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September 2005  - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal






Denharco offers a variety of telescopic delimbers. The T4100 series models include the DT4110, DT4130 and DT4150. The modular design of the series adapts to different types of operations and is said to be ideal for confined spaces. Its impressive delimbing reach of over 54’, combined with the tunnel-type boom base for sequence delimbing, allows the DT4100 series to handle one long tree or several small stems.

The series offers three possible drive configurations—a chain drive with a fixed-displacement motor, or a winch drive system with either a fixed-displacement motor or a variable-displacement motor. All three configurations are equipped with a brake.

The DT4450 telescopic delimber also offers a delimbing reach of over 54’. It has delimbing feed speed of 14 ft/sec and up to 21 ft/sec with the XStream configuration. It’s equipped with a ProCommander control system, which is able to effectively manage the electrical and hydraulic functions.

Denharco’s one-piece boom delimber— the DM4450—is ideal for large diameter trees, no matter what the species. Its robust 12” by 12” monoboom is made of a special alloy and offers a delimbing reach of over 45’, a feed speed of 14 ft/sec and up to 21 ft/sec with the XStream configuration.

Denharco’s DHT650 Series II processor is designed for a wide range of carriers.It has a maximum opening of 27.5” and a standard feed speed of 16 to 20 ft/sec. It’s equipped with two main synchronized delimbing arms, a fixed front knife and an auxiliary delimbing arm.

Hahn Machinery

The Hahn HTL series includes the HTL 300F tree-length processor and the HTL 250GT short wood processor. The 250 GT can handle trees up to 24” in diameter and reduce them to limbed and bucked logs in less than a minute. It’s powered by a John Deere Powertech engine and features a Hahn five-knife system with a maximum knife opening of 22”.

The HTL 300/F is a multi-function tree-length processor, capable of handling trees up to 32” in diameter. It incorporates a state-of-the-art length and diameter measuring system and will delimb down to a 3” top for more value out of every tree. It’s equipped with a six-cylinder, turbo-charged diesel 185 hp engine, and has a delimbing force of 17,000 lbs at 600 ft/min.

Hahn also offers the HS 500/A—a self-contained, mobile, log merchandizer designed to cut and sort high-value sawlog material from tree-length stems. Features include four retractable and one fixed-length gate, a 60” insert tooth cutoff saw, and a sorter capable of separating long and short logs.

Hahn’s HSW110/C short wood processor is equipped with a John Deere 6068T engine with 175 hp and a Hahn 892 loader with a standard 22’ boom. The patented delimbing carriage delimbs with more than 24,000 lbs of force at four ft/sec and 8,250 lbs of force at
11 ft/sec in the optional roller mode.


The latest members of the Keto family are the dedicated 604PHD and 804PHD processor models. These processors are ideal for western on-landing applications. The 604PHD has an open width of 59.1”, a 29.5” saw bar, and a 22” top saw. It has three arms, weighs in at 4,850 lbs, and is recommended for 20 to 40 ton carriers. The 804PHD has an 83” open width, a 39.5” saw bar and a 22” top saw. It has five delimbing arms, weighs 7,055 lbs, and is recommended for 30 to 50 ton carriers.

The most noticeable feature in all Keto harvesters is the dual track feed, which provides a long, firm and very powerful yet still gentle grip around logs. In addition, with the dual track-based length measuring system developed by Hakmet, there’s no need for measuring wheels in the harvesters, which results in less maintenance.

Kerik Technologies Inc

Kerik Technologies Inc is the exclusive manufacturer and marketing agent for the Tree King Power Stroke processors in Canada.

Its two models include the 3.5 metre stroke and the 5.5 metre stroke. The Tree King can multi-stem small diameter trees and can easily handle up to 30” butt diameter trees. It is the only processor available that can efficiently process small and large stems, says the company. The Tree King, with its exclusive Power Stroke design, has up to 19,800 ftlbs of delimbing force. It has a nine ft/sec feed rate and one pass delimbing capability.

