Logging and Sawmilling Information for the Western United States

January  2001 - Volume 26 Number 1



New Products


Sellick Forklift 
Sellick Equipment Limited introduces a new model SD120 - with a 12,000 lb. capacity forklift. It's powered by a Perkins 1000 low emission 4.2 litre 4 cylinder 86 HP diesel engine. It's available with lift height to 30 feet, full syncromesh transmission with optional power shift, and high capacity L2 loader tires, and operates on 4wheel drive. For more information call or fax Sellick Equipment Limited at (519) 7382255, fax (519) 7383477, or email sellick@mnsi.net and/or visit their website at www.sellickequipment.com

Animal Repellant 
Plantskydd, a Swedish animal repellent, is now available in a new premixed formulation, as well as a soluble powder. The repellent is 100 percent natural, is not harmful to animals or the environment and contains no synthetic additives. It repels deer, elk, moose and rabbits by means of odor, which is not offensive to either applicators or planters, and provides up to six months of effective over winter plant protection against animal browse. Efficacy is reduced to 34 months in hot sunny conditions. Industrial foresters and woodlot owners currently use Plantskydd to protect over a hundred million conifers and hardwood trees including cedar, spruce, fir, pine, alder, birch, larch and poplar species. Animals avoid plants before they bite - not after. For more information call (800) 2526051, fax (604) 8853522, email treeworld@sunshine.net. or visit the Plantskydd website at www.plantskydd.com

Avon Bearings 
Avon Bearings Corporation, a manufacturer of large diameter turntable bearings and slewing rings, is announcing increased manufacturing capabilities. By the end of the second or third quarter of 2001 Avon will house a manufacturing cell capable of producing large diameter turntable bearing and slewing rings up to 240" or 6.1 meters in diameter. The extra large bearings and rings will be available in several configurations including 3row roller, single row ball and roller, as well as double row ball. With the increased capacity of 240", Avon will have larger capabilities than any other manufacturer in the United States and one of the largest capabilities in the world. For more information contact Avon Bearings Corporation at (440) 8712500 or email them at sales@avonbearing.com

Portable Wood Grinder 
Simplicity, a Terex Company, has introduced its newest, fully portable wood grinder. The all new "TRex" 2860 rips through most wood waste with a 28" mill powered by a 500 HP John Deere diesel. The mill is 3,900 lbs. with an operating speed of 1200 rpm. The "TRex" 2860 line can handle aggressive processing of pallets, railroad ties, C&D debris, logging and sawmill waste as well as whole trees and other wood products. A variety of screens are available to produce sellable end products such a mulch, compost, animal bedding, boiler fuel and pressed board. For more information contact Simplicity Engineering, 212 South Oak Street, Durand, Mich. 48429, phone (517) 2883121. 

Transducer Output Converter 
Balluff's new Microbox transducer output converter allows woodworking machines with analog controls to reap the benefits of noise immune digital feedback for position control of machine components. It converts digital feedback from Balluff's Micropuls transducer to analog signal just before control. And it positions up to four in plane targets such as multiple saw blades with one transducer. For more information contact Tim Jordan at Balluff Inc., 8125 Holton Dr., Florence, Kentucky 41042, (800) 5438390 bus., (859) 7277752 fax, or visit their website at www.balluff.com

Rayco Mini Crawler 
New from Rayco, is the C85D Mini Crawler. This compact dozer is designed to work in areas not accessible to ordinary machines. The Mini Crawler weighs in at just 7,850 lbs., and with an 83 HP diesel engine can do the work of a machine twice its size. It also features a 6way blade, joystick controls and cab forward design. For more information, call Rayco Mfg., Inc. at (800) 3922686. 

It may look like a mechanical crocodile, but it's actually a TeleSaw from Sheyenne Tooling Manufacturing. The TeleSaw is a chain saw attachment to Sheyenne's TeleBoom, a lift arm accessory for skid steer loaders. It expands the capabilities of skid steer loaders, enabling it for use in clearing, log cutting and overhead pruning. The hydraulics hooks up quickly and provides substantial power for quick and efficient trimming at a height of up to 33 feet. And the control box lets the skid steer operator adjust saw position, cutting angle, blade feed, and more from the safety of the cab. It uses a .404 saw chain and travels 90 degrees to ensure a full cut. For more information call (800) 7971883, email mail@sheyennemfg.com or visit the Sheyenne website www.sheyennemfg.com. *******

Komatsu Unveils WA180PT3MC 
Komatsu American International Co. has introduced the latest addition to its Avance Plus wheel loader line - the WA180PT3MC Avance Plus Parallel tool carrier. "The WA180PT3MC has been designed for rugged use in the road building, landscape and construction markets," says Steve Moore, Komatsu America wheel loader product manager. The machine features the same advantages of its Dash3 Avance Plus wheel loader counterpart, but also has parallel lift and a hydraulically actuated quick coupler. "For example," says Moore, "the parallel lift boom allows the operator to carry loads susceptible to dumping or spilling by keeping the forks level throughout the boom's arc." The quick coupler enables the operator to easily attach and detach work equipment without leaving the cab. It's powered by a 120 HP engine and features a breakout force of 20,254 lb. and a bucket range of 2.25 to 2.5 cu. yards. For more information you can visit their website at www.AvancePlus.com or www.KomatsuAmerica.com

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