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Review of the Oregon Logging Conference

By Diane Mettler

Something new happened at the 2004 Oregon Logging Conference (OLC) this past February in Eugene, Oregon. There was the expected state-of-the art equipment on display and the well-attended educational seminars. But this year there was also a new attitude — a general feeling of optimism that’s been missing the last few years. Since OLC 2003, big changes have taken place, including wildfires that woke up a nation to consider new forest management, and President Bush signing the Healthy Forests Restoration Act into law. The industry is now looking forward to more work and a better working environment. These events were reflected in a general mood of hopefulness not seen for some time. Keynote speaker and Governor of Montana, Judy Martz, reinforced the new outlook. She received a standing ovation as she entered the room. When she spoke to the group, rallying them to work together to improve the industry, she was periodically stopped as the audience applauded. When she finished, she received another standing ovation and cheers. Many of the exhibitors said that sales were up. They too felt the logging community as a whole was more confident about its future, evidenced by the investment in new machinery, and the retiring of some older pieces that had limped along in hopes of a shift in the business climate.

For those in the market to buy, there were, as always, a number of new pieces of equipment on display. Cat introduced its new grapples designed for shovel logging, and Waratah presented its new HTH622B head, designed for timber up to 24" in diameter. Attendees got to take a look at the Timberjack 1490D slash bundler, which collects, compresses and bundles logging residuals into giant "fuel logs." Other highlights included the new Timberline DL3800 delimber, the Log Max 12000 head, the Keto 604PHD Supreme log and tree processor, and the new Morgan SX-706 SB grapple skidder. First-timer to the show was H&W Emergency Vehicles, with its FireTracker, an ATV equipped to handle medical emergencies in the woods, and the Log Packer, designed to eliminate the need for a separate skidding machine. Although the attendees had to deal with a little rain, the family events went off without a hitch. On Saturday, the OLC hosted the high school logging competition, and the Wheeler Pavilion children and parents took part in forest education activities and got an up close look at some of our forests’ birds of prey. The Oregon Women in Timber also had a successful event, raising approximately $55,000 (including cash donations and a donation of $10,000 from Ford) their Talk about Trees Program. The OLC was an event filled with hope and optimism. And, with the combined efforts of all of those in the industry, a good omen for the remainder of 2004.

OLC Pictorial Review

Pro Mac Manufacturing debuted their 52 COS brushcutter mounted on a Deere 200LC swing machine at Pape's exhibit area. Designed for roadside clearing, understory and fuel load removal, this extreme duty brushcutter features a high torque, bent-axsis hydraulic motor, shock absorbing drive and mulching disk with special masticating teeth. Pro Mac brushcutters can easily process stems up to 10" in diameter and is designed for 20 to 30 ton carriers. PRO MAC BRUSHCUTTER



Wood-Mizer Products offers portable band sawmills, ranging from hobbyist needs to professional-use hydraulic mills to industrial strength mills. All products necessary to take lumber "From Forest to Final Form," including a twin-blade edger, a multiple head resaw, a straight-line ripsaw, and five-spindle moulder are available. Wood-Mizer is the only band sawmill manufacturer to make its own blades. The company has sold more than 30,000 sawmills and is well-known for its supremely helpful and knowledgeable customer service team. Call 1-800-553-0182, or visit WOOD-MIZER


White Mountain Chain of Bonners Ferry is the largest importer of the Trygg line in the United States. We carry a vast array of tire chains for pickups, loaders, motor graders, skidders and just about anything with a rubber tire. Depending on what the application is and what your needs are, we work with you to recommend what will be the most economical chain for your needs. Now that you have played with the rest, get the best. Call Edat 800-439-9073 or visit WHITE MOUNTAIN


If booms and grapples were your game, then Young was the name at the 2004 OLC Show. With years of proven quality and experience as well as a complete selection of styles and sizes to fit just about any forestry application, today's loggers know and appreciate the Young name. Featured in their booth in the Exhibit Hall were Young's newest LG52, LG58 and LG60 log grapples along with the model 175 swing boom and grapple. Capable of putting the squeeze on small logs, Young grapples extend service life under the most demanding conditions. Visit our web-site at YOUNG CORP


Timberking introduced their new 700 series track feller bunchers by showcasing the TK 732. The TK 732 is one of a family of four new models offered by Timberking. All models feature a limited tailswing to work in select cuts or thinning applications. The TK 722 and TK 732 feature a patented 3-cylinder leveling system to work on adverse terrain and all four models have great track power. The strong lift and the incredible swing torque will be immediately noticeable. Timberking offers many other product lines. See your dealer.



