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OLC Pictorial Review

ACME Manufacturing
ACME Manufacturing, Inc., the original developer of the modern motorized hydraulic slack pulling carriage, manufactures several carriage models from 8 to 28 hp. weighing as little as 700 lb. The carriages are built tough and are designed to minimize down time, increase productivity and maximize profits. ACME carriages outperform the competition. They travel over intermediate supports and flush shackles. ACME also offers their patented Pear Rings and Toggles for yarders and skidders. For more information call today or visit their web site at


Apache Forest
The Japa firewood processor, an automatic firewood-processing machine, is manufactured in Finland for Apache. It can be purchased as a PTO driven 2100 Model, requiring about a 20 hp tractor to operate, or as the 2104 model with a Kubota engine attached for an independent unit. Units come with independent hydraulic systems, including a feed-belt, bucking and splitting system and conveyor belt for processing. Systems are designed for one-person operation, and can process logs 14” diameter up to 16’ long, and buck up to 24” length. Apache Forest Products also offers accessories for firewood manufacturers. Please visit our web site at


With its Rottne line of C-T-L equipment, Blondin services and maintains its customers through solid training and good parts availability. Rottne is the oldest, privately held C-T-L company remaining; its standards are still being looked after by the founder, Borje Karlsson. Rottne holds customer care as the foremost factor for success and that one factor is more than ever a key in today’s market. With the addition of the Turner, Ore., shop and a parts depot in Idaho, Blondin looks to the future. Several new product lines are available in the west. Blondin has added Logmax Harvesting Heads and the MHT/Neuson line of track harvesters.


Blount debuted the new Prentice 490 dual arch grapple skidder with outstanding visibility. Also on display were the Hydro-Ax 721 hydrostatic rubber-tired brush cutter, the small and nimble Fabtek 153 harvester with 6' extendo boom and Fabtek FT-240 dangle head. The Prentice 620 FB highlighted the massive 4 way leveling system, high torque forestry duty track system and cool hydraulics. The strong lift and long reach is at home swinging second growth fir or clinging to a 50% slope. Prentice, first because they last.


Denis CIMAF Inc. was exhibiting for the first time at the Eugene Show this year. It was an interesting come back since Equipments Denis Inc. (now known as Denharco Inc.) The product displayed at the exhibition was the DAH-150 heavy-duty brushcutter. This equipment was specifically designed for excavators in order to give an outstanding performance on 20 and 22 tons class excavators, without the adding of a powerpack. This brushcutter/chipper is also available in a smaller version, the DAH-100 (1 meter of cutting width).


John Deere
Amongst the many John Deere machines on display at the Pape exhibit area were the John Deere purpose built‚ 54 series forestry swing machines. Like the 2054 and 2554 log loaders shown here these Deere Loggers are designed and built with the loggers in mind. Strong structural components combined with high tech reliable excavator technology and world famous support. Our customers can configure these products to meet all their needs, whether it’s loading at roadside, decking or stacking in mill yards, delimbing, processing at roadside or at the stump, shovel logging, building forestry access roads or reclamation.


Hakmet/Forestry Equip.
Less than 24 hours after the OLC ended, the new Keto 800 PHD dedicated processor that was on display at the Forestry Equipment/Hakmet exhibit area was processing wood for Thomsen Timber out of Olympia, Wash. Keto's first dedicated processor was designed and built to process heavy west coast wood up to 30" in dia. The dual track feed system gives the head enough traction and delimbing force to delimb and process the toughest, limbiest wood. Thomsen Timber has since purchased a second Keto 800 PHD. All of the heads at the Forestry Equipment/Hakmet booth were sold.


The Fire Suppression tanker assembly is designed for mounting onto the 200 Series FMC and 2000 Series KMC "Soft Track" Vehicles. The machine is designed to assist in all types of Forest Fire applications from initial attack to mop-up. The unit will prove itself with its 1,300 gallon tank and its ability to work on severe slopes up to 60% or on wet/boggy soils. This unit goes where other conventional machinery cannot. It featured four rear mounted, lay flat hose outlets and a forward mounted outlet to allow the operator to extinguish spot fires while traveling. "Fire Tracker" is also equipped with a foam application system.


