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The Baker Model 3667D Blue Streak utilizes a powerful 67-hp John Deere diesel engine, features 28-inch diameter band wheels and is capable of cutting logs up to 36-inches in diameter.

Itsw equipped with a dual chain drive carriage and can handle logs 20 feet, 6 inches and even larger upon request. It comes standard with computer set-works, hydraulic log loader and turner, log clamps and toe rollers. The operator’s station features all of the user controls in one convenient location.

The Baker Blue Streak band sawmill is available in stationary models as well, and power options that include 38-hp Kubota diesel engine or 30-hp or 50-hp electric motors. The Baker Blue Streak Band Sawmill is built to handle big logs and big jobs. It is built heavy and strong, yet it is versatile, productive, and easy to use.

Clarke’s Custom Steel Inc


The Clarke portable sawmills are manufactured in Lindsay, Ontario, by Clarke’s Custom Steel Inc. Clarke’s has been a family operated business for over 35 years, and produces five models of manual and hydraulic sawmills. All the mills will cut hard and softwood logs up to 30” in diameter and 20’ long. Bed extensions of any length and larger custom mills are available.

Mills are fully assembled and include a solid twin rail frame on a single axle. They all come with an easy-to-change, 1.25” band saw blade available in .042 gauge for accurate cutting and less lumber waste; four jacks with a 20,000-lb capacity that can be set up in 10 minutes; a trailer package featuring a single axle with 3,500-lb capacity, steel fenders, a 2” ball and safety chains; and a clamping system to secure round or square logs.

D & L Double Cut Sawmills

D & L Double Cut Sawmills has improved on its versatile EcoSaw, and is now offering a hydrostatic model. A separate power pack provides a higher level of power and performance, says the company. The lightweight carriage assembles quicker and easier, yet provides a more stable cut.

The company is also introducing its D & L Swing Blade model. Combining the powerhouse performance of its TwinSaw Model with the swing blade technology of its EcoSaw, this new line of portable sawmills is fast, versatile,
and powerful enough to take portable sawmilling to the next level.

D & L Double Cut Sawmills has several EcoSaw models and options to choose from, including a slabbing attachment and slab sanding disc. The EcoSaw can average approximately 470 board feet per hour. Whether the equipment is for the weekend hobbyist or a full-time sawyer, D & L Double Cut can provide an EcoSaw solution to meet the operation’s needs.


The Davco Twin-Cut Mobile Automated Sawmill has a unique circular saw that cuts in both directions to improve productivity. Easy and comfortable to operate, the entire unit is run from a climate-controlled, quiet, single operator cab.

This powerful machine is backed by a 174 hp Isuzu diesel engine and handles logs between 5” and 28” in diameter and 8’ to 20’ in length. Highway legal anywhere in North America, the Twin-Cut can be transported to any location and set up in one hour.

The Twin-Cut is currently in the field undergoing production testing. Davco is expecting new production statistics by the spring of 2007.


Heartwood Saw is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacturing of
portable and stationary horizontal bandsaw mills, resaws and related sawmill equipment.

The model 310 bandsaw mill uses a six inch wide doublecut blade system, which provides a solution for those sawyers who are looking for daily production of at least 5,000 board feet. It can handle logs 36” in diameter by 20’ in length, and frame extensions are available to accommodate longer logs. Several log home manufacturers have utilized the Heartwood 310 to process logs from 60’ to 88’ in length. In business since 1993, Heartwood has expanded its line to include edgers, decks, trim saws and conveyors and
can provide sawmilling solutions to small, medium and large commercial lumber producers.


Hud-Son offers a number of products, one of which is the Little Joe Hydraulic Mini Processor (LJH). It has a standard 21 hp Briggs and Stratton engine, and is fully hydraulic. It has a hydraulic log clamp that holds the log in place while the block gets cut. The block drops into the four-way splitter, which has an auto cycle valve so the splitter advances and returns. The four-way wedge is manually adjusted so the pieces can be evenly split or lowered out of the way so the smaller block can be split in half. The in-feed chain hydraulically advances the log to your desired length for your next cut. The log lift can be used for individual log loading or locked into the raised position so several logs can be placed on it waiting to be processed.


If high production lumber is the goal, Kasco’s largest mill, the Saw II-B, is the answer, says the company. Utilizing a heavy-duty, fourpost design, this
sawmill is said to be truly deluxe. As with all Kasco sawmills, the carriage of the Saw IIB is built extra rugged. The track of this unit is 20’ long, and will handle a 30” diameter by 16’ long log.

The company offers a more economy mill, the Kasco Saw V. Again, with a 20’ track, this rugged machine will handle a 30” diameter by 16’ long log. Track extensions are available to work a longer log. It’s available in either manual carriage travel, where the carriage is pulled through the log, or with power carriage travel, where the carriage is powered by a 12-volt electric motor.

Hobbyists are said to prefer Kasco’s Saw IV. It will handle a 24” diameter log and is powered by an 11 hp Briggs and Stratton engine. Like the larger Kasco mills, the Saw IV uses 18” diameter blade wheels for longer blade life. Every Saw IV, like the company’s other sawmills, is fully assembled and tested.

