has 90 cutting tools with large thick carbide tips that are patterned for maximum cutting action while protecting the wheel and each other from wear and foreign materials.


The Franklin C4550 T3 Environmental Brush Cutter is a safe, environmentally friendly vegetation management tool. Perfect for land clearing, fuel reduction, or right-of-way operations, the C4550 T3 features a large, comfortable cab with excellent visibility, operator friendly controls and standard A/C and heater. Easy access is provided for routine maintenance. 215-260 horsepower is available. Lock-in/lock-out axles allow easy steering without the ground disturbance caused by track vehicles.

The C4550 T3, matched with a contained debris attachment, provides the solution to most land clearing jobs. Take the brush cutter to the material, leave the biomass where it grows and eliminate secondary handling. The Franklin C4550 T3 Environmental Brush Cutter means one thing — production — and lots of it!


Gyro-Trac offers four mulching machines — the GT-13, GT-18XP, GT-25 and GT50. All are low-ground-pressure, high-speed mulching machines. They leave soil structure intact, eliminating erosion, runoff and pollution.

The GT-13 is designed for operators who need a compact machine on rough and steeper terrain. It has a captive track system and a 125-hp Cummins turbo diesel engine. The 190- hp GT-18XP is the flagship of the fleet, with a wider cutting head, a new heavier-duty undercarriage and a powerful Sunstrand Hydraulic work head power supply with two synchronous belts. The 230-hp GT-25 weighs 23,000 lbs. and features the latest cutter head technology. The Toma-Ax 700HP exclusive planar fixed-tooth head cuts like a knife, chipping away at wood like a series of wood planers mounted on a giant chain saw. And the 600-hp GT-50 is the mega mulcher. It weighs 45,000 lbs. and comes with an optional fix-tooth planar head.

Hahn Machinery Inc.

Hahn offers "Forestry Protection Packages" for skid-steer and rubber tracked loaders being used in forestry mowing and mulching applications.

Kits typically include a brush canopy, reinforced roof, radiator guard, reinforced belly pans, quick attach cylinder guard, hydraulic quick disconnect guards, half-inch thick polycarbonate windshield, protective headlight lenses, engine compartment seals, reinforced door, and track hose guards. Optional are the protective side hoods and a detachable, 12 volt, 9,500-lb. winch.

Guards can be installed at Hahn Machinery or put up in kit form for field installation.


Hakmet offers Rayco's RC 12Dxp 12” capacity disc chipper. It's equipped with a fuel saver system programmed to idle the engine if the feed wheel control bar remains in the neutral position for more than 60 seconds. A hydraulic selfadjusting clutch attaches to a powerful turbo charged 115-hp Cat diesel engine.

Rayco's automatic feed control maximizes horsepower and enhances machine performance. The feed wheels are offset, allowing the operator to feed larger-diameter material in short lengths without the material kicking up. The top feed wheel is larger in diameter, allowing it to climb logs or dense material without hesitation. The industry's first pulsating hydraulic down pressure system has a constant 350 lbs. of pressure with an additional 1,500 lbs. applied automatically every 3 seconds, for a total 1,850 lbs. of crushing power.

Just a few of the special features include a height adjustable chute with clean-out door, a 360° swivel discharge chute, and a folding infeed table.


The KMC Mulcher/Grinder unit, with a rear engine, 200- hp to 400-hp, hydrostatic drive and front (or rear) mounted mulcher attachment is capable of brush clearing and major fuel reduction in both timber harvesting areas. Its unique track and suspension system allows it to work on steep slopes to 50 percent, moderately wet/boggy ground or on environmentally sensitive soils.

The KMC Track Skidder has been reconfigured for wildfire prevention and suppression. The KMC Fire Tracker unit is equipped with a 6-way angle/tilt dozer blade, a 1,250-gallon water tanker, a 20-gallon foam retardant tank, a high pressure fire pump, a high volume loading pump and an electric hose reel c/w 200' of 1” lined hose. It's a quick, maneuverable off-highway vehicle to be used as an initial attack unit, a prescribed burn stand-by unit or a mop-up unit.

Loftness Attachments

Loftness offers a variety of attachments based on need, including Light-duty Flail mowers, which can be skid-steer or tractor mounted. The skid steer mounted comes in three sizes, 60”, 72” and 90”, and they work with as little 10 gpm. For heavy-duty jobs Loftness offers a Carbide Cutter and the TimberAx. For extreme jobs, the TimberAx Extreme PTO-drive and TimberAx Extreme Hydraulic Drive can efficiently mulch up to 10” diameter material with reserve capacity for larger material.

Loftness will soon be introducing a new style mediumduty cutter, the Tree Hammer 360. It is more forgiving in rocky conditions because the hammer can pivot 360 degrees, retracting back within the protection of the ribbed rotor design when overloaded or striking rock, minimizing maintenance and downtimes. It will efficiently cut up to 4” material with reserve capacity for larger trees, and requires less horsepower than the carbide tooth machines.

Marden Industries, Inc.

Marden's precision-engineered cutters are tough and easy to operate, with low maintenance. Only abrasive resistant steel is used on the machines and Marden offers the largest, most diverse model section available, says the company. From a 4' to 10' drum and 1,000 to 60,000 lbs. — they have the machine. Marden's Hi-Lo reversible blade design is efficient and effective, resulting in greater cutting power and pulverizing action and longer blade life. The alloy steel bolt-on stub axels and bearing carriers, along with Timkin® tapered roller bearings, are a Marden exclusive used on all cutters, and are easily replaceable without welding or cutting. The Marden cuts vegetation above ground and scarifies the soil to retard run-off, conserve ground level moisture and accelerate decomposition. Options include spare tire mount, aircraft tires, welded cylinders, Rome style disc gangs, and more.

