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All Terrain Vehicles

Bombardier MAX ATVs are versatile machines capable of carrying a passenger or handling that extra load safely. From the Traxter MAX—named “2003 Innovative Concept ATV of the Year” by ATV www.Connection.com   Magazine—to the new Quest® MAX 650/Quest MAX 650 XT and the Outlander® MAX 400 HO/Outlander 400 HO XT, these extended wheel base four-wheel drives (4WD) navigate rough terrain with stability, control and comfort, the company says. The Outlander MAX, close cousin to the Bombardier Outlander 400 ATV, was recently awarded “2003 ATV of the Year” by ATV Magazine and ATV Guide. It offers a convertible passenger seat/rack system that allows for quick conversion from a two-rider 4WD to a one-up ATV with extra cargo capacity. Bombardier’s two-rider ATVs meant extending the wheelbase, allowing both riders to be seated in front of the rear axle shafts. This allows for optimum weight balance and better stability, whether one or two people are on board. They installed a step-up driver/passenger seat as a fully integrated component, with raised footboards, passenger handholds and an ergonomic backrest. The new Quest MAX 650, with its 644cc engine and continuously variable transmission (CVT) is calibrated to provide quicker, smoother acceleration engagement. It also provides off throttle engine braking. The Quest MAX 650 and Traxter MAX share Bombardier’s full-time 4WD Visco-lok Optimized Traction system, rear-mounted radiator, large up front storage compartment and a “park” position. The versatile Outlander MAX 400 HO 4WD is a two-seater that can also be converted into a one seater with extra cargo space, by using the optional new modular seat and rack system. Bombardier’s SST ™ (Surrounding Spar Technology) one-piece perimeter steel frame benefits two-up riding by providing greater strength, structural integrity, better engine protection and superior power to weight ratio, the company says. The SST frame also delivers a narrower bottom profile runner, with slide and glide action that allows the Outlander to virtually “ski” across obstacles without getting bogged down. www.recreation.bombardier.com  Reader Service Card #191

Arctic Cat
Arctic Cat has expanded its award winning MultiRack Platform (MRP) system by engineering unique accessory attachments for its ATVs that are purpose-built for each job. The MRP system, now available on 11 models, is engineered with innovative openchannels on both the front and rear racks of select Arctic Cat ATVs. The open channels were specifically designed to accept numerous slide-on accessory racks or attachments into the ATVs base rack, secured in place in just seconds with locking pins for rattle- free operation. The end result is more space to place necessities required on the job. With the MRP system, users can take on-and-off any attachment desired without handling a single tool, the company says. For 2004, users may select from over 40 unique MRP attachments that can be mixed-and-matched to suit individual needs. By identifying various ways that individuals use their ATVs, Arctic Cat went one step further with their MRP packages aimed at specific applications. Several packages comprised of multiple attachments are also available in 2004 and include construction, ranching and lawn care. Owners may also mix and match the nine MRP packages aimed at specific applications. The racking system was the recipient of the 2003 Product Innovation Award from ATV Magazine. www.arcticcatinc.com  Reader Service Card #192

Dinli produces youth adventure machines that have the look and performance that the youth market wants, while having all of the safety features that parents look for in an ATV. The Dino 50cc Mini ATV is the first ever ATV featuring a remote control safety kill switch device with a 75- to 100-metre range. It also comes standard with a vinyl protective cover and whip flag, as do all Dinli machines. One of the most popular units, JP-50, a 50cc ATV, has the features of the Dino and the looks of the Helix, with front and rear brakes and brake lights. The Beast 90cc ATV has more speed and power and features a rear rack, speedometer/odometer, hydraulic brakes and patented spring-loaded chain tensioner. Ready to accept factory dual halogen headlights, this is one of the most feature-rich machines in the market today. The sportier Diamondback has all the same great features, but comes at a lower price without the rack and speedometer. The Helix 90cc ATV features the only transmission with reverse available in a Y16 quad. With turn signals,

brake lights, horn, and all of the Beast 90 features. The Helix comes in a four stroke 150cc model that easily exceeds 40 mph. This new unit and its sport model cousin, the Diablo, come complete with directional lights, horns and other features unseen on similar units, says the company. Standard features on all models include an electric start with a kick-start backup; automatic transmission; oil injection; a patented anti-vibration system; rear disk brakes; tether pull/kill device; throttle limiter; and lifetime warranties on the steering knuckles and rear axle. Dinli is poised to capture the industry’s attention with the upcoming release of its Cannibal 440. www.dinliusa.com Reader Service Card #193

