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Cut-to-Length Update

By Brenda Kohlmyer

For thinning, selective logging and other applications, cut-to-length machines are the right choice for the job. Below is a review of the wide variety of equipment you’ll find on the market today.

Valmet offers three wheeled cut-to-length machines, the 901.3, 911.3 and the 941. All three utilize the MaxiHarvester control and information system. In the field the driver can input machine, crane and head settings as well as accessing pricelists and crosscutting instructions. The system also controls the harvesters transmission systems. The Valmet 901.3, ideal for thinning operations, weighs approximately 31,041 lbs. and is powered by a Sisu Diesel 66 EWA6-cylinder engine. With a minimum width of 104.3”, operators can maintain narrow forest pathways with low-impact. Valmet’s 330.1 dangle head is standard. This head has an 18.8” cutting diameter with a feed force of 3.484.5 lbf. Operators also have the option of using the Valmet 945.1 head with a cutting diameter at 21.6”. The cab and crane are mounted on a slew ring that tilts in all directions allowing the operator to sit level throughout the day. The 911.3 is Valmet’s mid-sized wheeled cut-to-length harvester, weighing 37,258 lbs and with a width of 108.3 – 114.2. The 911.3 is powered by a SISU Diesel 74 EWA6-cylinder turbo diesel with intercooler. Three heads are available — the Valmet 360.1, 960, and 945 offering operators cutting diameters ranging from 21.7” to 25.6” and feed forces from 4,452 lbf. to 5,822 lbf. Valmet’s 941 is the largest single-grip wheeled harvester in the world says the company, featuring a minimum width of 117.7 and powered by a 277 hp SisuDiesel 84 ETA, Fortius 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine and equipped with the Valment 370.1 head. The 941 also utilizes a new crane, the CRH24. Designed to handle heavy timber, this crane is mounted in line with the cab allowing superior visibility of the head and is maneuverable and easy to operate.

Timberjack’s 770D, 1070D and 1270D wheeled cut-tolength machines share the new Timbermatic 300 centralized digital control and communication system. The onboard PC/Windows™ 2000 based system controls the harvester head and timber measurement. A Total Machine Control System (TMC) controls the engine transmission and boom functions. The Timberjack 770D wheeled harvester is designed for thinning and harvesting small-diameter wood. Equipped with John Deere JD4045 HTJ77 turbocharged diesel engine and the Timberjack 742 harvester head the 770D works well on steep slopes and level ground. The 1070D is designed for thinning and regeneration harvesting. It easily handles small trees, but can also harvest all but the largest diameter trees. It’s equipped with a John Deere 6068H, charge air cooled, turbocharged isolationmounted, 6-cylinder diesel engine rated at 173 SAE gross hp @ 2,000 rpm. Travel speed in high gear reaches 15.5 mph and 3.1 mph in low gear. Harvesting head options include the Timberjack 745 and 752. Timberjack’s 1270 wheeled harvester is ideal for late thinning and regeneration harvesting. It features a JD 6081H, charge air cooled, turbocharged, isolation – mounted diesel rated at 215 SAE gross hp @1,400-2,000 rpm with same travels speeds as the 1070D. It has a reach of 30’6”, a 9’ minimum width and is 24’ in length. 

Ponsse offers three wheeled cut-to-length machines — the Ergo, Beaver and Buffalo Dual. All share similar design with the operator’s cab and arm assembly on separate bogies. And they also feature Ponsse’s Opti4G Information System. This Windows PC based program handles all machine functions and also takes trunk measurements to help the operator increase productivity. Cut-to-Length Update The largest, the Buffalo Dual, also operates as a forwarder. The crane arm is mounted on a long bogie and the trailer’s arms and forward screen are removable. The bogie’s axels operate independently to adapt to rough terrain. It features a Mercedes-Benz OM 906 LA engine rated at 241hp, and has a maximum travel speed of 17 mph in 2nd gear. The 40 gallon fuel tank, and an extra optional fuel tank afford a broad travel range. The Ponsse H53 harvesting head comes standard. This head handles 20” stems and is equipped with a 25” saw bar. Feed speed is 0-13 ft/s with a feed force of 4,050 lbf. The Ergo operates equally well in thinning or felling operations. With a choice of the H53, H60 or H60e cut-tolength heads operators can cut small stems or trunks as large as 27”. The Mercedez-Benz OM 906 LA engine is rated at 250 hp and meets EUROMOT & EPA2 emissions standards. The 106-gallon fuel tank teams with the efficient engine for a long-run time. The cab has also been completely redesigned to provide more space and better working visibility. The Beaver, is ideally suited for thinning work, but easily handles all three of the Ponsse heads. Powered by the Mercedez- Benz OM 904 LA engine rated at 170 hp, the machine reaches 15.5 mph.

