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2003 Annual
Log Loader Specification Chart

As technology marches forward it affects almost every aspect of our lives and that includes log loaders. Manufacturers are continually finding innovative ways to make log loaders more efficient and cost effective. There are a wide variety of log loaders for the harvester to choose from today.

To help make the selection process easier for you, we have gathered data on the various machines in the 2003 Log Loader Specification Chart. The information has been arranged first by class and then by weight within the class, allowing you to focus on the particular brand and models that best suits your application. If you would like more information on any of the models, you are encouraged to contact an authorized dealer, distributor, or manufacturer for more detailed information.

These specifications are current as of March, 2003. Although we try to ensure that all material is correct, specifications may have changed. And the inclusion or exclusion of any particular manufacturer or model is not meant in any way as an endorsement or comment on suitability.

*Updates not received as of press-time. Data reflects 2002 specifications.

This information is downloadable as a pdf file (4 pages - 75k).

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