June, 2001





Machinery Row

Western States in Montana 
Western States Equipment announced they have purchased the operating assets of Long Machinery, a Caterpillar Dealer headquartered in Missoula, Montana. Western States will take over parts, service and sales responsibilities as the Caterpillar Dealer for Long Machinery's service area, which consists of 12 counties in western Montana, six counties in central Idaho and two counties in eastern Washington. "We are excited to have this opportunity to grow our company, and we're pleased to be able to continue the standards of excellence established by Long Machinery," said Wayne Denton, president of Western States. "The employees of Long Machinery represent the best in the industry for their service area, and they are a welcome addition of experience, knowledge and performance to the Western States family." 

Weyerhaeuser's New Vice Presidents 
Weyerhaeuser announced that Debra H. Hansen, Peter Farnum, W. Densmore "Denny" Hunter and Henry M. Montrey have assumed new vice presidential positions at the forest products company. Hansen became vice president of Weyerhaeuser Business Services. Farnum became vice president of forestry and raw materials research and development. Hunter became vice president of technology, and Montrey became vice president of technology and is responsible for leading research, development and technology support efforts across all the wood products businesses. 

Professional Logger Certification 
Dick and Debbie Bushnell of Bushnell Timber Services Inc. have been recognized for their company's designation as an Oregon Professional Logger. The Associated Oregon Loggers recognized the Myrtle Point, Ore., company for its long-term commitment to modern forest stewardship. Also receiving professional logger status was MG Land Improvement of Corvallis. 

Pew Receives FRA Award 
The Forest Resources Assoc. (FRA) honored Randy Pew of Pew Forest Products in Crescent Mills, Calif., as the National O u t s t a n d i n g Logger of 2001. FRA chairman Bill Baughman presented Randy with a plaque at the April 9 dinner, and noted generous cash awards from Stihl, Husqvarna and FRA. "There is something really gratifying about doing something well and being recognized for it," said Randy. "Life is full of high points, and you really feel it when you get an award like this." For the first 23 years of business, Randy's company made its name in salvage logging, but since 1999 Randy's primary niche has been stand improvement projects - comprehensive fuel reduction and firebreak creation for federal and private clients.


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