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Machinery Row

Schwarzenegger Names Chrisman
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has appointed Mike Chrisman, a fourth-generation Visalia farm owner and regional manager for San Joaquin Valley, as secretary of the California Resources Agency. Chris-man, if confirmed, will lead 15,000 employees and a budget of more than $5 billion, overseeing departments that regulate endangered species, logging, state parks, water and other issues across the state.

Wrobleski Hired as VP
Ann Wrobleski, an international affairs expert with more than 18 years of experience in Washington, D.C., was hired by AP&PA as Vice President of its International division. Since 1990, she has worked with numerous international clients and foreign governments with The Jefferson Group, Jefferson Waterman International, LLC, and for the past 18 months as CEO for Halliday, Inc., an advocacy lobbying assistance firm. She has also worked with major telecommunications and energy clients, representing them and other clients before the U.S. Departments of Treasury, State, Commerce, the USTR, and the White House.

LogMax to Acquire Caterpillar Harvester and Forwarder Equipment Lines
It has been announced that Log Max will acquire Caterpillar’s line of cut-to-length harvesters and forwarders. The transaction will not affect any of Caterpillar’s other forestry product offerings and the two companies plan to work closely together to assure that current machine owners receive ongoing support. The transaction is expected to close February 9, 2004.

Swan President of WBMA
Jeff Swan, owner of Evergreen Lumber Inc. in Tacoma, Wash., was elected president of the Western Building Material Association for 2004. He can be reached at jswan@evergreenlumber.com.

Tigercat Expands Manufacturing Capacity
Tigercat has acquired three former steel fabrication facilities to expand its manufacturing capacity. The acquisition will have a number of positive effects, including more floor space for assembly of Tigercat machines.
The assembly of skidders and forwarders are already being relocated to one of the newly acquired fabrication plants formerly occupied by Metalfab. The move will reduce lead time for steel fabrications and eliminate transport costs of these bulky steel components from one plant to another.
By freeing up the former skidder assembly facility, a dedicated plant will be available for loader assembly. "The dedicated loader facility will give us the space required to ramp up production to the levels dictated by current market demands," says plant manager, Martin Jennings.

Pope & Talbot Names New CFO and VP
Richard Atkinson came on board as Pope & Talbot’s vice president and chief financial officer. Atkinson joins the Pope & Talbot team after 23 years with Sierra Pacific Resources. Maria Pope, who previously held Atkinson’s position, will lead the company's wood products business.

Risley Appoints New Territory Personnel
Risley Equipment has refreshed its long standing commitment to the forest industry with changes that will include a reinvigorated dedication to product research and development, increased depth of product line, a realignment of management responsibilities and a renewal of the company’s presence in forestry markets such as the Pacific Northwest.
In the Pacific Northwest, Risley has given Alf Mielty responsibility for sales and customer satisfaction within the region. Widely respected field service specialist Pete Reifel has re-joined Risley and will service the area from his base in Klamath Falls, Ore. Portland will remain Risley’s western parts distribution center, making overnight shipments to locations throughout the USA.

Brazell Takes Helm as New Forest Supervisor
Rick Brazell signed on as new Forest Supervisor for the Colville Washington National Forest. Brazell, who now heads up a bureaucracy, says he doesn’t like them. "I believe in relationships and getting to know people," he says.
He realizes more acres need to be thinned to be as ready as possible for the next fire season. With that in mind, he has already required his staff to create a five-year action plan to address the fuel load issue.


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