July, 2001





New Products


Daewoo Skid Steer Loaders 
Daewoo has introduced four new skid steer loader models: the 1340XL with a 1,300 lb. operating load (o.l.) and 40-hp diesel engine, the 1550XL with a 1,500 lb. o.l. and a 50-hp diesel engine, the 1760XL handling a 1,700 lbs. and equipped with a 62.4-hp diesel engine, and the 2060XL with a 2,000 lb. o.l. and a 60-hp diesel engine. Each has a hydrostatic transmission and a rear door allows access to the engine and routine components. For more information call (770) 831-2200 or visit their web site at www.dhiac.com

Morbark 5600 Track Wood Hog 
The Morbark 5600 Track Wood Hog gives operators a new option. Being on tracks, it can move and grind simultaneously, allowing for more production per hour. Horsepower ranges from 750-hp to 860-hp. The 5600 also includes a 36" x 56" hammermill, a 330 EL Cat undercarriage, a wireless radio remote control and access to the grinding chamber through a pinned hood, which is opened using power from the hydraulic system. For more information call (800) 233-6065, e-mail them at inquire@morbark.com or visit their web site at www.morbark.com

Bandit's New Feed System 
Bandit has come out with the totally digital Auto Feed Plus. This feed system control device starts and stops the feed, and also reverses a unit's feed system. When reversing the feed system, material is pulled out of the cut, which prevents wood from rubbing against the disc or the knives. It speeds recovery time while eliminating the potential for burning and dulling the knives. This feature is adjustable from a millisecond up to 65 seconds. For more information call (800) 952-0178 or (517) 561- 2270, fax them at (517) 561-2273 or e-mail them at brushbandit@ eclipsetel.com

John Deere 848G Skidder 
John Deere has introduced its new skidder, the 848G, designed for power and maneuverability. It weighs in at 38,350 lbs. but its ground pressure can be as low as 5.4 psi front/5.0 psi rear. It features lockable differential in both axles, 45-degree left-and-right articulation and 25.5-inch ground clearance. It's equipped with a single-stage torque converter and the 6- speed forward, 3-reverse transmission has a maximum drawbar pull of 45,700 lbs. at peak torque. "It's about 1-1/2 times more productive than a mediumduty skidder," says Steve Shrigley, John Deere manager of product sales. "When you start looking at fuel operator and capital costs of one large machine versus two smaller ones, it adds up." 

STIHL's New Saws 
STIHL has introduced two new saws - the MS 440 Magnum and MS 460 Magnum, both designed specifically for felling and bucking and two saws feature an Intelli- Carb compensating carburetor, adjustable automatic oiler and Master Control Leverô. In addition, the 440 and the 460 Magnum have increased power without increasing weight or price. For more information call toll free 1-800- GO STIHL (1-800-467-8445) or visit their web site at www.stihlusa.com

Wet Clutch for Diesel Engines 
PT Tech has come out with the HPTO14-TD hydraulically actuated wet clutch for belt driven diesel powered equipment. It's rated up to 650-hp in heavy-duty applications, exceeding the capability of manually operated clutches. Typical applications include grinders, crushers, road working equipment and drive systems with high inertia loads. Its microprocessor controlled start-up sequence brings even high inertia loads up to speed gradually. The microprocessor also monitors clutch status and maintains a log of operator actions. This information can be downloaded for review or field service analysis. For more information visit their web site at www.pttech.com.

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