The Tree King has no feed rolls so it greatly reduces fibre damage and minimizes blue stain. It can also measure with great accuracy using a non-contact measuring system without any follower wheel encoders. Its design is carrier friendly and the head can be installed quickly and easily—there is only a pressure line, return line and one cable to do the install. The bucking saw and the top saw are both Hultdins Supercut 100 saw units. The Tree King Power Stroke Processor can be mounted on any excavator carrier from 22 to 30 ton.

Pierce Pacific

Pierce Pacific monoboom delimbers are built strong to handle big timber—up to 33” in diameter. The delimbers are designed for easy operation and minimal maintenance. A full scale measuring system guarantees accuracy. Twin 7/8” swedged cables support the monoboom during heavy lifting while new lightweight cable rollers last longer and improve cable life. A new option available is the Hydraulic Actuated Cable Tower Assembly, which allows the operator to automatically raise and lower the cable tower from within the cab, eliminating the need to use the boom and chain as a lifting/lowering device. It comes standard with a 33” tunnel opening, hydraulic operated butt plate and heavy-duty tree support trough. Measuring can be started from either the photoeyes located in the tunnel or off the butt plate.

The company’s PTD 2856 telescopic delimber combines the finest elements of the PMD 3348 monoboom delimber with features such as minimal 26’ tail swing and rugged, heavy-duty inner and outer booms. It has a butt saw cutting diameter of 28”, a delimbing capacity of 24” and a delimbing reach from the butt plate of 54’. The result is a delimbing force that consistently produces quality logs with pinpoint accuracy.

Pro Pac

Located in St Côme, Quebec, (near the Maine border), Pro Pac Industries is a specialist in manufacturing delimbers
and slashers. Its delimber line-up includes the PP393, PP453, PP513, and PP613, which offer grapple openings from 20” to 34” and maximum delimbing diameters from 18” to 32”. Options include twin topping knives, bar saw head, bar saw head with timing arms, circular saw head, as well as a variety of safety equipment.

Pro Pac also offers three slashers to cut wood in different lengths—the 500, the 600 and the 600 with a 500 arm. The 500 features a 60” saw blade, butt plates from 48” to 50” and 96” to 100”, as well as cut lengths from 48” to 16’4”.

The 600 has the same features, but a cut length of 28’7”. Just a few of the options include tail lights, fenders, air brakes, flip down butt plate, saw guides and hydraulic 100” and 200” butt plate.


The fully engineered Tanguay TS150B slasher is powered by a fuel-efficient 215 hp Mercedes engine and three double gear pumps with over 200 gpm of hydraulic power for productive multifunctions. The drive system features a three-speed transmission with electrical shifting and a steering axle for fast positioning. The smooth and powerful loader provides a 32’ reach and 10,000 lbs of lift capacity at 25’. The planetary gearbox is mounted on a large 54” bearing with 400 degrees limited rotation. An optional swivel is available for continuous rotation.

The 60” saw is mounted on a horizontal motion saw arm traveling over a wide 72” deck for easy sorting. The kicker type mobile butt plate has a 100” stroke and optional stopper kits for precise multiple log lengths and maximum log value. The elevated cab provides exceptional visibility for easy loading and unloading. The cab tilts hydraulically for transport and provides easy service access for the hydraulics.


The DL3800 was built to go to the stump and make quick work of delimbing big hardwoods and bulky softwoods. A patented, high strength 38” boom design can handle all delimbing applications.

The unique side-discharge design allows the DL3800 to delimb and process in either CTL mode or tree-length at the stump or landing. It also incorporates new double roller boom support that generates more delimbing power. The interchangeable front and rear grapples have a 24’ delimbing capacity. With hydraulic operated boom position, the transport height of the DL3800 is reduced to 12’6”. The D6 325 size greased tracks and new two-speed, autoshift final drive provide traction for a ety of processing applications. The Cummins QSB with 215 hp is standard and the Cumming QSB with 240 hp is optional.

The optional leveling system incorporates two-cylinder, four-way leveling for safe and effective operation on steep terrain. It also improves swing torque when delimbing on slopes.



