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Select Offers New Blade

Select Sawmill Co., a leader in double-cut band sawmill manufacturing introduces a new blade sharpening grinder. It maintains saw blades from 4” to 7” wide and features enhancements such as increased blade angle adjustments, automated blade feed with carbide blade pushers, two independently controlled 220V electric motors with inclusive start/stop panel and a complete heavy duty support base with attached blade guide posts. The Select grinder is also supplied with double-cut attachments and an optional swaging table that can be inserted within the saw blade support stands. Proven to perform in the most demanding environments, it is sensibly priced and a great addition to any sawmill operation, assuring full control of the sharpening processes.

Link-Belt X2 Series Excavators

LBX Company announced the introduction of it’s new Link-Belt X2 series excavators. Four excavators make up the series. The160 X2 weighs 37,700 pounds and has an Isuzu Al-4JJ1X Tier 3 turbocharged diesel engine with electronic fuel control, and 120 hp @ 2,220 rpm. The boom length is 16’11” and the swing speed is 0-11.5 rpm. The 210 X2 weighs 47,400 lbs., and has the Al-4HK1X Tier 3 turbocharged diesel engine with 167 hp @ 1,800 rpm. The boom length is 18’8” with a swing speed of 0-11.5 rpm.

The 240 X2 weighs 54,895, and comes with an Isuzu AH-4Hk1X Tier 3 turbocharged engine with 177 hp 2 @ 2,000 rpm. Lastly, the 290 X2 weighs in at 65,700 lbs., features a 20’2” boom length, and is powered by an Isuzu AH-6HK1XYSS Tier 3 turbocharged diesel engine.

Volvo introduces new C-series hydraulic excavators

Volvo Construction Equipment’s new C-series excavators have arrived and the first models available are the EC160C and the EC210C.

The C-series, which is replacing the B-series, offers more powerful, Tier III compliant Volvo engines, delivering exemplary fuel efficiency and the engines have been united with intelligent hydraulics. The machines feature a more rugged undercarriage and superstructure, and the operator’s environment has been substantially upgraded, giving operators more comfort, more space, a better climate, better visibility and improved controls that are easier to use. The C-series is easier to service with ground level access. Centralized lubrication points and long service intervals reduce downtime. Also, an LCD monitor conducts a self-diagnostic check routine for maximum uptime.

Prentice Skidder

The next-generation Prentice skidders feature new engines and hydraulic systems, more durable center joints and a more comfortable, functional cab. The Blount Forestry Division recently introduced the Prentice 2430 to provide a single arch option to complement the Prentice 2432 dual arch skidder rolled out last year.

Both models have the new Tier III Cummins QSB 173 HP engine with improved low-end torque to accelerate faster with full loads. The new Kawasaki hydraulic system is simple, reliable and field proven. At 150”, both the dual and single arch skidders have the longest wheelbase of all skidders in their respective classes, says the company.

The new blade is built stronger and more rugged with improved protection for the hoses. It puts more weight on the front axle, which helps increase stability. The blade is 10” wider for improved stacking and clearing.

New components increase the durability of the center joint: three-inch pins, front and rear frame plates from 40 to 60 percent thicker and tapered roller bearings that replaced spherical bushings top and bottom. In addition to the other modifications, changes to the boom and arch geometry of the dual arch skidder have increased its lifting power 52 percent and improved holding ability 71percent. The 2432 can lift and move a Prentice 384-class TMS unit with ease.

FECON Introduces FTX325 Track Carrier

FECON, Inc has added the FTX325. It’s a mid-sized track carrier with a powerful Tier III 325 hp engine and durable steel tracks. With the BH85 HD providing a 7.08’ cutting width, the weight of the FTX325 is approximately 25,000 lbs. The standard LCD screen and user-friendly controls offer a more comfortable operation. The loader can tilt up to 30 degrees allowing for high production even in tight places.

Valmet 911.X3M for Steep Slopes

Valmet’s 911. X3M debuted at the PLC Live Demo and people got to see first hand its steep slope capabilities. “It has an ‘extreme’ lower center of gravity with high-drive track systems, yet the X3M has six additional inches of ground clearance than the wheeled 911.3 harvester,” says Regional Sales Manager, Dave Wellman.

The machine has performed on up to 80 percent slopes in the Austrian Alps while still being light on the ground — 25,000 kg spread over four tracks. The 911.X3M has a 4-wheel 911.3 base with specially built, high-drive tracks. “The tracks aren’t just added to the axles like wheels,” says Dave. “Rather, there is a special gearing ratio that more than doubles the tractive effort.” In addition, it has center articulation and the four tracks are free to oscillate causing very low ground pressure. These attributes make it an attractive option for Northwest harvesters.

Mobility. Versatility. Reach. Performance.

For the machines that will help you pick up the pace of your operation, companies are turning to SENNEBOGEN, a company dedicated to leading the industry through innovation. With the hydraulic high rise cab combined with computer-free operation of the hydraulic systems, these machines deliver fast duty cycles and efficient performance. Designed for the harshest of environments, the ultra fine hydraulic oil filtration system reduces maintenance costs while maximizing uptime. The 825M with a fast travel speed (shown here at work), provides the operator with eye level visibility of over 18.5 feet.

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