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New 91VX 3/8” Saw Chain

Oregon Cutting Systems Group (OCSG), a division of Blount Inc., has introduced its new 91VX 3/8” low-profile saw chain. (91VX replaces the 91VS.)

The 91VX saw chain features an advanced grind geometry providing up to 20 percent faster cutting speed (compared to 91VS). This new grind also dramatically improves chain efficiency in all cutting modes, resulting in lower operator feed force. Another new feature is blued cutters, offering superior corrosion resistance, along with a new “Pro” look.

The 91VX incorporates time-proven features such as: Chamfer Chisel™ cutters offering outstanding performance, durability, and easy maintenance; ramp-shaped depth gauges which reduce kickback; Vibe-Ban™ cutter design significantly reduces vibration; LubriLink™ and Lubriwell™ lubrication enhancement features that promote reduced chain stretch and longer life.



The CBI Brush Transport System (BTS) is a unique, high dumping, and compressing solution. It’s used for simple and effective transport and off-loading of bulky forest materials such as trees, slash, brush, and stumps. The unit features foldable sides that open to 37 degrees for loading and 10 degrees for transport. High dumping yokes allow two loads to be dumped — one on top of another — helping the operator to reduce the handling of material with a grapple. The new BTS is designed to be mounted on a forwarder or trailer chassis with approximately 15 tons capacity.



FECON’s New Offerings & Expansion

FECON, Inc now offers Mini Grapples for compact excavators up to 11,000 lbs. Mini Grapples are available
in three models with weights ranging from 170 lbs. to 430 lbs., with opening widths ranging from 40” to 60”. FECON’s Mini Grapples are perfect for placing landscaping materials, moving debris, rock, and brush piles, and loading, unloading, and transporting logs.

FECON will also be enlarging its 56,000 sq. ft. facility by adding 60,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing floor space and expanding its office space by 3,000 sq. ft. The new facility will increase manufacturing capacity while providing space for expanded Service and Support, Research and Development, and Product Testing. All features of the addition, including overhead cranes and expanded dock facilities with widened drive-in dock doors, are geared toward greater operating efficiency and customer service.



Husqvarna 390XP

Husqvarna is introducing the big brother to the 385XP — the 390XP. It comes with all the features of the 360XP, including Smart Start, air injection, and LowVib technologies to ensure quicker starting, heated handles and carburetor, forged 3-piece crank shaft or maximum durability, and full wrap handle bar, which allows the operator to saw over or cut from awkward angles when necessary.

The special feature of the 390XP is the 3-Shoe clutch with servo action. It is specially designed for high-powered saws equipped with longer guide bars.


Rockwood Innovations

Rockwood Materials Handling has developed an innovative chip blending system design that combines: blending bed stacker/reclaimers and air-supported belt conveyors.

It includes an enclosed air-supported belt conveyor for infeed (to reduce spillage, dust and noise), a 60 percent smaller vault, no tunnels, and little underground equipment. It is extremely low maintenance, and there are fewer installation costs and energy requirements. There is also less chip loss, chip dust, and noise. And it can store up to 125,000 tons.

To stay on the cutting edge, Rockwood has invested in the software SOLIDWORKS®. This modeling software has been developed specifically for mechanical engineering and design. It’s been integrated throughout the company and will give Rockwood and its customers a major advantage in the design development cycle by greatly reducing the time required to introduce new and retrofitted materials handling systems.


Toyota Unveils 8-Series Lift Truck

In November, Toyota Material Handling, U.S.A., Inc. (TMHU) unveiled its highly anticipated line of 8-Series lift trucks, which includes 3,000-6,500 lb, internal combustion cushion and pneumatic tire models. The company says that the 8-Series lift truck is the world’s cleanest internal combustion lift truck available — far exceeding 2007 federal EPA emission standards. It also offers significant advancements in durability, ergonomics, and overall cost of operation.

“In the 8-Series, we have delivered an environmentally friendly lift truck that not only reduces operation costs and enhances operator safety, it also meets California’s 2010 emission standards three years early,” said Shankar Basu, president and CEO of TMHU.

Toyota’s 4Y engine features an exclusive closed-loop fuel system design that automatically adjusts and optimizes the air-fuel mixture ratio. This system works in conjunction with a three-way catalytic muffler. As a result, all Toyota 8-Series gasoline, LPG, and CNG configured models will produce 70 percent less smog-forming emissions than the 2007 federal EPA standards.


Timberwolf’s New
Firewood Processor

Timberwolf Manufacturing introduces their top of the line firewood processor. The PRO-HD offers a high degree of customization with an industry proven design. Rated at
3 1/2 cords per hour, the RO-HD is a powerhouse
firewood processor. It features a patented Top Roll system
that handles odd or crooked logs with ease, a super fast hydraulic cut-off saw, an 80HP John Deere engine, and a 4-6second cycle time

Options include an electric autocycle, hydraulic cooler, 8-
way wedge, hydraulic deck lift, and operator’s seat. www.




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