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Redesigned Track Feller Buncher

Tigercat's 845-series, its midsized track feller buncher, has been redesigned for improved operator comfort and service access. Applications range from coastal lowland, sensitive-site logging to rocky or steep-terrain conditions that predominate across northern Canada. Refinements in the Tigercat 845B cab include rubber isolation mounting, new high-visibility instrumentation and a one-piece removable polycarbonate rear window for increased visibility and reduced in-cab sound levels. The engine compartment features an electro-hydraulically operated gull wing style roof enclosure and large hinged doors for easy access to the engine, heat exchangers and pump and filter areas. A service light and larger hinged cover make it easier to service the valves. The deep pleated debris screens which protect the heat exchangers are easily removed from ground level, and the oil cooler swings out widely for cleaning. Overall cooling capacity has been improved by 15 per cent for increased engine and hydraulic component life in extremely hot climates.

Track Feller Buncher

The Next Generation

Atlantic Industries Limited's new product, Super Cor, is larger (380min X140mm), stronger (three times as strong as the conventional systems), stiffer (bending stiffness is nine times greater than conventional systems, faster to assemble and has minimum covers of as little as 450 mm, according to its manufacturers. Advantages include minimal assembly and backfill requirements, wide span/low rise dimensions, optional cast-in-place steel, pre-cast footings or full invert, as well as low maintenance, long life span and affordable costs. AIL also offers Bolt-a-Plate SPCSP, Bolt-a-Bin and the new Atlantic Wire Wall systems, as well as CSP, Gabions and Temporary Spans.

Software for Saw and Planer Mills

Appleton Industrial Software Ltd. (AIS) has released a new software program designed to substantially improve the performance of their grade mark reader in saw and planer mills throughout North America and abroad. According to President Peter J. Appleton, "Our new program has been developed under Windows NT 4.0 that is Year 2000-compliant. A few of the program's added features include easier-to-use menus with fewer adjustments, advanced colour recognition and calibration rates, fully user-trainable, and improved diagnostics. It's also network compatible."

The Artificially Intelligent Recognition System (AIRS) Grade Mark Reader is an optical instrument that reads hand-written marks on lumber such as grade, trim and sort marks. The AIRS System is able to read both a geometric and alpha-numeric character set with resorted accuracy rates of 99.7 per cent.

Blount News

Recognizing its dealers with top sales of Prentice Hydro-Ax equipment, Blount has recently awarded outstanding sales plaques to Wajax Industries of Western Canada, TMF Equipment of Quebec and ALPA Equipment of New Brunswick. The Forestry and Industrial Equipment Division of Blount, Inc. is a major manufacturer of timber-harvesting equipment under the Prentice and Hydro-Ax brand names.

Blount has also announced that Jimmy Sorrell has been promoted to Director of North American Sales for the Blount Forestry and Industrial Equipment Division.

An Affordable Portable Sawmill

The 39-kg Logosol portable aluminum sawmill manufactured by Silvana Inc. saws trunks of up to 50 cm in diameter into beams, planks, boards or laths; trunks can be sawn on site in any desired size. With a total length of 5m, it can process trunks of almost the same length because a gas-powered or electric chain saw rests on a sledge, which is moved along the trunk by a smooth-running crank mechanism and cable on the 5-m-long bar. If even longer trunks are to be processed, the unit can be extended quickly to the required length with various attachments. The cutting width is adjusted to the trunk thickness with a suitably long bar and chain on the Stihl power saw.

New Heavy-Duty Sharp Chain

If you're plagued by side-bar cracking while the rest of your chain is still usable, this product is for you. The new 80-2 Heavy Duty outer plates, while still fitting over the same sprockets, designed to eliminate premature side-bar failure.

The production demands of higher speeds for increased piece counts are pushing the limits of standard 80-2 Sharp Top Chain, thus creating the need for the development of this heavy duty version.

