December/January, 2002





New Products

Kobelco ED190 Blade Runner
Kobelco has introduced their
ED190 Blade Runner. It combines
two construction tools - full-sized
excavator and bulldozer.
The ED190 weighs in at 47,700
pounds and can travel between 2.5 to
3.7 mph. It features a Mitsubishi
ED34-TEG engine, with 11 @ 2,200
rpm of horsepower.
The excavator portion of the
machine includes a standard arm of 10'2", a bucket
capacity of .45-1.34 cubic yards, with a bucket digging
force of 24,900 pounds. It has a maximum digging reach
of 31'2" and a maximum digging depth of 21'5".
The dozer portion of the machine includes a 6-way
Power Angle Tilt blade with a capacity of 3.256 cubic
yards. The blade width is 11'4" and height of 38".
For more information call (281) 240-4800, fax (281)
240-4906, or log onto their website at

Carlisle RV Brake
Carlisle Industrial Brake and
Friction has introduced a lever
actuated, sliding caliper brake.
The new break features an open caliper design and simplified
mounting system for easy installation and lower
maintenance costs. The break also features a die cast aluminum torque plate and non-asbestos friction material. And it is better
suited for light industrial equipment and all-terrain
vehicles.  For more information call (812) 336-3811, fax (812) 334-8775 or log onto their website at

Warner Introduces Magnet Clutch & Brake
Warner Electric now has available the largest permanent
magnet clutch and break, the Precision Torkô M9.
It boats adjustable torque capabilities ranging from 15
to 300 lb. in. It also features large reel unwinding tension
control, cycling applications, nip roll applications
like coil winding and overload protection/
torque limiting.
With permanent magnets there's
no machine wear or electrical connections
or the stick-slip problems
associated with friction devices.
For more information you can
call (815) 389-3771, fax (815) 389-2582 or log onto their
website at

Bandit Handfellers
Bandit has announced they
have put several of their
hand fed chippers "into
motion" by way of a Caterpillar
304.5 rubber track undercarriage.
The hand fed, disc-style Brush Bandit's in 12", 14"
and 18" diameter capacities all are all now available
with this option. These units are equipped with both a
tether and a radio remote, giving each individual the
ability to choose the preferred means operation.
For more information call (800) 952-0178, or long
onto their website at

Link-Belts To Be Unveiled
The LBX Company will be unveiling two Link-Belt models
of excavators in the LX Series at the CONEXXPCON/
AGG 2002 in Las Vegas this March. Besides the two
excavators they will also launch at the show an all-new line
of Link-Belt rubber tired loaders and a new series of minimum
swing radius excavators.
The 460LX (101,533 pounds) and the 800LX (174,600 lbs.)
will feature several technological advances, including a new
filtration system and computer control system that monitors
hydraulic output and pressures while regulating performance.
To find out more before the show, call (859) 245-3900 or
log onto their website at

International Knife & Sale/SystiMatic has introduced a
new innovation in sawing - the LTC (Liquid Transport
Cavity) Saw. The specific placement and design of three triangular shaped holes in the saw blade allow lubricant to
spread over the surface of the saw blade, including the
teeth. This new design has proven to keep saw blades significantly cooler during cutting operation.
The unique design of the LTC Saw enhances the distribution
of coolant while preventing sawdust packing. Troy
Lumber Company, who tested the blade, reduced their sawdust
moisture content 55 percent after running the blade for
one year.
For more information call (800) 334-3057 or log onto their
with website at

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