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New Products

Duratip™ Wood Hog Hammers 
Duratip™ has designed a new line of replaceable tip hammers for wood hogs. The two-piece design is abrasion resistant and can withstand high shock load conditions. The new shape also puts more weight at the head to improve shredding action; and the tips have been designed for easy replacement. For more information, call 1-800-615-9296, fax (864) 476-7510 or log onto their website,

Partners in Safety 
Drone & Mueller and Associates has launched Partners for Safety, a new program that utilizes communication tactics to promote a safe work environment. In short, folks are trained to look out better for on another, taking safety off the bulletin board and into the work area. The program can be adapted to the logging/lumber industry and has been given high marks by OSHA. "We look at safety as a communication problem," says Mike Drone, president of Drone & Mueller. For more information call (314) 434-3141, visit their website at, or e-mail them at

Firestone Cut Resistant Tire 
Firestone announced that their Forestry Special LS-2 tire now comes standard with CRC® (Cut-Resistant Compound). Designed specifically for forestry applications, CRC helps to protect against snags and tears from the rugged terrain of the forest floor. The tire's 23-degree tread bars are also deeper and thicker, for longer wear. The LS-2 tire with CRC includes a 12 percent higher cut resistance and a 15 percent average wear improvement versus Firestone's standard forestry rubber compound and comes in 10 sizes and multiple ply ratings. For more information, contact the Firestone Agricultural Tire Company at 800-350-3276 or visit their website at

Rainbow Mulch‚ Colorant Pump 
FECON, Inc. has come out with the Rainbow Mulch Colorant Pump Stand - a low-cost, easy-to-use machine that enable companies producing mulch to add color to their processing capabilities. The pump stand can color 50 to 200 yards of mulch per hour, using any model of mixer or grinder, while also metering both colorant and water usage. The pump stand requires only a water supply and any hose, nozzle or spray bar apparatus the user desires for spraying into the grinder or mixer. The water required depends on the production rate and material conditions and FECO engineers are available to evaluate customers' applications. For more information, you can call toll free 800-528- 3113, fax them at (513) 956-5701 or e-mail You can also visit their website at

Cat Introduces D6R XW 
Caterpillar now offers the D6R track-type tractors in the XW configuration. The D6R XW features an intermediate track gauge and higher horsepower than the standard D6R and D6R XL. As a result, the D6R XW has great flotation and stability, and is more productive in soft underfoot conditions. The tractor can handle more applications; thereby extending the work season. Although productive in dry and hard ground conditions, it's built for soft ground. The D6R XW has a wider track gauge measuring 80 inches. The wider gauge allows for using wider track shoes to reduce ground pressure and boost flotations. For more information, you can contact your local Caterpillar dealer or visit the Cat website at

Worksaver Flexible Crane Boom 
Worksaver's new crane boom for skid steers comes with three lifting points to provide the flexibility needed to move or load hard-to-handle materials. The crane boom fits skid steers with "universal" quick-attach systems, increasing the versatility of skid steer without requiring the purchase of additional equipment. It features all-welded steel construction and the boom has an overall length of 78". Its lift capacity is rated from 1,700 lbs. to 2,200 lbs. (Actual lifting capacity is based on size and specifications of the skid steer.) For more information contact Worksaver, Inc., by calling (217) 324-4973, faxing (217) 324-3356 or visiting their website at

Allegro Field PC 
Juniper systems has announced its Allegro Field PC™, specifically designed for data collection applications in harsh environments. The handheld computer was designed with the forest management and forest products management in mind. GPS data collection and mobile GIS can be integrated with the Allegro. The Allegro features, among other things, operating systems for MS DOS and Windows applications, waterproof design, a full alphanumeric keyboard, large touchscreen display with backlight and heater, rechargeable batteries that last a full shift and expansion pods. For more information call (435) 753-1714, log onto their website at or e-mail them at

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