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January  2001 - Volume 26 Number 1



Association News

FRA Annual Meeting 
The Forest Resources Association (FRA) will hold its 67th Annual Meeting April 710, 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee. The theme is "Charting the Course of Change in a World Fiber Market," with a General Session on "eforestry" and an Industrial Forestry Forum devoted to getting us all to the next level of engaging public opinion. Speakers will include Patrick Moore, formerly of Greenpeace, and Kelly McCloskey, with the Wood Promotion Network. 

Safety Foundation 2001 Grant Program 
The Forest Resources Associations' Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety Foundation is now accepting applications for its 2001 Logging and Transportation Safety Grant Program. Grant money will be awarded to fund educational projects that support their mission: to promote, support, and serve as a catalyst for safe and professional work attitudes, practices, and conditions in timber harvesting and transportation. In the last ten years, the Foundation has awarded nearly $430,000 in grants to ninety organizations across the country. If you're interested you must respond quickly, as the grant applications must be postmarked by February 15, 2001. For grant guidelines and application forms, write Timber Harvesting and Transportation Safety (THATS) foundation, c/o Forest Resources Association, Inc., 600 Jefferson Plaza, Suite 350, Rockville, Md. 20852. Or call Steve Jarvis at (301) 8389385 or email sjarvis@forestresources.org to request a hard copy or electronic version of the application. 

APA Makes Cuts 
In response to weaker market conditions expected through 2001, the APA (The Engineered Wood Assoc.) took several cost saving steps. They eliminated 5.5 domestic positions, closed the Belgium office and reduced operational expenses, including travel. The reductions came in the wake of several permanent and temporary mill closures this year and in anticipation of lower production levels in the months ahead. 

NAWLA Annual Meeting 
The 2001 NAWLA annual meeting will be held in Williamsburg, Va., May 58, 2001. In addition to education, entertainment and executive level networking opportunities, the event will feature the Manufacturers Council Advisory Committee meeting, where wholesalers and producers share their insights on production outlooks, market trends and future opportunities. 

AFA Fly In 
The Alliance for America (AFA) is hosting its 12th annual FlyIn for Freedom. Conference presentations and workshops will take place Saturday and Sunday May 1920. Capitol Hill visits to lobby elected officials and other outreach activities will take place Monday through Wednesday May 2123. AFA is a broad based grassroots coalition formed in an attempt to curb excessive government environmental regulations, harassment by environmental extremists and violations of constitutional property rights. For more information call the AFA offices at (518) 835 6702 or Dale E. Anderson, President at (814) 7761883. 

WCLA Log a Load for Kids 
The Log a Load for Kids program in Washington this last year brought in over $65,000 for Seattle's Children's Hospital and the Eastside Children's Hospital in Spokane. "This could not have been accomplished without your generous support and commitment to this wonderful program. The public truly realizes that loggers do care about their communities just as much as they do about the environment," says spokesman George Kirkmire, a spokesperson for Log a Load. If you are considering a tax-deductible contribution, the Log a Load for Kids Committee urges you to think of them. You can contact the Washington Contract Loggers Association at (800) 4220074 or (360) 3525033, or contact the Washington Log Truckers Conference at (800) 732 9019 or (253) 8381650. 

Joint Session With ACL 
The ACL, and the Klamath Alliance for Resources and the Environment, a longstanding grassroots group headquartered in Yreka, Calif., will present a series of five joint informational programs for loggers, landowners and others involved in the timber business. The series is to help people meet the increasing demands placed on them as they manage their timber related businesses. Sessions are scheduled through April. You can find out more information by logging onto their website at www.calog.com.  

Elmia 2001 
FRA's International Committee is organizing an eleven day Forestry Tour of Finland and Sweden, May 29June 9, 2001, culminating with three days at the Elmia Wood Fair - the world's largest in woods forestry equipment demonstration. The tour will provide an on the ground view of the Finnish and Swedish forest industries' "total value chain" and how harvest practices, landowner and contractor relationships, and market forces influence it. FRA membership is not required. For more information contact FRA's Director of Communications, Neil Ward, nward@forestresources.org; or phone 301) 8389385.

T3 2001 
T3 2001 - The Commercial Truck, Trailer and Technology Expo - is having its 37th annual NTEA convention Feb. 28 through March 3 in Baltimore, Md. There you will see some of the hottest new products, learn the latest news and explore the trends in the work truck industry all in one place. The focus is on your business, bringing you the latest products, equipment, innovations, systems and information to build your bottom line. It's the only truck show covering Classes 1 through 8 under one roof. There will also be 14 of the world's leading chassis manufacturers. Experience over 350 exhibitors of equipment and accessories, and dozens of industry sessions. For information call 1800441NETA or (248) 4897090, or fax (248) 4898590, or visit their website at www.worktrucks.com

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