Honda’s top of the line TRX650FA represents the company’s SUV of ATVs. The 2003 FourTrax Rincon is a comfortable, full-size ATV, featuring a powerful liquid-cooled 650 engine, an all-new fully automatic transmission, selectable 2WD/4WD, a torque-sens-ing front differential and fully independent front and rear suspension. The TRX500FA Rubicon features a 499cc engine, mounted sideways in the frame for maximum efficiency, while its revolutionary Hondamatic hydraulic transmission offers the same gas-and-go ease of use as a belt drive transmission, but is more durable and versatile. It now features GPScape, a built in Global Positioning System (GPS). An intelligent limited-slip front differential offers superior traction and light steering. Plush long travel suspension, a wide soft seat and an informative digital dash also help make the Rubicon suitable for all-day outings. The sporty and comfortable TRX450FE, with electric shift, features an enhanced switchable 2WD/4WD system, offering a choice between two-wheel drive for trail riding or light chores and four-wheel drive for optimum traction in adverse conditions. The limited-slip front differential makes the TRX450's steering lighter in muddy conditions. The TRX400FG is lightweight and durable. Its 499cc engine is mounted sideways in the frame and the Hondamatic hydraulic transmission offers gas-and-go ease of use as a belt drive tranny, but is more durable and versatile says the company. The machine has a limited-slip front differential and also features GPScape. The TRX350FE is a top seller, Honda says. The four-wheel-drive versions feature a limited-slip front differential that reduces torque steer, while electric shift versions offer the ease and simplicity of push button shifting. The TRX350 is available in 2WD or 4WD, electric shift or manual models. The TRX350FE features full-time 4WD and electric shifting. The TRX250TE is a mid-size ATV powered by a smaller version of the sideways-mounted, OHV engine found in the bigger machines. Honda has added ESP electric shifting, making the TRX250 easy to operate. www.honda.com  Reader Service Card #194

Kasea’s all-new Skyhawk 250 is the largest of the company’s ATVs and the world’s first two-cylinder, four-stroke sports ATV, the company says. Features include rear disc brakes, standard electric start and a five-speed transmission. The Taiwanese manufacturer has several smaller models of ATV, including the Skyhawk 170 with a 169cc, four-stroke motor with electric start and five-speed transmission with manual clutch. It features dual A-arm front suspension with long travel shocks and grease fittings for easy maintenance. The rear suspension is controlled by a massive swing arm for rigidity and a gas oil shock that gives a plush ride, the company says. The 170 uses hydraulic rear disc brakes and oversize drums in the front. It has bright, high and low beam dual headlights, a quick release seat for easy air cleaner and battery access and a bottom chain guard and disc guard to protect it from rocks and debris. Aimed at youth, the Kasea Skyhawk 90 has an 86cc, two-stroke engine with an automatic CVT transmission and electric start with kick-start backup. It features adjustable Showa shocks front and rear. The front single A-arm type suspension has a double clevis-style knuckle holder for strength and durability. The Kasea Skyhawk 50 is the smallest ATV in the line, with a 49cc, two-stroke engine with an automatic CVT transmission, for an easy-to-ride youth ATV. All Kasea ATVs have a six-month warranty. www.kasea.com  Reader Service Card #195

