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Komatsu Forest’s New Harvesting Head
Komatsu Forest has developed a new harvester head, the Valmet 370E, built primarily for use on standard tracked machines. The head has five customer-designed debarking knives and has effective hydraulics that adapt to the host machine’s hydraulic system. It has a powerful feed to handle heavy trees and with two steel feed rollers, the feed is fast without substantial damage to timber. The head also has room for a second cutting unit, a top saw, to further speed the cutting process. With the Komatsu Forest’s installation kit, the Valmet 370E can be fitted quickly to the Komatsu PC210. To find out more, log on to

Two New Products for Madill
Madill has come out with the 800 H
arvester and the 800 Heel boom Log Loader. The 800 Harvester comes equipped with a Cummins QSB 5.9 Litre engine, 185 hp at 2,220 rpm. It has a swing speed of 11 rpm, a swing torque of 60,000 ft. lb., tailswing of 10’2" and a boom reach of 28’6". Its gross lift capacities range from 15’ - 23,000 lbs. to 25’ - 11,000 lbs. It has a 28" clearance and its track dimensions are 10’10" W x 14’3" L. Harvester is a Waratah HTH 622 or customer’s choice. The 800 Heel boom Log Loader has the same engine, swing speed and swing torque as the 800 Harvester. It has a 34’4" reach, and the following gross lift capacities: 15’ - 31,300 lbs., 25’- 15,600 lbs., and 35’ - 9,300 lbs. Undercarriage is 14’3" L x 10’10" W with 26" grouser shoes. It operates at two speeds to 3.4 mph. The cab is sloped for better visibility and eye level is 13’3". For more information log on to

Denis Cimaf Introduces DAF-080 Brushcutter- Chipper
DENIS CIMAF has introduced the DAF-080, a new front-mounted brushcutter-chipper for skid steers. After the huge response to the larger DAF-180, the company developed a lighter version for skid steers 65 hp and up. The front-mounted DAF-080 brushcutter-chipper uses a 72" wide cutting rotor consisting of 25 fixed knives with bolted-on blades and features a height-adjustable attachment system. It requires continuous hydraulic flow between 25- 30 gal./min., an operating pressure of 3000 psi, and a rotating speed of 2,300 rpm. Used blades can be sharpened on-site with a grinder, and worn-out blades quickly unbolted and replaced with new ones. For more details visit

Tigercat Modifies Forwarder Line
Tigercat has modified the current forwarder line and plans to expand the product offering in the coming months. The new line-up will consist of models 1055, 1065 and 1075 ranging in capacity from 14 to 20 tons. The Tigercat 1014 model launched early in 2004 has been relabeled the 1065. It is the mid-range model of the three-machine line-up. The 1065 is an 18-ton capacity machine capable of operating in challenging terrain. Using various bunk and crane configurations, the 1065 can be optioned to handle single 16-foot logs or customized to double bunk 3-meter log lengths. The 1018 series forwarder will be replaced by the Tigercat 1075. The 1065 and 1075 are both powered by the Mercedes 906 engine rated at 228 and 241 hp respectively. Differences between the two models include larger bunk options, 20-ton rated bogies and a stronger driveline for the 1075. The newest model, scheduled to launch in mid-2005, is the 1055 forwarder. This 14-ton capacity machine will be equipped with 14-ton bogies and smaller, narrower bunk options for selective thinning and some clear fell applications. The 1055 will retain many of the design characteristics of the larger machines. Find out more at

Morgan SX-706 SB Grapple Skidder
Morgan Forestry Products has introduced the SX-706 SB grapple skidder. The SX-706 SB boasts superior traction — 73 percent traveling downhill, 48 percent traveling uphill and 36 percent horizontally. It has a seamless speed range and direction to approximately 18 kph. With a swing of 140 degrees, a lift height of approximately 12’ and 15’ of reach, decking of the load on the fly can be achieved easily without drawing over the deck, resulting in reduced cycle times and high productivity. It features a Cummins 6cTA8.3L, and has a rated power of 260 hp at 2200 rpm. The grapple capacity is 15 square feet with an opening of 120". It has a Syncrotrack“ Hydrostatic Drive — a four-pump system driving four hydraulic wheel motors and providing 100 percent power to all wheels when needed. It weights approximately 39,000 pounds. Log on to  for more details.

New Rotary Disk Mulcher
Cut and mulch brush and trees in one pass with the new model Rotary Disc Mulcher RDM9030SS from Advanced Forest Equipment ( This new model is designed specifically for skid steers and multi-terrain loaders with 18 GPM or more of hydraulic flow. The 9030SS attaches with ease to the universal quick change and works off of the existing controls of the carrier. Using the NEW PRODUCTS same patent pending technology and rugged construction as the original line Rotary Disc Mulchers for excavators, the 9030SS can turn dense brush and trees into mulch in minutes.

2400 Track Bandit
The new 24" capacity Model 2400 Track Bandit is the largest selfpropelled, hydraulic feed, disc style whole tree chipper available. The unique five-wheel hydraulic feed system consists of two horizontal and two vertical wheels with an added top wheel set on a diagonal. The extra top wheel nearly doubles the feed wheel surface contacting the wood. The Caterpillar 645 hp diesel provides plenty of power to chip 24" diameter whole trees. An 80’ tree is reduced in under a minute, producing in excess of 100 tons of chips per hour. A 220° hydraulic swivel discharge spout allows the operator to aim chips in virtually any direction, and it features a 325L Cat undercarriage with two-speed hydraulic drive and a 5 1/2’ track-type infeed conveyor. Further details at


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