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New Products

Ultralight Temporary Surface
UL-100 is a highly flexible, tough and temporary mat system. The surface has been used for years by our military, but is also of equal value to the timber industry. The mats aid loggers with access, load balancing and
ground protection. They provide forward operations and protect helicopters from foreign objects.
The mats can withstand severe punishment. They can be stacked flat, folded or rolled. They’re easy to clean, reparable in the field and available in any color or size.
For more information, e-mail sales@solocollc.com , log on to www.bravomat.com  or dial toll free 1-800-446-1972.

Bull Hog® BH350 Grinder Attachment
Fecon, Inc. introduces the severe-duty BH350 Bull Hog® grinding attachment. Weighing 8,140 lbs., the BH350 is rated for 250-600 hp, and is designed for forestry and lumber operations — including road building, thinning and more.
With 48 fixed-position, carbide tipped tools and a cutting width of 90", the BH350 can process trees exceeding 24" in diameter. Belts on both rotor ends deliver uniform power to the mill. An optional hydraulic tilting push bar with brush forks is also available. A narrower version BH350EXC is also available for operation on tracked feller bunchers and excavators.
For more information on the Bull Hog® BH350 and other Fecon products, call 1-800-528-3113, contact sales@fecon.com, or visit www.fecon.com.

Two Chain Saws Added to Husqvarna Line
The 334T and 338XPT are the latest chain saws available in the Husqvarna product line. Each of the saws is equipped with Husqvarna’s Air Injection system that removes up to 97 percent of dust before it enters the filter. The saws are also equipped with the LowVib anti-vibration system.
The 334T has a new intake line and carburetor with Air Purge, decreasing the risk of stoppage. The saw also features a rapid acceleration engine and high-speed chain.
The 338XPT has additional power, featuring a 2.2 hp engine. The saw features the automatic Smart Start system and, like the 334T, is designed with an angled front handle, thumb support and ribbed rear handle.
For more information, contact Husqvarna by calling 1-800 HUSKY 62, or visit their web site at www.usa.husq-varna.com.

Wood Plank Lifters
The Anver Corp. is introducing a new series of wood plant lifters that feature remote power stations and let one person handle heavy wood plant and split logs.
The Anver WP-Series Wood Plant Lifters can be equipped with two or four durable foam seal vacuum pads that adjust along a frame and are sized with adequate suction flow to handle the cracks, crevices and knots in wood. Featuring remote power stations, these under-the-hook vacuum lifting frames let one person easily handle rough wood planks and split logs up to 1,000 pounds.
For more information, call (800) 654-3500, e-mail anver@anver.com  or log on to www.anver.com.

International Forest Products Markets Conference Online
Presentations from the International Forest Products Markets Conference, sponsored by the Center for International Trade in Forest Products (CINTRAFOR) on October 16-17 in Seattle, Wash., are available online at www.cintrafor.org.

Amerimulch H2NO
Mulch producers can now create color-enhanced mulch products using as little as six gallons of water per year with the Amerimulch H2NO™ Reduced Water Colorant Delivery System. The system features an array of nozzles and hoses, and a high-pressure delivery system that produces a foggy mist to deliver the colorant to the wood fiber. Using this application results in less water usage and faster drying time, less wash-off and lower shipping weights for mulch products.
"They (mulch producers) can reduce their water usage across the board by 25 percent, and by over 50 percent on some wood fibers," says Rick Stoneking, design engineer for Amerimulch. "Plus, it’s available as a retrofit to any of our existing color mills, which will mean that the upgrade isn’t going to cost our existing customer a lot of money."
For more information call 1-888-556-3304.

ECO-Track Model for Soft Ground Applications
A new ECO-SOFT track has been developed by Olofsfors AB, based on the proven ECO-Track model but with a different shaped cross member for soft ground applications. Cross members are 36" wide for improved flotation and shaped to result in less ground disturbance when turning. The result is a smooth-running, ground-friendly track with good traction.
For more information contact Hultdins by phoning (519) 756-7132, or fax them at (519) 754-1569.

LBX’s Full Line of LX Series Forestry Equipment
LBX Company has completed its full line of LX Series Link-Belt Forestry Equipment with the addition of the 290 LX and 370 LX Timber Loaders and Road Builders.
The two models are designed for high duty cycle work of timber loading, and feature heavy duty upper frames, purpose built lowers, larger turntable bearing and an oversized swing system. They are powered with electronically-controlled, Tier-II-com-pliant Isuzu engines. They also feature a larger operator’s station, and a new graphic package using the metric numbering system for model designation.
For more information contact Nikole Christensen at (859) 245-3927 or nchristensen@lbxco.com.


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