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Oregon Logging Conference 2005 Review

By Diane Mettler

I cannot have more respect for today’s forest operators . . . They are an essential tool needed to make tomorrow’s healthy forests. They are the tool used by industry to accomplish the great things we see on their lands. They are the tool used by the private landowner to accomplish their dreams. They are the tool that is ready to accomplish great things on the lands owned by all. They are ready to make tomorrows forests healthy for the next generation of mankind.” Robert Magathan, OLC President 2005 These words came directly from OLC President Robert Magathan’s speech that kicked off the 67th Oregon Logging Conference held February 24-26. The theme this year was Today’s Tools – Tomorrows Healthy Forests, and Magathan’s rousing comments brought people to their feet in a standing ovation. The positive atmosphere continued throughout the show.

Educational classes were filled. This year, classes were held Thursday and Friday and attendees could earn up to nine forest practice credits. Class choices ranged from technology to trucking. On Friday night the Oregon Women in Timber (OWIT) held its auction and dinner. Proceeds from the auction go to the Talk About Trees educational program offered to schoolchildren throughout the region. This year OWIT brought in a record $96,000. Attendance was up this year and people got a chance to see new machines on display for the first time. Some pieces of equipment were so fresh off the floor the paint was still wet, like the Eagle motorized grapple.

Other new pieces included: a Valmet 765 skidder and X10 track harvester, a Komatsu PC200 log loader, a Madill 800 harvester and 800 heel boom log loader, Risley’s Premio L-Series of its dangle processor/harvester heads, a mini power attachment and bunching grapple by Rotobec, the DAF-080 front mounting brushcutter and the DAH 050/060 brushcutter/chipper by Denis Cimaf, as well as two recycling machines by Fintec, the 540 and 1170, and SK 200 TR and SK 120 TR customer track mulchers by Supertrak. And what is a successful show without a few announcements.

On Saturday Pape Machinery announced it had purchased Nortrax West — the entire western region of Nortrax, a John Deere construction and forestry equipment dealer with eight locations in northern California and western Nevada. Optimism was high this year. It might have been due in part to an industry that is experiencing an upswing, possibly the president’s moving speech, the a great group of attendees, the informative classes, or maybe the state-of-the-art machinery. More than likely it was a little of all of the above. We’ll leave you with one of President Magathan’s closing keynote statements, which sums up the spirit of the show: “My heart goes out to you dedicated and noble men of this industry. You are our greatest asset and a tool that can never be replaced. We can have all the modern equipment in the world and the most progressive legislation, but without you, the people, we are lost. I honor you for your dedication.”


Log Max promotes products for healthy forests with a continued focus on providing harvesting and processing solutions. This year’s new products included a Log Max 4000 head with optional multi stem accumulation capability. The 19" maximum cut 4000 head is ideal for thinning and fuels reduction forest management. The Multi stem accumulating kit lowers production cost per acre in smaller diameter stands. Log also showed updated 7000 and 12000 heads, new rotators and head attachments. Log Max continues to provide products designed for the unique conditions of the North American market. Visit


Caterpillar displayed the new D8T Track-Type Tractor with ACERT® Technology. The Caterpillar-developed engine technology controls the combustion process precisely to enable the Cat C15, with 347 gross horsepower, to meet US EPA Tier 3 emissions standards. The engine also is responsive, fuel efficient and reliable. The Cat forest machines on display modeled the new Caterpillar cabs and risers that meet strict rollover protection standards, provide more space and offer clear lines of sight to the work area. Caterpillar also promoted SystemOne™ track undercarriage, which cuts undercarriage costs in half.


Brutus Truck bodies by Nor-Mar Industries Ltd., showcased two new heavy-duty service trucks designed for the rigors of western North America’s forest and construction industries. Brutes has been building custom truck equipment for 25 years. It manufactures a large variety of steel and aluminum bodies hand built to client requirements. Its product line includes: pickup boxes, pick-up boxes with cabinets, flatdecks, service bodies, service decks, lube bodies, RV tow bodies, tire bodies, fire rescue bodies, interface fire trucks, emergency transportation bodies, and silviculture bodies. To compliment Brutus’s truck bodies, they have six brands of folding and stiff boom cranes and air compressors.


Vulcan On-Board Scales manufactures on-board weighing systems for all types of trucks and trailers in the timber and other industries that require tough and reliable equipment. Solutions are available for a wide range of on-board applications including spring, air and mixed suspensions. Thank you for helping us celebrate more than 25 years in business, and for being one of more than 30,000 systems installed worldwide. Contact us at 1-800-237-0022 or visit our website at


NOVATRAX International Inc. Sales Representative Tim Campbell demonstrates the new Cleanfix VP-SERIES Reversible Fan. The Variable Pitch (VP) Series fan not only reverses at full engine rpm to remove debris from the radiators, but also changes blade pitch angle as required to match the cooling needs of the engine and cooling system. Additional airflow is automatically provided during hot weather and reduced during cold weather. A wax cell activates a piston that varies the blade angle from flat to steep, resulting in a maximum engine performance and fuel savings! Learn more at