The Rottne 5005 single-grip harvester is a compact, efficient machine for both thinning and final felling. A John Deere 6066 HF 275 6-cylinder water-cooled turbo engine powers the 5005. The transmission is fully hydrostatic with two variable pressure-steered pumps. It provides traction at 28,100 lbf. and reaches a travel speed of 12 mph. It’s equipped with the EGS 550 harvesting head. This pendulum suspended head has a saw diameter of 22” and a feeding force of 4,100 lbf. Measuring and monitoring are controlled by the Rottne D4 Micro-computer system. Information on this PC based system can be saved via disk, modem or portable computer. The Rottne 2004 wheeled harvester is suited for thinning. With a narrow footprint and leveling feature, it maintains a low profile, even in rocky and hilly terrain. It’s equipped with a John Deere 4045 TF 250 4-cylinder engine and a fully hydrostatic transmission and the EGS 400 head comes standard. This head has an 18” saw diameter and a 2,860 lbf. feeding force. The measuring and control system is the DSP 4000 PC based microcomputer. The Rottne SMV Rapid EGS single-grip harvester is equipped with a strong loader and stable chassis making it a good choice for final felling situations. It’s powered by a John Deere 6066 TF 250 6-cylinder engine and the power transmission delivers 28,100 lbf tractive force. Travel speeds reach 4.7 mph in first gear and 15.5 mph in second gear. The EGS 602 head is standard on this machine. It is pendulum mounted with stem clasping knives. Saw diameter is 24” with a feeding force of 5,330 lbf. And it features the System System 90 computerized measuring and control system. The Rottne H20 is their large clear-felling harvester. It easily handles large trees and rough terrain. The John Deere 6081 HF 070, 6-cylinder engine powers the H20. This machine comes with the EGS 700 harvester head. Maximum cutting diameter is 750 mm and feed force is 27kN.

Tigercat’s H09 harvester offers excellent handling for instand selective thinning. It’s minimum 83” width gives it maneuverability in tight spaces and the 22,000 lb. weight allows the machine to tread lightly. The H09 is powered by an Iveco NEF 6 Commonrail 6-cylinder diesel engine rated at 180 hp and 1,300 to 1,700 rpm. Top speed is 15 mph and fuel capacity is 48 gallons. Standard crane is the Mowi EGS 900 with an option for the Mowi EGS 900L. The machine is equipped with a Logmax 3000 harvesting head and the DASA 4 measurement system.

The TK856, Timberking’s six-wheeled, cut-to-length harvester, incorporates proven components from Timberking forwarders, rubber-tired feller bunchers and track harvesters. The TK856 features a 200-horsepower CAT 3126 DITATier II engine and Sauer Sundstrand hydrostatic drive with Funk two-speed drop box. The 27’ “V” bottom squirt boom and front-entry cab swing together, allowing the operator to face the working zone at all times. The auto leveling mechanism tilts 17 degrees forward, 15 degrees to each side and 3 degrees backward to give the operator more comfort and better visibility on steep terrain A heavy-duty oscillation mechanism allows the front and back to pivot independently. Travel speed is 12 miles per hour. Total weight of the TK856 with the head is 47,000 lbs. The machine comes standard with the Fabtek FT180 dangle processor head with a 22” cut. With its 3-pillar tower design, this head can take the stresses of hardwood processing on a daily basis. The Timberking TK856 is sold exclusively at Caterpillar forestry dealers. For more information visit


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