PRO MAC Manufacturing

PRO MAC produces a wide variety of excavator attachment brush cutters — the Stumpmaster™, Horizontal Shaft Brush Cutter, Flail Brush Cutter and Rotary Brush Cutter. They are used in forest thinning to reduce fuel for forest fires as well as create firebreaks. And they are designed to help eliminate environmental problems associated with chemical use for weed and brush control.

All brushcutters are made of hi alloy steel shafting and use anti friction bearings. They are easily mounted or adapted on various makes and models of equipment and are also simple to operate. The brushcutters can cut trees from 3.5" to 12" in diameter and you can choose from a 36" to 66" swath. Fixed displacement or variable displacement motors available.


Quadco's Brushco 52” brush cutter is designed to fit a wide range of applications — from light brushing to heavy full-tree mulching. It comes equipped with a mulching disk with square rotatable Quadco teeth to fit the application. An anvil system is designed to hold the material for high productivity.

The machine is 60” wide, 40” tall, and weighs 3,700 pounds with optional 90-degree tilt and mulching disk. The optional mulching disk has a total of 20 teeth (2 spirals of 5 teeth on bottom, 8 on periphery and 2 on top). The removable guards, made in two pieces, have handles for easy change from one side to the other. And changes take less than five minutes. The optional Rexroth variable displacement 160cc motor provides superior performance where required. The two skid (skis) and chains are standard equipment.

Risley Equipment

The Risley has come out with the Eclips EX 400. It has a Risley-built main chassis assembly and houses a Cummins 1 liter 400 hp tier III diesel engine. It equipped with a fully hydrostatic drive and hydraulic system, fully enclosed ROPS, and FOPS cab with heater, air conditioner, pressurized cab, stereo, 2 Plexiglas doors, tinted cab windows, joy stick controls, provision for safety strobe light. It has a 22” (560mm) wide high-speed flex track with rubber bushings and predrilled ice lug holes in track pads, as well as a cold weather start-up system and positive air shut off kits. It also features a FAE front mounted brush cutting head with hydraulic push bar, and a Braden 20,000 lbs. hydraulic rear mounted recovery winch.

RWF Industries

The new BRON 300 Mulcher delivers an incredible 300-hp with a ground pressure of only 3.8 psi, allowing work yearround. It can be custom-fitted with mulching heads from all the major suppliers.

The BRON 300 can be used for such applications as rightof- way clearing for seismic lines, electric/hydro and pipelines, clearing of commercial sights, recreational trails, golf courses, building lots and forestry fireguards. Some of its standard features include: a Cat® C9 300-hp engine and Sunstrand ® pumps; a 4 or equivalent undercarriage with double- bar grousers; rear sweeps for cab and system protection; a pressurized cab; low profile fully enclosed cab designed for operator comfort, and Lexan® windows; and 6 Halogen lights in front, 4 in rear.

The St. George Company Ltd.

The SEPPI MIDIFORST-DT land-clearing forestry machine is capable of felling and shredding trees up to 10" in diameter and for use on tractors 100-142 hp. It has a fixed knife rotor for work above and 2-3" below grade (shredding roots and stumps). It features fixed Tungsten carbide-tipped hammers, a double drive, a Cat II 3-point hitch, PTO drive at 1,000 rpm or hydraulic motor drive and hydraulic adjustable hood to control the rate of mulching.The SEPPI MIDIFORST-DT land-clearing forestry machine
is capable of felling and shredding trees up to 10" in
diameter and for use on tractors 100-142 hp. It has a fixed
knife rotor for work above and 2-3" below grade (shredding
roots and stumps). It features fixed Tungsten carbide-tipped
hammers, a double drive, a Cat II 3-point hitch, PTO drive
at 1,000 rpm or hydraulic motor drive and hydraulic adjustable
hood to control the rate of mulching.

Supertrak Inc.

Supertrak Inc. builds several models of high hp-high hydraulic carriers including the 27,000 lb. SK200. It is built on a Caterpillar D5G Bull Dozer LPG Carrier with a fully enclosed air-conditioned cab with a Lexan front windshield.

It is equipped with a Cat 3126E turbocharged diesel engine producing 200 hp. It has an electric engine management system and a low hydraulic shut down system. It uses a Supertrak High Debris & High Ambient Temp radiator and cooling system. The hydraulic system is a closed loop-load sensitive circuit. The hydraulic oil cooler has a hydraulic driven- auto reversing fan and has been well-guarded against debris.

The SL200 has a 65-gallon fuel capacity. The tracks are 26” wide, 91” in length on the ground, giving it 5.7 psi ground pressure. And it can be equipped with a rear hydraulic winch. It comes equipped with a Fecon “Bull Hog” BH120-2 Mulching Head w/ a Trap Door and comes with a 6-way functioning dozer blade.

Tigercat Mulchers

Tigercat offers both wheel and track mulchers. The smallest wheeled mulcher is a M726E equipped with a Cummins QSL Tier 3 engine producing 300 hp (223 kW). It is designed for horizontal drum mulching attachments requiring up to 240 hp such as the Fecon BH250 head. The larger wheeled mulcher is a M760 equipped with a Cat C12 engine producing 425 hp (316 kW). It is capable of supplying 400 hp continuously to a horizontal drum attachment such as a Fecon BH350 head. The newest addition to the mulching team is the M822 track mulcher, which contains a Cummins QSL Tier 3 engine producing 300 hp (223 kW). It too is designed for horizontal drum mulching attachments requiring up to 200 hp such as the Fecon BH80 head.



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