Pivot Wear Solution

A new type of pivot pin has been introduced to counter lug wear that typically occurs in forestry machines. The Expander Group of Sweden produces more than 9,000 Expander Bolts for over 700 different machine models. These patented bolts are inserted, with a special sleeve in each end, into the hinged pivot, with the nut or bolt head tightened on each end. In machine joints, pivot wear can dramatically reduce both efficiency and the safety of machinery and equipment. Standard pivot pins must have sufficient clearance to allow them to be inserted and removed, causing excessive wear on the pivot pin. The back-and-forth motion of the joint causes wear on the pivot pin, bush and lug, which in turn causes the lug holes to become oval and the Pin to wear unevenly in both the hinge brackets and the arm. Forming a tight fit which takes up slack in the hinge pivot, the Expander Bolt does not require adjustment, will never require replacement and will outlast the life of the machine, claims the company.

Tough and Tiny

Responding to the demand for a small, yet fully powered, cost-effective two-way radio, Global Wireless has manufactured the Vertex VX-10. Similar in size to a package of cigarettes, the VX-10 is a five-watt (full-powered) 40-channel (102 channel capability with optional key pad) synthesized radio, featuring user-selectable scan modes to lock out or avoid busy channels. This radio can also handle digital and analog private lines and an automatic receive and transmit battery-save feature.

Available in both VHF (134-174 Mhz) and UHF (400-512 MH), the VX-10 is built to military specifications and achieves a new standard in durability, says Global wireless. It comes equipped with an extra long-life battery, antenna and spring-loaded belt clip. It's user-friendly and all its function keys are conveniently located on the front and side panels for easy access.

Hyundai's New Excavators

Hyundai has recently introduced three new excavators - the Robex 250LC-2, the Robex 160LC-3 and the Robex 55-3 mini excavator - in a major move to expand into the North American market.

The new excavators feature a new contemporary look and boast increased versatility and productivity. Computer Aided Power Optimization (CAPO) makes the excavators easy to operate. The CAPO system controls engine speed and pump output for maximum productivity and optimum fuel efficiency without sacrificing power, maintains Hyundai. The CAPO also identifies and diagnoses 42 distinct types of errors in electrical and hydraulic part malfunctions. The electrical master switch, located in the control box, allows the operator to run the machine in manual, in case of emergency. To increase operator efficiency, the hydraulic system provides implement speed to match the desired expectation, reacting to match joystick movement. Also, two variable displacement axial piston pumps provide maximum engine output, allowing better boom and arm control when using functions simultaneously. All covers to the hydraulic piping and engine of these new excavators are built for complete access. For daily checks, the fuses, CPU and electrical master switch are located in a separate waterproof steel compartment in the cab. The grease fittings for the arm and boom are grouped together for fast servicing.

The Robex 250LC-3 excavator is designed for virtually all trenching, truck loading and lifting jobs. Powered by a 174-hp Cummins B5.9 direct-injection, turbocharged, six-cylinder diesel engine, it uses variable-flow hydraulics to match engine power to the work at hand. The Robex 160LC-3 was designed for versatility and mobility around the jobsite. Powered by a Cummins B3.9-C direct injection turbocharged diesel engine, this machine boasts a bucket capacity range from 0.51 cubic yards to 1.05 cubic yards and a maximum dugging reach of 29'4".

Hyundai Excavator

New Planer/Moulder

The Quattromat 23 P, manufactured by Michael Weinig AG of Germany, is a small, four-sided planer/moulder designed for woodworking companies who are still using single-purpose shapers and planers, or who purchase their mouldings. This new unit promises increased productivity, increased surface quality and added value. The new Quattromat has a working width of up to 230 mm (9-1/6") and a working height from 6mm to 120 mm (1/4" to 4-3/4"). The designation "P" stands for profiling, indicating that the machine is not only capable of four-sided planing, but can also be used for profiling.

Daewoo's New Dozer

Daewoo Heavy Industries America Corp. has unveiled a new bulldozer, the fully hydrostatic drive Daewoo DD80L, weighing in at 17,861 lbs. with an 18" shoe and ROPS/FOPS cab. The standard angle/tilt blade has a capacity of 2.3 cubic yards and the bulldozer blade is 8'10" wide, 2'10" high, and can be angled 25'. Overall machine length, including blade, is 13'8" and width is 7'5". Maximum height to top of cab is 9'. It is powered by a Daewoo-built diesel engine which delivers 90 hp at 1,800 rpm, producing 257 ft./lbs. of torque at 1,600 rpm. Maximum drawbar pull is 22,690 lbs., and maximum forward and reverse speeds are both 7.3 mph. The DD80L is Daewoo's first bulldozer.

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