Triad Machinery continues to be a dominate force in the forestry-related equipment business with the Link-Belt LXTL, DL, HP, and RB series. Triad also offers Kawaski front-end loaders, articulated off highway trucks, in addition to Terex log loaders, stroke delimbers, road builders, and processors. We also offer a variety of other forestry related equipment including: the Prentice feller bunchers and processors, skidders, Hydro-Ax clearing units, stationary rubber mounted log loaders, chippers, grinders and screening equipment. Visit our website at


Kesla was represented at the 2005 OLC Show by their PNW distributor G&G Forest Machinery. Kesla has manufacturered the Foresteri and Patu product line since 1960; concentrating mainly on forestry equipment with products for small loggers as well as products designed for large contractors. The Kesla equipment line up consists of chippers, a stroke delimber, small to mid-sized log loaders, forwarding trailers and loaders, truck loaders, harvester cranes, stroke and roller harvester heads. Visit  for more information.


Pierce PMD 3348 Monoboom Delimbinator are built strong to handle the big timber. Our superior design makes them easy to operate, with minimal maintenance. Our full scale measuring system guarantees amazing accuracy. And of course it’s American made, as is all Pierce Pacific equipment. Pierce PTD 2856 Telescopic Deliminator combines the finest elements of our PMD 3348 Monoboom Delimbinator featuring minimal tail swing and rugged, heavyduty inner and outer booms. The result is a delimbing force that consistently produces quality logs with pinpoint accuracy., (800) 760-3270.


The machine you can count on is the LeTourneau Logstacker, from the truck through the sort yard, to the in-feed system at the mill when it comes to moving wood. Totally electric and thus with no chance of hydraulic spills, the 35 ton Le- Tourneau SL was designed from the ground up to provide quick response, precise maneuverability, fast travel speed and rapid hoist speeds. The LeTourneau SL with a 23 ft hoist, low fuel costs, plus low maintenance costs, is carving an impressive mark in the log handling world. Visit us at  for more.


Mission Insurance Agencies Inc. was founded in 1993. We have operated under the same continuous management since 1946; insuring firms in Oregon, Washington and California. Mission Insurance specializes in insuring firms that work in the timber products industry — our staff of 20 professionals know as well as understand your business. Our Mission is to be the very best of any business you do business with. Give us a call at 1-800-936-9898 for a quote.




Wyatt's to represent Lencab feed rollers in the Western U.S! In addition to Wyatt's tough, long lasting feed rollers, the company also introduced the Lencab RST feed rollers, sleeves and replacement chain nets to West coast loggers at this year's OLC. Included in the growing line of feed rollers at the Wyatt's exhibit area were the large diameter Lim-mit rollers. More loggers are choosing to recover existing cores at far less cost than buying new. During the show, Wyatt's staff explained how the specialized harvester/processor feed roller rubber is made and how these rolls are recovered. Wyatt's makes a large number of other molded rubber products such as blocks, pads, bumpers and wheels.


White Mountain Chain of Bonners Ferry is the largest importer of the Trygg line in the United States. We carry a vast array of tire chains for pickups, loaders, motor graders, skidders and just about anything with a rubber tire. Depending on what the application is and what your needs are, we work with you to recommend what will be the most economical chain for your needs. Now that you have played with the rest, get the best. Call Ed at 800-439-9073 or visit




OLC visitors had an opportunity to view a full line of John Deere equipment at Pape's exhibit area. The showcased machine was the 759G levelling tracked buncher. John Deere's purposebuilt forestry swing machines were also prominent displayed. Built with loggers in mind, these machines can be configured as roadside log loaders, decking in mill yards and used in delimbing, processing, shovel logging and roadbuilding applications. In addition to the swing machines, John Deere also featured the 644J articulated wheel loader with log forks and a 648GIII grapple skidder.


At the 2005 OLC, Quadco proudly unveiled its largest disc saw head ever produced, model 2900 intermittent. Over 100 retractable disc felling heads have already been produced by Quadco with this new model being the latest addition to the family. With its 29-inch cut capacity, it is a true "Big Wood" / Steep Country sawhead. An improved dual-motor hydraulic system provides 56% more cutting power than 2800 model. Saw speed is at an impressive 855 rpm. As with all other Quadco felling heads, the 2900 is available with optional 40-degree, 360- degree or Extreme Service 360-VI tilt system for added buncher versatility.


With the introduction of the Premio® L-Series, Risley Equipment is the only manufacturer in North America offering a complete family of forestry attachments to fit all carriers. To sort, delimb and process variable length wood, or cut through 30" stems again and again, choose the Cobra® or Sidewinder®. For the most productive and cost-effective tree-length delimber available, choose any of the five redesigned models of Lim-mit®. Ask for the RotoSaw® felling head for felling operations, the Slingshot® for harvesting, the Rolly® or Premio® for harvesting/processing. For fixed-length delimbing/processoring, the Maxxum Plus® incorporates the reliability and toughness you’ve come to expect from Risley Equipment.


