April/May, 2001





New Products

Morbark Introduces Model 4600
Morbark introduces its newest horizontal grinder, the Model 4600. This Wood Hog is built to fit the niche between the 3600 and the 5600. It's built with a larger hammermill with more tip swing. Depending on the horsepower, grate size and the type of material being processed, this machine can produce anywhere between 150-400 yards per hour. The 4600 is 52,500 pounds and a tri-axle. It can move with less weight restrictions and few permits making transportation easier and faster. For more information, call (800) 233-6065 ext. 279, or visit the Morbark web site at www.morbark.com

Blount Feller-Bunchers 
Blount recently introduced a new line of Hydro-Ax rubber tire feller-bunchers. The first models off the production line are the 185-horsepower Hydro-Ax 570 and the 205- horsepower Hydro-Ax 670. With 90-degree steering articulation, both tractors are highly maneuverable for working in tight stands. "These tractors will provide the logger with options to cover all applications and environments," said Dick Hemmelgarn, vice president of sales and marketing. "When we designed this line of feller-bunchers, we knew loggers would need some pretty strong reasons to invest in new equipment during these tough times," said Chris Williams, product specialist. "So we focused on the improvements that would make a difference in productivity, efficiency and the loggers' bottom line." 

A new eyebrow skylight and curved windshield are innovations that provide an unobstructed view of the trees from top to base. The windshield and side windows slope inward two degrees at the bottom, which reduces sun glare and prevents dust, rain and debris from sticking to the windows. Large side and rear windows complete the operator's 360-degree viewing area. For more information contact the Forestry and Industrial Division of Blount, Inc. at (919) 269-2463 or visit the company web site at www.blount-fied.com  .

Bull Hog‚ Wood Shredder 
FECON Inc. has made it easier for Bull Hog owners and prospective buyers to make decisions about carriers. Mechanical mounts are now available to match the Bull Hog to carriers from 55 to 350 hp, whether the vehicle is rubber tired or tracked, including excavators and tractors. Powered hydraulically or used in tandem with a tractor PTO, the Bull Hog is capable of shredding dense brush and undergrowth as well as standing or fallen trees, stumps and root balls. For more information contact FECON Inc. at (800) 528-3113, fax them at (513) 956-5701 or visit their web site at www.fecon.com.

Morbark Talon Debris Shear
Morbark has introduced their model 60 Talon Debris shear to provide contractors with another tool for cycling stumps, logs, ties, poles and other wood waste. The Talon is designed to split and shear wood materials up to 60 inches and is also useful for stump removal. Also, pre-processing with the Talon eliminates rocks and dirt from material, which means less wear and tear on the grinder. In addition, it sizes the material allowing wood waste to quickly flow through the grinder. For more information call Morbark at (800) 233-6065 or (517) 866-2381, or visit their web site at www.morbark.com .

Wood-Mizer's Thin-Kerf Headrig
Wood-Mizer has come out with their LT300 Thin-Kerf Headrig to take the place of small circle-saws and offer higher production than stationary versions of portable bankmills. It uses two joysticks, programmable setworks and an optional climate-conditioned cab. It's also available with optional in-feed and out-feedmaterial handling. With the LT300 Wood-Mizer has tried to eliminate the cost of hiring a saw filer and buying leveling equipment. The LT300 utilizes Wood-Mizer's exclusive .098 kerf bands, which can be remanufactured for just $6 each. For more information you can contact the company at (800) 553-0182 or visit their web site at www.woodmizer.com .

Stellar OTR Tire Truck
Stellar Industries Inc. has introduced the Tire Man, their largest OTR (off the road) tire service truck. It features a 28000 crane with a lifting capacity of 280,000 foot pounds. It will pick up 28,000 pound at 10 feet. The Tire Man is equipped with a Tire Manipulator model TM14160, which can lift 14,000 pound and has a 160-inch clamp opening. The tire service body provides 114 cubic feet of storage space and the package also includes an SHD-245 hydraulic driven air compressor capable of producing 110 cfm at 175 psi. For more information please contact Stellar Industries at (641) 923-3741 or email them at dpopp@stellar-industries.com .

Van Air Drying System
Van Air's single tower compressed air drying systems can prevent airline freeze-ups that cause cold weather downtime in sawmills and lumberyards. By removing excess moisture and other contaminants, air-operated cylinders, tools and valves keep running and last longer with clean dry air. The system eliminates the need for gas injection systems, requires no power source, and can be skid-mounted for easy transportation. For more information contact Van Air Systems, Inc. at (800) 840-9906, fax them at (800) 826-2471 or visit their web site at www.vanairsystems.com .

Stihl's New MS 390
Stihl has come out with the MS 390, a mid-sized chain saw. It's designed for pulpwood and firewood cutting. Features that put it above its predecessor include the oilsaving Ematic™ system, Master Control Lever™, and the IntelliCarb™ compensating carburetors. For more information you can call (757) 486-9100.

Komatsu Unveils Truck in June
Komatsu's new 40-ton HM400-1 articulated truck will be available this June. It offers earth moving, road construction and quarry markets. It features a maximum gross vehicle weight of 147,000 pounds, allowing up to a 40-ton payload at 35 mph. It's powered by a 430-hp engine and has a 6-wheel, continuously oilcooled multiple disc braking system. "The HM400-1 has an excellent payload-to-weight ratio - over 55 percent of the total weight is payload so you haul more payload, not dead weight," says Steve Moore, articulated truck product manager. For more information visit the Komatsu web site at www.KomatsuAmerica.com .

Tigercat Loaders
Tigercat is building its first run of 250 series knuckleboom loaders - the first loader with high-pressure hydraulics. The hydraulic system is virtually identical to that of the 845B feller-buncher with the same pumps and swing drive as well as advanced load-sensing and anti-stall features. The machine is powered with a 215-hp (160 kW) Cummins 6CT8.3 engine. The 250 is available with the 32 ft (9.75 m) boom set with or without a live heel. Lift capacity is estimated to be 20 percent higher than the 240B series loaders and swing torque is approximately 50 percent higher than the 240B. For more information, call Tigercat at (519) 442-1000, email comments@tigercat.com , check the Internet at: www.tigercat.com , or contact your Tigercat dealer.



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