Our in-motion variable pitch systems effectively purge debris from the radiator and engine compartment. No other fan can help warm engines more quickly and keep them at optimal running temperatures in low ambient conditions. This feature is exclusive to Flexxaire, as our fan blades rotate through the zero, or neutral position. The end user will experience increased productivity, less downtime, unparalleled engine temperature control, extended engine life, savings in fuel and horsepower. FLEXXAIRE


With its Rottne line of CTL equipment, Blondin services and maintains its customers through solid training and good parts availability. Rottne is the oldest, privately held CTL company remaining. Its standards are still being looked after by the founder, Borje Karlsson. Rottne holds customer care as the foremost factor for success and that one factor is more than ever a key in today’s market. With the addition of the Turner, Ore. shop and a parts depot in Idaho, Blondin looks to the future. Several new product lines are available in the West. Blondin has added Logmax Harvesting Heads and the MHT/Neuson line of track harvesters. BLONDIN


Blount Inc and Triad Machinery highlighted three products at the OLC show. First, the Hydro-Ax 721E addresses the growing concern of brush abatement and “fire-proofing” communities. Multiple attachments are available to increase utilization and flexibility. Second, the Prentice 490 dual arch skidder, with its industry leading visibility and the great serviceability features like the tilt cab. And third, Prentice introduced a new line of four crawler feller bunchers. The hinged house on 1290T showed how serviceability can be designed into a shorttailswing feller. BLOUNT, INC


Denis Cimaf designs and manufacturers land clearing equipment. The company specializes in brushcutters for excavators, its product line covers attachments for machines from 6 tons class up to 30 tons class. The TRH-100 & 150 series are the top of the line in heavy duty brushcutters/chippers available on the market. Designed to be installed on excavators in the 20 to 30 tons class (97 kw/130 hp and more). The DAH-100 & 150 can be used independently on soft or hardwood, and perform well on the original excavator hydraulics, without requiring the additional power unit. Visit us at DENIS CIMAF


OLC visitors had an opportunity to view a full line of John Deere equipment at Pape's exhibit area. John Deere's pur-pose-built forestry swing machines were the most prominent machines on display. Built with loggers in mind, these popular machines can be configured as roadside log loaders, decking in mill yards and used in delimbing, processing, shovel logging and roadbuilding applications. In addition to the swing machines, John Deere also featured at the show an articulated dump truck motorgrader, skid steer, three sizes of dozers, a wheel loader and a loader backhoe. JOHN DEERE


Oregon Tractor was recently appointed as the authorized New Holland Construction full-line logging as well as construction equipment dealer for Ore., Southern Wash. and Northern Calif.. Oregon Tractor offers parts and service support for New Holland Construction equipment, Ford Backhoes as well as Fiat Allis Wheel Loaders. It can meet all your logging and construction needs. The New Holland Equipment line up includes : log loaders, dozers, excavators loader backhoes, wheel loaders, motor graders, telehandlers, skid steers, compactors and articulated trucks. Visit us at OREGON TRACTOR


KMC Hydrostatic Drive Rear Engine Mulchers are designed to work within the wildfire control system using the unique design of torsion bar suspension, "live" steel track and hydrostatic drive. The KMC Model 1100H and 2100H Tracked Vehicle can go "the extra mile" in wilderness areas. These newly designed rear engine (240 hp to 350 hp) machines can be equipped with either the FAE or FECON mulching heads capable of mulching and mixing effectively stems 10" – 15" diameter. The KMC mulchers can operate on favorable slopes and adverse slopes KMC