Timrick is presently developing a Tag-along slasher and will begin work in the field in the fall of 2005. It comes with its own power unit, John Deere engine, Rexroth hydraulic components, and is fully remote controlled. This unit was developed for the smaller contractor and also for the contractors that need extra slashing power, but not enough to justify two mobile units.

The Tag-along slasher allows contractors to make use of some of the other equipment they already have, (eg loggers that already have a hoe) and to boost slashing capabilities for their high production periods in the bush.

(204) 734-5138

Hood Logging Equipment

Hood Logging Equipment offers the Fabtek four-roller, 18” processor head. This head answers the needs of the logger wanting Fabtek reliability in a larger capacity processor. Based on the solid success of the company’s smaller units, this design uses proven components and a proven controlled fell processing system. This processor is built to work in the toughest North American conditions. It has a compact design to keep this larger head in a smaller overall package. This keeps the weight down, as well—the 18” weighs in at 4,100 lbs.

Fabtek’s new Skip Tooth roller has proven production increases of over 15 per cent and more accurate measurement as an added bonus, the company says. This tooth is standard on the 18” along with the new Hardox 400 upper knife arms for superior long life delimbing.

Votec Innovation Ltd

The company offers the HORNET 825 and HORNET 620. The fixed mount 825 requires far less operating room than a stroke-type delimber and allows the 825 to maneuver easily at the stump or at the road site. The 825 features an adjustable butt plate which allows operators to accurately process logs from 96” to 127” in length.

The 825’s butt plate is activated by a single 4” cylinder, providing the same power as a pair of 3” cylinders. The robust 18” feed rollers have superior traction surface and come either as spiked rollers or adjustable tension rubber rollers. The delimbing arms can surround a 22” diameter
tree, as well as delimb a 2.5” inch top.

The multi-stemming HORNET 620 comes in two model types, the less expensive SFS (Simplified Feeding System) head and the more productive AFS version.

The 620 can process trees from 6” to 24” and easily handles up to six stems at a time. It features a patented swing-away saw cabinet for processing large limbs and forked tops. This processing head offers 9,450 lbs of feed force through the four rollers and six knives. The rotator has a lifting capacity of 115,000 lbs, and rotating power of 6,350 ft-lbs at 1,700 psi. The 620 is an excellent choice in situations where loggers are processing high volumes of small wood.

Log Max 7000 HD & 12000 HD
Dedicated Processing Heads

Pro-Max, the western Canadian dealer for Log Max recently introduced two new purpose built processor arrangements; the 7000 HD and 12,000 HD processor heads.

Designed specifically for tough applications at roadside and in the woods, these heads have a shorter hanging bracket for improved control, less swing and more lift. The shorter hanging bracket also eliminates the need for carrier modifications to get greater boom lift. Both Log Max processors feature a specialized multi-stem measuring wheel arrangement and are available with steel or rubber feed rollers.

The delimbing arms are re-profiled for better delimbing quality and special knife tips make for easy picking out of a deck. According to the manufacturer, less oil flow is typically required for high performance processing resulting in a better match-up to a greater range of carriers.


Quadco’s Forespro stroke delimbers are available in telescopic or monoboom models. The telescopic boom delimber is a simple, heavy-duty structure with a 57’ boom reach. The monoboom delimbers feature a new heavy-duty model with a holding arms capacity of 3” to 55” (34” tunnel), a delimbing length of 44’ (with 52’ boom) and a choice of a 60, 80 and 95 cubic-inch motor.

Both have a cutting capacity of 30” to 34” and have several options available to match the operation: 0.404” or 3/4” top saw and butt saw, length and diameter measuring and feed rolls.

Quadco offers a feed roll option—a unique feed roll system with a built-in butt plate, which offers the versatility to process large timber as well as smaller trees. The unique horizontal roll position provides excellent visibility.

The company also offers the L-Series processors. Model L220, designed for 22” and smaller, short lengths, has no computer, and one or two bolt-on butt plates adjustable from 8’ to 17’ to suit mill requirements. Model L240 has computer measuring, no butt plates and larger feed motors. Both are well suited to roadside or behind-the-buncher CTL processing.

They require a 25 ton class excavator or purpose-built feller buncher capable of 100 gpm.



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