Waratah hit a new record with a total of 15 harvester/processor heads on display at their exhibit area and outside at dealer locations. Included in this number were two HTH626 "Big Wood" heads with a cutting dia. of 34" Many attendees will remember the 2004 OLC where Waratah introduced the HTH622B, Waratah's head designed for timber up to 24" in dia. Loggers are continuing to experience phenomenal success with the HTH622B. Over 343 of these heads have been sold in the one year time period between last year's Oregon Logging Conference and this year's show.


Denny Hansard is Rotochopper’s new West Coast Representative. Denny lives in Shafter, California in the Central Valley and comes to his new position with a great wealth of grinder, recycling and forestry information. Denny's previous position had him in charge of a company that had several big grinders and a whole lot of other heavy equipment engaged in land clearing, orchard removal, and biomass processing. Denny knows how a grinder works and how to make money running one. If you need a grinder or just a little info, give Denny a call at 661-619-2929.


If booms and grapples were your game, then Young was the name at the 2005 OLC Show. With years of proven quality and experience, as well as a complete selection of styles and sizes to fit just about any forestry application, today's loggers know and appreciate the Young name. Featured in their booth in the Exhibit Hall were Young's newest LG52 and LG58 log grapples along with the model 175 swing boom and grapple. Capable of putting the squeeze on small logs, Young grapples extend service life under the most demanding conditions. Visit our website at


SUPERTRAK, Inc. engineers and manufactures a complete product line of custom mulching machinery ranging from 97 to 400 horsepower; providing unique technologies to the vegetation management and land clearing industries since 1986. As an OEM, our tracked, excavator and rubber-tired carriers utilize Caterpillar® components to provide maximum efficiency and productivity. SUPERTRAK’S custom machinery provides exceptional means to shred, mulch, and cut, brush, under story, trees, stumps, and logging scrap/slash. Our equipment is durable, reliable, and does it ALL; land clearing, fuel breaks, and urban interface fuel load reductions. Visit us at


AWMV Industrial Products attracted attention at this year’s show with their product line including a narrow band, thin-kerf headrig, band resaw, board edger and material handling equipment. The LT300 thin-kerf headrig and the rest of the AWMV line provide an opportunity for loggers and others to get into the lumber business. The entire AWMV system is designed for efficiency and profitability, reducing capital, labor, energy and maintenance costs. The extremely high yields and ability to be flexible enough to meet market needs make these machines unique in providing money-making opportunities.


The Prentice 490 Dual Arch skidder is a solid, dependable skidding workhorse that has all the attributes of the Prentice brand that loggers have come to depend on. It comes with a powerful QSB-173HP Cummins power plant that drives a smooth pulling torque converter transmission with six forward and three reverse gears. The skidder’s transmission allows for efficient maneuvering in tight spots and reduces wheel spin in soft ground, minimizing ground disturbances and stress in the driveline. The visibility from the cab is second to none, and the long frame and wide stance, make it an early favorite in Western terrain. The 490 is available with a single or dual arch.


Forest display was active with new forest machine innovations including the Valmet 941 Harvester (the world's largest wheeled harvester) and the EX10, pronounced “extend,” a purpose- built track machine with a 70-foot harvesting zone. Also displayed was the updated Timbco 475EX featuring the new Valmet "Power Boom" and the powerful Cummins QSL 325h.p. engine. Making its first appearance was the new mid-sized Valmet 765 grapple skidder. Komatsu's new PC270LL-7 and the PC200LL-7 log loader models were also on display.


With a patented 3-cylinder house leveling mechanism and a short tailswing, the Timberking TK722 and TK732 track feller bunchers are designed to work at full tilt on a steep slope final cut or in a tight corridor thinning or select cut. With the industry’s leading lift capacity, they easily manhandle tall Western timber with ease. Timberking track machines feature a rugged undercarriage custom designed for reliable operation in tough harvesting conditions. Proven final drives and travel motors provide up to 82,940 lbs. of drawbar pull, giving excellent traction and power to the ground with up to 35” of ground clearance. An excellent combination of power, fuel economy and serviceability makes the Caterpillar C9 ATAAC engine the right engine for the job.


From left to right, Bruce Bacon, Jim Kirkpatrick, and Kevin Bakke are seen here in front of one of the many Jewell grapples on display at the Jewell exhibit area during the OLC. Vice Presidents, Bruce Bacon and Kevin Bakke are very pleased to announce that Jewell Attachments has joined the Paladin family of companies. Well known in the demolition, recycling, heavy construction, utility and light construction attachment business, Paladin purchased Jewell Manufacturing Inc. in October 2004. While Jewell will continue their commitment to the logging industry, the Paladin connection will further expand Jewell into the scrap recycling, demolition, material handling and other markets.


Feenaughty Machinery carries a full range of powerful and precise Kobelco shovels , configured to meet the rigorous demands of log loading, shovel logging and harvesting throughout the forests of the Western United States. Kobelco has earned its spurs as a rugged, reliable and accurate forestry machine, fully supported by the knowledgeable technicians and complete inventory stocked by Feenaughty Machinery. Visit  for more information.


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