LeTourneau Sales & Service displayed a remanufactured LeTourneau SL. The thirty-five ton capacity SL is the latest in a long line of LeTourneau log stackers that have moved the logs of the Pacific Northwest timber industry since 1955. The SL featured the latest developments in LeTourneau stackers including a powered rotating control station with joystick controls. LeTourneau Sales & Service says that the SL is their largest selling stacker because it meets customer demands for high productivity, low operating cost, ease of maintainability, safety, and environmentally friendly operation. LETOURNEAU


Log Max expanded their line up of 3000, 5000 7000 and 9000 models at the 2004 OLC; introducing the new 12000 head just 12 months after they announced the program in 2003. This 9,200 lb head puts Log Max into the big wood market segment being specifically designed for demanding North American logging conditions. Log Max also displayed a new Heavy Duty update to the popular 7000 model, improvements provide stronger frame and saw box structures, enhancing durability, serviceability and reliability. Log Max continues to update and expand their product line.  LOGMAX


Amongst the Timberjack machines at the Pape exhibit area was North Amer-ica's first Timberjack 1490D slash bundler. This machine is designed to collect, compress and bundle logging residuals into giant "fuel logs" each containing approximately 1 MWh of energy (the equivalent of between 21 to 28 gallons of oil) when burned at a co-gen plant. The continuous bundling process is so the material length does not restrict the work. The fuel log bundles can be transported by logging truck. The 1490D provides a practical solution to reducing forest fire risk and producing environmentally friendly electrical energy and residual heat. TIMBERJACK


The CBI Freedom Hog distributed by Rexius, the new Western Region Distributor, is designed to be the most flexible wood-waste processing system in the world. Why? Because flexibility is crucial in your business. In minutes, the Freedom Hog lets you change configurations, from stationary, to mobile, to track mount allowing you to go where you need to go, when you need to go there, with the right equipment for the job. CBI gives you more value, by design. It’s behind everything they do. They’re not just building great machines for customers’ they’re giving you an edge. REXIUS/CBI


Valmet and Timbco brands, produced by Komatsu Forest, were again displayed by dealer Modern Machinery. In addition to the 20-ton Valmet 890.2 forwarder (claimed as the worlds largest) Komatsu Forest and Modern showed the 445EXL and 475EX feller-bunchers/harvesters. EX machines use new digital engine and hydraulic controls for smooth performance, reduced fuel consumption and high production. They retain awesome hydraulics and the set-back boom other builders dream about. Harvester/processor heads to 32" cutting diameter were on display. Komatsu Forest has produced 4,000 heads. KOMATSU FOREST


Featured at Quadco’s outdoor booth was the Quadco 24-inch Intermittent Saw Head (called model 2400) that gives the perfect combination of grab & cut tree control with stop & go cutting and Quadco's patented 360° lateral tilt. Also on display, the Brushco® Brush Cutter that has proven its productivity, durability and cost effectiveness in multiple forestry and land clearing applications. Its patented spring arm mechanism is designed to protect the motor and output shaft from shock loads. The brand new Forespro Monoboom Delimber on display was of the new heavy-duty series designed for larger timber. QUADCO EQUIPMENT


Vulcan On-Board Scales manufactures on-board weighing systems for all types of trucks and trailers in the timber and other industries that require tough and reliable equipment. Solutions are available for a wide range of on-board applications including spring, air and mixed suspensions. Thank you for helping us celebrate more than 25 years in business and for being one of more than 25,000 systems installed worldwide. Contact us at 1-800-237-0022 or visit our website  VULCAN ON BOARD


Papé Machinery showcased over 40 pieces of forestry equipment, trailers and trucks from 13 manufacturers: John Deere, Hitachi, Timberjack, Tigercat, TimberPro, Timberline, Morbark, Airburners LLC, Trail King, BTI, Dynapac, and Sterling & Western Star trucks. At the interactive exhibit, customers worked the controls on a computer-generated virtual reality Timberjack Harvester simulator that allowed them to test their skills at harvesting trees in the woods. Papé Machinery's full service product support capabilities were also highlighted. PAPE MACHINERY, INC.