LeTourneau Sales & Service displayed the LeTourneau SL. The thirty-five ton capacity SL is the latest in a long line of LeTourneau log stackers that have moved the logs of the Pacific Northwest timber industry since 1955. The SL featured the latest developments in LeTourneau stackers including a powered rotating control station with joystick controls. LeTourneau Sales & Service says that the SL is their largest selling stacker because it meets customer demands for high productivity, low operating cost, ease of maintainability, safety, and environmentally friendly operation.


Log Max
Log Max revealed the upcoming release of the 12000 at the 2003 OLC . This 7500 lb head will complement the Log Max line up, 3000, 5000, 7000, and 9000, on display at the show. The updated 5000 III Heavy-Duty incorporates 18 improvements which enhance durability, serviceability, performance and reliability. The new and improved 7000 replaces the popular 750 introduced in 1977. The 7000 improvements include increased guarding and protection as well as a wider/heavier frame. The highest productivity at the lowest possible cost, Log Max makes it easy.


MHT Harvester
MHT, the Austrian specialist for track type harvesters, exports harvesters worldwide. The product range of MHT track type harvesters passes classes of the 8 ton to our presently largest harvester of the 20 ton class. With the tilt system, adjustments can be made up to 25º in the forward direction and 15º to each side. MHT harvester have got a climbing capability up to 60% and are therefore best suited for work in extreme terrain. MHT harvesters have a short swing tail radius, a good standing stability and roomy FOPS, ROPS and OPS tested cabins. The roof fixed floodlight enables an optimal viewing. 


Papé Machinery Inc.
Papé Machinery showcased 45 machines from the broad array of manufacturers they represent including: John Deere, Hitachi, Timberjack, Tigercat, TimberPro, Timberline, Morbark, Air Burners LLC, Trail King, BTI, and Dynapac. Customers could sit Timberjack harvester in the seat and work the controls on a computerdriven simulator that was "working in the woods." The full-service product support capabilities were also highlighted, including field service, shop service, parts availability and distribution, specialty undercarriage and hydraulic services, components, and John Deere engines.


Partek/Modern Mach.
Partek Forest, Timbco, Valmet and Komatsu machines were on display together for the first time. Modern Machinery has nine Pacific Northwest locations and also had an extremely successful show. On display were Komatsu log loaders, a Komatsu carrier with a Pierce stroker, a new Timbco 475E steep slope feller buncher available in both leveler and flat bottom configuration, a Timbco 445 buncher, a Valmet 860 forwarder, a Valmet C-T-L simulator and a Valmet feller buncher simulator plus a large selection of Valmet "Heavy-Weights" harvester/ processor heads.


Quadco showcased several new products, including model 5660 from its line of harvesters/processors, with its 24" capacity saw. It has all the features newgeneration Ultimate plus a swing-out saw with the added benefit of two more inches of cutting capacity and reduced maintenance. The 30" head model 7500 dangle harvester, also on display, can be customized with a choice of three mount yokes that turn the head into a processor or harvester, rubber or steel feed rolls, and more. Felling heads on display included the high speed 22” and 24” and a 28” intermittent, all equipped with the popular 360º "VI" high rotation.


The 2003 OLC marked the debut of the Archimedes and Baltrotor rotators to Quadco’s vast product line. Distribution agreements have been made with the two European companies to distribute throughout North America. Both products are tough, economical, and dependable with models ranging from 3 tons to 20 tons. Both Baltrotors and Archimedes can be used on a wide variety of applications, from skidders to harvesters. Together with the Prolenc snubber system, Quadco is looking forward to the future in the controlled rotation market.


Rapid-Span Structures
Showcased their popular prefabricated bridge systems. Their bridges are engineered for the rugged conditions of western Canada and the US. Rapid- Span featured their most popular bridge systems including two-piece All Steel portable bridges: with a steel deck with a non-skid surface that is strong yet lightweight for easy transportation and handling. Also featured were Steel Girder bridges with precast concrete deck modules and abutments. All bridges are designed for easy installation with regular road building or logging equipment. Pricing is competitive and deliveries are prompt.