Logs to Lumber

Logs to Lumber offers the KARA mills. Kallion Konepaja is one of the leading manufactures and oldest manufacturer of circular saw mills in the world. KARA builds both stationary and portable commercial mills and sells these mills to over 80 countries worldwide. It builds two portable models of mills — the F2000 and the Kara Master for larger logs. Both models offer a robust steel frame and transport wheels that can remain on the mill while in operation. Options include: hydraulic log turners, hydraulic size adjuster, sharpener, top saw for oversize logs, hydraulic log deck and lumber decks to hand raw and finished products. Average lumber production in an 8-hour shift is 6,000 to 7,000 board feet. All KARA sawmill equipment meets both European and Canadian safety standards.

Mighty Mite

Mighty Mite has enhanced the output and versatility of its popular line of multibladed circular sawmills with the introduction of the Maximum Production High-Performance Package. These wellrespected sawmills, already valued for their high production capabilities, are now further improved, says the company. Many popular options have been combined with new technology into one production enhancing, labor saving package. The Maximum Production High-Performance Package includes a large log turning and squaring deck, logloading arms, precision hydraulic crossfeed, adjustable off-bearing table and an electric or diesel powered hydraulic power pack. Combining all the items in one package allows for complete integration at substantial cost savings. This package is being offered with new Mighty Mite sawmills or retrofitted to existing sawmills.


It’s important that sawmills suit the unique requirements of mill operators, and meet their future needs. With the Norwood LumberMate, mill operators can handle logs up to 31” in diameter, cut boards up to 24” wide accurately to 1/32nd of an inch and shave veneer as thin as 1/16th of an inch. It can mill logs 13’ long or, with additional bed extensions, logs of any length.

Operators can customize the Lumber-Mate by selecting the right engine for their particular situation. They can pick the power to fit their purposes, and can choose from a 23 hp V-twin, 20 hp Vtwin, 15 hp or 13 hp engine. Operators can finish customizing their LumberMate by selecting from a variety of commercial-capacity options—trailer package, log loader/repositioner, toeboards, 1-1/2” blade guides, lapsiding/ shingle-making package, stainless steel cross-bunk covers, leveling feet, cam dogs and more.


Peterson Portable Sawmills offers a variety of options to operators. The All Terrain Sawmill (ATS) easily handles the tough milling conditions of any remote terrain. Blades range from 6 to 10 inches. It sets up in 5 to 15 minutes and will saw logs up to 20’ long and 5’ in diameter. The lightweight machine is popular with part time millers.

Peterson also offers the Winch Production Frame sawmill (WPF), which is designed for the commercial/contract portable millers. It cuts between 1,200 and 3,000 board feet per day and sets up in 10 to 30 minutes.

The Automated Swingblade Mill (ASM) has 8” and 10” blade options. It sets up in 40 to 60 minutes and delivers commercial production. It features an automated board removal plat for easy tailing out either end. You can also make horizontal and vertical cuts, change the size or depth of the cut and remove the previous board, all from the control panel.

The Dedicated Wide Slabber (DWS) produces accurate wide slabs and can used on the WPF, ASM or ATS.

Select Sawmill Co

Select manufactures high production band sawmills. The commercial model 4221 features a 6” blade and cuts in both directions. It cuts up to 3’ a second and comes with many standard features as well as optional equipment for customized operations.

The portable Model 3620 has a 4” double-cut blade. Both models are equipped with a hydraulic system and computerized setworks, and diesel and electric units are available.

They can handle logs up to 42” by 22’ long and are designed for high production to satisfy the needs of the professional sawyer. Rosserhead style debarker, conveyor systems, live infeed and outfeed decks are also available.

Timber Harvester

Timber Harvester introduces two new models to the four portable band sawmills they build; the HOSS 36HT30 and the HOSS 44 Magnum. The 30 all-steel drive wheels spin the 22 bands on heavy duty bearing sssemblies. Over sized roller guides with bottom supports make the blade run true and fast.

The whole system is powered by a 51 hp Caterpillar Diesel engine. The industrial grade gear box positions the head up and down. Dual chains drive the head forward and backwar across the 26’ main frame, cutting 20’ long logs. Hydraulically powered roller tapers raise the small end of the log parallel with the heart, and positions the log length wise. The dual hydraulic log turners easily rotates the log forward or backward to position the log to the first face. Then the log is rotated clockwise so that the band enters the remaining three clean faces. The board drag back system allows the operator to handle his own lumber. The electronic setworks and log debarker come standard on both models.


When the demands for sawing require high production, productivity and heavy log handling, the new LT50 conquers the challenge. Featuring full hydraulic log handling controls and plenty of power, this industrious sawmill is the newest addition in the Wood-Mizer hydraulic mill line up.

The LT50 is powered by a 51HP CAT® diesel engine and can cut up to 650 bf/hour. The package includes hydraulic loading arms, a pair of hydraulic roller toeboards, a hydraulic log clamp, and hydraulic vertical side supports and a bi-directional chain turner. This chain turner works twice as fast as the standard steel claw turners and moves in both directions for added convenience.

Bringing even more controls to your fingertips, the Optional Command Control Operator Station gives professional sawyers easy access to all hydraulic controls and cutting functions such as board thickness and head movement speed. Accuset and AutoClutch are included in the optional Command Control system for a package that has it all.



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