Pacific Trail Mfg., Inc. has been known for their line of crosscut unit saws and deck saws. Now, after 15 years of pitch saw chain guide bar production, they have decided to offer their superior bars to the end user. In an effort to keep the operator in the cab, Pacific Trail believes that a superior product and better availability will yield higher production in the field at lower costs when purchased from the manufacturer. For more information call 888-910-7297 or visit PACIFIC TRAIL


Triad Machinery continues to be a dominate force in the forestry related equipment business with the Link-Belt LXTL, DL, HP, and RB series. Triad also offers Link-Belt front-end loaders, articulated off highway trucks, in addition to log loaders, stock delimbers, road builders, and processors . We also offer a variety of other forestry related equipment including: the Prentice feller bunchers and processors, skidders, Hydro-Ax clearing units, stationary rubber mounted log loaders, chippers, grinders and screening equipment. Visit our website at  TRIAD MACHINERY


TimberPro has just built a new plant in Shawano, WI to manufacture their wheeled forestry equipment. Presently, they are manufacturing a six wheel feller buncher that will handle attachments to 6500 lbs. and level to 22°. It also has continuous swing and is designed to work over either end which allows the rotating upper to be level whether going up or down a hill. The eight wheel forwarder also has continuous swing, which is a huge advantage when positioning to pick up wood or fighting fire, hauling concrete, working in mill yards, tree length skidding with a clambunk, and more. TIMBERPRO


Waratah had a large number of harvester processor heads on display not only at their own exhibit area but outside at dealer locations as well. One of the most interesting heads at the show was the HTH622B — Waratah's new 4,675 lb. head designed for timber up to 24" in diameter. This HTH 622B is not only faster than the earlier 622 model, it's lighter too. Other harvester/processor heads at the Waratah exhibit area included HTH616 with a 20" cutting diameter and the HTH624 with a 31"cutting diameter WARATAH FORESTRY


Quadco's indoor parts display showcased the PROLENC® Snubber, a heavy duty swing brake that has a unique, simple, patented tapered design. Quadco also offers a wide range of rotators for forest machinery. Quadco high speed saw discs using the QuadTooth known to be tough, economical and dependable. All products are sold through traditional OEMs as well as local distributors. Contact us for the dealer closest to you. QUADCO-PROLENC


Wyatt's introduced their new extra tough and longer lasting feed roller rubber at the OLC this year. The number of feed rollers and the selection of sizes at the Wyatt's exhibit area continues to grow as more loggers choose the option of recovering existing cores for far less money than buying new! Wyatt's staff were on hand to explain how the specialized harvester/proces-sor feed roller rubber is made and how these rolls are recovered at their rubber factory. In addition to feed roller recovering, Wyatt's makes a large number of other molded rubber products such as blocks, pads, bumpers and wheels. WYATT


There were 17 major Caterpillare machines on display. The full range of Cat forestry swing machines showed off attachments ranging from harvesting heads to delimbers. Also, Cat announced that a dedicated forestry swing machine assembly line now is operating at the Aurora, Ill. plant. A new series of Cat GLS grapples designed for shovel logging was introduced, complementing the GLL grapples. The new Timberking 732 track feller buncher on display was equipped with an HF201 saw. Skidders included the 527 track skidder and the wheeled 525B. The new 966G Series II wheel loader featured a cleaner and quieter engine. CATERPILLAR


SUPERTRAK, Inc., formed in 1986, is an OEM utilizing Caterpillar® components. We design, build and manufacture a complete line of vegetation management/land clearing equipment from 100 to 400 hp. The rubber-tired, tracked and excavator based units are built to exacting specifications. Our custom equipment cuts, shreds, and mulches brush, understory, whole trees, stumps, logging scrap/slash safe and efficiently, SUPERTRAK’s product line does it ALL: commercial, land clearing, fuel breaks and urban interface fuel load reductions. Our equipment is highly reliable and durable.  SUPERTRAK, Inc.



Int. Silvatech Industries Inc. debuted at the OLC its Morgan Forestry Products — specifically the SX706SB six wheel andswing boom skidder.The products have been successfully sold and serviced by Komatsu Canada Ltd from coast to coast and acceptanced by many contractors. The product is unique in design and function — paying particular attention to environmental considerations, high productivity and throughput with reduced operating cost and greater ROI. According to the manufacturer their technologies should not be directly compared to conventional skidder technology or performance.  SILVATECH INDUSTRIES

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