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A. has replaced the Prairie“ 650 4x4 Kawasaki’s innovative sport utility ATV is being replaced for 2004 by the new Prairie 700 4x4 ATV. The Prairie 700 4x4 boasts more engine displacement and more torque than its predecessor, but retains the Prairie 650 4x4 selectable four-wheel drive with variable locking differential control, the Kawasaki Automatic Power-Drive System (KAPS), dual front disc brakes and the Kawasaki-exclusive sealed rear braking system. The new V-twin four-stroke engine, however, borrows many of its parts from the recently introduced KFX700 V Force sport ATV. In addition to the V Force-influ-enced power plant, the Prairie 700 4x4 features redesigned cargo racks, front bumper and grille. The liquid-cooled, four-stroke, 90degree V-twin engine in the Prairie 700 4x4 displaces 697cc—64 more than the Prairie 650 4x4. The engine cases, cylinders, cylinder heads, dual Keihin CVKR-D32 carburetors, and bore and stroke are the same as the KFX700 V Force. TimberWest — January/February, 2004 15 Power from the V-twin engine is transferred through KAPS, Kawasaki’s continuously variable transmission, to dependable shaft drive. The Kawasaki Engine Brake Control automatically provides engine braking for additional slowing power when descending hills. Plus, with the flip of a switch, the Prairie 700 4x4 rider can select 2WD or 4WD operation. The Prairie 700 4x4 also features Kawasaki’s exclusive Variable Limited-Slip Front Differential Control. When operating in 4WD, the rider can pull a small lever on the left handlebar to vary the amount of differential slip. This helps the rider control the power delivered to each front wheel, so the wheel with traction will always receive some torque, a decided advantage when encountering deep mud or slippery uphill trails. www.kawasaki.com  Reader Service Card #196

Polaris Industries
Polaris is advancing the ATV industry with the introduction of its new All-Terrain Pickup (ATP). The Polaris ATP combines the power and styling of Polaris’ premium ATVs with the functionality of a pickup truck, making it ideal for hauling and carrying, the company says. It is especially well suited for hunters, farmers, ranchers, campers, large estate owners and outdoor recreation enthusiasts. The Polaris ATPs cargo-friendly design offers a wide variety of storage options to fit any use. It has twice the storage capacity of most ATVs—up to 530 lbs—and features a rear cargo box that dumps like a dump truck, a storage box up front and side storage compartments for maps, wireless phones, flashlights and tools. Polaris’ innovative VersaTrac TM drive system makes the vehicle ideal for rough terrain, but also allows for travel over grass lawns and other soft terrain without sustaining damage, the company says. At the flip of a switch, the Polaris ATP converts to 4WD. With a turning radius that is 20 percent tighter than most ATVs, the Polaris ATP features Titan tires and a longer wheelbase. Available in two models, the 330 4WD, with a 329cc four-stroke engine, and the 500 HO (high output), a 499cc four-stroke, they include a pickup-style rear receiver hitch for easy towing. PurePolaris accessories offer a range of equipment from trailers and plows to rakes and aerators. It will convert into a go-anywhere recreational vehicle. Its storage capacity makes it perfect for carrying camping equipment. Polaris entered the ATV market in 1985 with the first automatic transmission ATV. Polaris designs, engineers, manufactures and markets snowmobiles, ATVs, personal watercraft, Victory motorcycles and the Polaris Ranger for recreational and utility use. The Polaris Professional Series, a line of heavy duty Workmobiles targeted at lawn and landscape companies and construction operations, marks Polaris’ expansion into the commercial equipment marketplace. www.polar-isindustries.com  Reader Service Card #197

The 2004 Grizzly 660 is the biggest in Yamaha’s bear series of ATVs. It features advanced technology, all terrain performance and flawless fit and finish. The Grizzly has a liquid cooled, five-valve, 660cc power plant and smooth Ultramatic V-belt transmission to three-way In/Out 4WD with Diff-Lock and fully independent four wheel suspension. The powerful and reliable Big Bear Professional features a 386cc, SOHC four-stroke power plant, delivering class leading low- and mid-range power. With the push of a button, on-command in/out 4WD switches from 2WD to 4WD. Hi-low range, coupled with a solid five-speed, semi-automat-ic transmission with reverse gear, tackle deep mud and tough chores alike. A mid-sized Grizzly-like performer, the Kodiak 450 Automatic 4WD is engineered to conquer the most unpredictable conditions, the company says. It has a liquid cooled, four-stroke single engine with ample horsepower and torque, maximized ground clearance and a lower seat height. The 2004 BearTracker offers versatility and value, with a full-length wheelbase and class leading cargo capacity. The heart of the BearTracker is its smooth, 230cc, four-stroke motor that puts out excellent low and midrange power for hauling big loads or trail riding. www.yamaha-motor.com  Reader Service Card #198 


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