Designed to pull a full payload, the Timberjack 1410D forwarder features Timberjack’s exclusive Total Machine Control, with enhanced engine control using Deere’s advanced engine electronics. This computer system also controls the transmission and loader for performance and efficiency. The patented Timberjack High-Walker, balanced geared bogie axle with heavy-duty planetary, mounted inboard in front and rear, offers superior stability and strength. The 1410D has a John Deere 6068HT turbocharged diesel. With 173 SAE gross hp the 6.8L engine produces 575 lbf of torque.


Triad Machinery
Triad Machinery continues their successful dominate position as a Forestry equipment supplier, leading the industry with "The Log Loader of Choice" - The Link-Belt LXTL Series. Triad also continues to be the dominate supplier of stroke delimbers with the LXDL Series lowers and either Pierce or Denharco uppers. In addition to log loaders and delimbers Triad provides a full range of leveling feller bunchers and harvester/processors from Blount. A variety other products and attachments including; chippers, grinders and screening equipment.


Universal Refiner
The Bantum and Rascal models are both ideal for the timber/logging industry. They are street legal and easy to transport yet can easily grind stumps and log chunks up to 70” in diameter x 5,000 pounds. They are tough and affordable and are ideal for log yard waste, green waste, asphalt shingles, construction waste and any difficult/dirty material. Both will make a finished product in one pass… even pulp chips. Contact Universal Refiner Corporation (800) 277-8068.


Waratah Forestry
Waratah had a number of harvester/processor heads on display both inside the arena building and outside. These heads included the popular HTH624 with a cutting capacity of 31" suitable for working on the landing, at roadside or harvesting & processing at the stump, an HTH 616 harvester/processor for thinning and small diameter harvesting and the 5500 lb. HTH 622 harvester/ processor. The HTH 622 was installed on a purpose built Caterpillar 322CFM processor carrier and was destined for Superior helicopter after the show."


Watson & Chalin
Watson & Chalin manufactures a complete suspension line, including lift axle suspensions, mechanical and air ride trailer suspensions, and drive axle air ride suspensions. The lift axle suspension product line is the most complete in the industry, with steerable capacities from 8,000 to 20,000 lbs. and non-steerable units from 8,000 to 30,000 lbs. The steerable Tru-Track Super Lite, is the industry's only 8K suspension and is the lightest available at less than 900 lbs. including wheels and tires. Tandem trailer mechanical suspensions range from 44,000 to 150,000 lbs. and trailer air ride suspensions are available.


Wood-Mizer Products offers portable band sawmills, ranging from hobbyist needs, to professional-use hydraulic mills, to industrial strength mills. All products necessary to take lumber "From Forest to Final Form," including a twin-blade edger, a multiple head resaw, a straight-line ripsaw, and fivehead moulder. Wood-Mizer is the only band sawmill manufacturer to make its own blades. The company has sold more than 30,000 sawmills and is well-known for its supremely helpful and knowledgeable customer service team. Call 1-800-553-0182, or visit


If booms and grapples were your game, then Young was the name at the 2003 OLC Show. With years of proven quality and experience as well as a complete selection of styles and sizes to fit just about any forestry application, today's loggers know and appreciate the Young name. Featured in their booth in the Exhibit Hall were Young's newest LG-52 and LG58 Log Grapples. Capable of putting the squeeze on small logs, Young grapples extend service life under the most demanding conditions.


Young Corp.
On display at the Wyatt's Feed Roller exhibit were a number of recovered feed rollers ranging in size from 8" to 30". Wyatt's explained how the specialized feed roller rubber is made and how rolls are recovered at their Eugene factory. High quality, fast turn around times and competitive pricing are some of the reasons why more loggers are turning to Wyatt's for replacement feed rollers. In addition to recovering worn out processor wheels, Wyatt's also covers new feed roller cores and rolls. The company also makes various molded rubber products including blocks, pads and wheels.


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