February, 2001





New Products 


Komatsu Excavator
Komatsu has introduced a new model to its tight tail swing excavator family - the PC228USLC3. It provides the balance, speed and power of their standard excavator but its tight tail swing allows you to perform work in limited spaces such as roadways, bridges, urban areas and logging roads. The PC228USLC3's short tail swing radius enables the excavator to completely turn on its bearing with very little machine overhang. In addition, it occupies a maximum road width of 13 ft. 5 in., allowing the machine to work in one lane. Other features include a 143hp six cylinder Komatsu SAA6D102E engine, extended digging height of 34 ft. 11 in, a bigger bucket capacity of 2 cu. yards and increased bucket digging force (31,085 lbs.) and arm crowd force (22,708 lbs.)


Whole Tree Chipper 
If you're looking for a whole tree chipper, Morbark may have the answer. Model 20/36 is their largest unit yet in a line of whole tree chippers. It's designed to fit the niche between whole tree and handfed chippers. Affordable and compact, it is ideal for municipalities, tree services and land clearing companies. It's also an effective recycler of wood waste, including brush, logging slash and orchard prunings. The 20/36 is equipped with a MorLift Model 150 hydraulic knuckleboom loader and grapple, and has a lift capacity of 2,000 pounds at 10 feet. It has a drum speed of 100011090 PRM and can be equipped with a Cummins or John Deere engine. For more information contact Jolene Priest, (800) 233-6065 ext. 279 or (517) 866-2381 ext. 279.


SK48OLC Hydraulic Excavator 
Kobelco's proud to announce their new SK48OLC dynamic Acera hydraulic excavator. It features a 315hp engine at 2,200 rpm, bucket capacity of 1.5 to 4.0 yd3, and onboard monitoring systems. It weighs in at 108,045 lbs. The excavator is equipped with three, simple operating modes: manual, assist and breaker. And stability has been improved by seven percent over the front and by nine percent over the side. The upper revolving frame and undercarriage has been strengthened to handle bigger loads, increasing the machine's overall weight. If you would like more information on the new Kobelco excavator write them at 12755 S. Kirkwood Drive, Stafford, Texas 77477, call them at (281) 240-4800, fax them at (281) 240-4906, or visit their website at www.kobelcoamerica.com.


Improved Filters 
Baldwin Filters introduces its Vortex™ line - including three new patent pending dualflow lube filters to be used on Cummins ISM, IXS and Series 600 engines as replacements for the Fleetguard Venturi Filter line. The Vortex lube filters provide improved engine protection during extended oil drain intervals, high idle time and harsh operating conditions. There are two major differences between standard dualflow lube spinon filters and the new Vortex design. First, the Vortex allows 15 percent of the oil to flow through the bypass section of the filter instead of the standard 10 percent. Second, it has one inlet and one outlet. Oil flowing through the filter is sent directly to180 the engine to protect vital engine components, rather than a portion being returned to the sump as with conventional dualflow filters. For more information, call (800) 822-5394, fax (800) 828-4453 or visit their website at www.baldwinfilter.com


New Dozers 
Komatsu unveils the D65EX/PX 12 BOSS series crawler dozers. The latest addition to Komatsu's midsize BOSS Series range in operating weight from the 42,700 lb. EX12 version to the 44,975 lb. PX12. The new dozer features the Komatsu S6D125E2 turbo charged diesel engine, delivering 190hp at 1950 rpm, and it meets current U.S. and CARB emission requirements. The hydrostatic steering system enables the dozer to maintain power on both tracks, regardless of whether it's moving straight or turning. For more information on the D65EX/PX12, visit the Komatsu website at www.KomatsuAmerica.com

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