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WWPA Reports Western Lumber Up Slightly in ‘03
The Western Wood Products Association (WWPA) reported that lumber production in the West totaled 17.3 billion board feet in 2003, 1.4 percent more than 2002’s total. Production in December totaled 1.3 billion feet, which was 7.9 percent higher than December 2002. Mill output in the Coast region rose 5 percent in 2003 over 2002. However, Inland output was off 0.8 percent, and production in the California Redwood region dropped by 16.4 percent.

In-Woods Expo 2004
FRA will hold no annual meeting this year, but instead will jointly sponsor the In-Woods Expo 2004 with the Arkansas Timber Producers Association, April 30 – May 1, near Hot Springs, Arkansas. It offers plenty to draw members together for a weekend of live, in-woods immersion in harvesting and forest management technology, workshops for loggers and landowners with in-woods lab components, and the historic resort city of Hot Springs as base camp. Partek/Komatsu, Ponsse, Franklin, Barko, Peterson, Morbark, Tigercat/JNS Equipment, and Bandit will exhibit live operations within managed pine and mixed forests. And a large-scale Log A Load For Kids“ fundraising event, with a buffet dinner and Ford F-150 truck drawing, will cap the opening day on Friday evening, April 30. Look for preregistration materials in the mail soon—and at

2004 AF&PA Board Members
George Harad, chairman and CEO of Boise Cascade Corp., was elected chairman of the board of the American Forest & Paper Association. Mark Suwyn, chairman and CEO of Louisiana-Pacific, was elected first vice chairman, and Aubra Anthony, president and CEO of Anthony Forest Products, was elected second vice chairman.

The Small Capacity Dry-Kiln Project Underway
Tim Coe of Burnt Ranch Juniper will provide on-site project management for a small capacity dry kiln project. The object is to find cost-effective methods to process Non-Traditional wood fiber such as Juniper, LLP, White Fir and small-diameter Ponderosa Pine currently being removed from National Forest lands. This project is sponsored by NWPA working in partnership with the Forest Products lab in Madison, Wis. and the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department. (OECDD). Call NWPA at (541) 385-9910 or Burnt Ranch Juniper at (541) 763-4100 if you would like to schedule some drying time.

AF&PA Manufacturing Resolution
In February, the AF&PA stated in a resolution that, despite promising signs that the manufacturing sector is recovering from the recent recession, many sectors continue to struggle in the face of weak demand and the most intense global competition in history. The cost of manufacturing in the U.S. has risen steadily, with higher U.S. business tax rates than most competitor countries. At the same time, global competition prevents manufacturers from raising prices to offset these costs. Many manufacturers are finding no alternative but to cut back production or stop producing altogether. In light of this, the AF&PA is supporting The Coalition for the Future of Manufacturing, a broad-based coalition of organizations committed to a strong U.S. manufacturing base.

Together they want to raise awareness, particularly among elected officials, of the critical importance of manufacturing to U.S. security and prosperity, and to advance pro-growth policy changes that strengthen the manufacturing base. Specifically, AF&PA supports:
• Reducing U.S. tax rates on manufacturing income.
• Creating environmental regulations based on results versus process.
• Creating energy legislation that increases access to natural gas on federal land and removes barriers to quick permitting for liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities.
• Adopting legal reforms such as class action and asbestos legislation.
• Leveling the international playing field by eliminating tariffs and non-tariff barriers on manufactured goods.


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