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Sept 2003 - Tech Update

Tech Update

Auctioneer & Appraisers

Tech Update Editor: Helen Johnson

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Ritchie Bros
Ritchie Bros Auctioneers recently launched an Internet service, rbauctionBid-Live, allowing qualified bidders to bid remotely from their computers. The service enhances the companys live unreserved auctions, allowing bidders to view the broadcasts and bid online. This can save time for the bidders and deliver a wider audience to the sellers, helping them get fair market value for their assets. Ritchie Bros is one of the largest auctioneers in Canada and carries out auctions of heavy industrial equipment across North America and around the world. www.rbauction.com  Reader Service Card #7050

LVG Auctions
John Visch and Larry Gardiner collectively have over a half a century of hands-on auction experience in the North American heavy equipment market. Incorporated as LVG in 1976, the company offers proposals that are tailor made to the client, starting with a thorough inspection of the equipment and researched current market values. The proposal usually includes a net minimum guarantee with participation in overages, competitive auction commissions or even an outright purchase of equipment. An advertising program alerts 70,000 potential buyers through a multi-national direct mail list and advertisements in key trade publications, daily, community and specialty newspapers. LVG has quick payout terms, with the seller generally paid out within 12 banking days. www.lvgauctions.com  Reader Service Card #7051

Maynards Industrial Division conducts sales in many areas of heavy industry, including forestry, construction, machine tool and trucking, with sales ranging in size from $100,000 to $10 million. Founded in 1902, Maynards has exclusive contracts with Weyerhaeuser and General Motors to manage sales of their surplus assets. The key to maximizing the sales return is to ensure that the appropriate sales technique is matched with the assets, the company says. Maynards will recommend private treaty, run-to-wind-up, liquidation or auctionor often a combinationto market the clients equipment and inventories and achieve the highest net return. Maynards has an extensive and qualified contact database and business network. As well, its personnel are experienced salesmen and appraisers with extensive business networks and industry knowledge. Maynards has particular expertise in the forestry and sawmill industries based on their history of selling and appraising assets for a variety of clients including large integrated forest companies, privately owned sawmills and woodworking firms, as well as financial institutions lending to the industry. Their appraisals will support management decisions concerning buy/sell transactions and lending authorizations. Maynards combines traditional sales methods with the latest in computer technology, including its Web site, guaranteeing purchasers will know about upcoming auctions and sales. www.maynards.com Reader Service Card #7052

Champion Auctions
Champion Auctions is a progressive company expanding to keep up with the demands of customers and clients and bringing buyers and sellers together. Specializing in forestry and construction equipment, farm, real estate, personal property and estate auctions, Champion has been an accredited appraiser since 1996. Averaging 30 to 40 auctions per year, Champions team includes auctioneers, ring men, clerks and cashiers. They have an enclosed sound truck with a built-in public address system, a mobile office trailer and staff to register bidders, collect auction proceeds and prepare client records for presentation upon completion of the auction. Champion has a mobile hot water pressure-washing unit available to clean equipment, displaying equipment to the best selling advantage. Its targeted advertising program includes global Internet advertising, attractive auction posters, television and radio advertising and display ads in weekly newspapers and direct flyer mail-out. They have two highly visible 4x8 portable highway advertising signs and portable directional signs, and have access to several mobile caterers. www.championauction.com  Reader Service Card #7053

Wershow-Ash-Lewis has established many firsts in 60 years of business and has used its auction sales experience to advocate for its clients. Presenting merchandise at its best, W-A-L targets the most likely buyers by sending out brochures to selected clients from a database of 67,000 prospects that W-A-L has cultivated and refined. Industry firsts by Wershow-Ash-Lewis include the first auction yard, the first auction by slide, the first sawmill auction and the first to guarantee sales. W-A-L also pioneered the most advanced and precise bookkeeping system in the industry. Known for their honesty, accuracy and professionalism, the company has complete auction results on the day of sale, and pays promptly. The W-A-L team has 225 years of accumulated wisdom, combining talent and technical expertise, and made $6 billion in total sales from 6,500 auctions for large and small companies, individuals, banks and financial institutions and government agencies. Its key to a successful auction includes planning, promotion, preparation, know-how and profit. www.wershowashlewis.com  Reader Service Card #7054

Icoworks delivers online auction services as a provider with eBay. Icoworks also broadcasts live auctions on the Internet through BidSpotter Inc. These alliances work in concert with custom e-commerce systems and sophisticated marketing tools to drive qualified industrial and commercial buyers to timed and live online auctions. Icoworks services include an initial review and evaluation through to the final disposal of assets, with asset listings based on its appraisers in-depth market knowledge. Fee-based appraisals are suitable for financing, book depreciation, mergers and acquisitions, as well as dissolutions. Asset collection is designed to maximize value received at each sale, including relocation, refurbishing and title clearing as necessary. Icoworks has decades of experience in industries including forestry and logging, machine shops, sawmills, woodwork and millwork. Icoworks provides online e-commerce management, content development and interactive online brochures, database, buyer and prospect list management, Internet traffic and sales, page view analysis and site usage. www.icoworks.com  Reader Service Card #7055

Kittrell Auctions
The Kittrell Group auction services start with an on site consultation to determine needs and goals. Kittrell provides a proposal that reflects current market conditions based on knowledge and experience gained in almost half a century of experience in the lumber and wood products industry. These reports can be used for decision making with management, partners, heirs, banks or courts.

Kittrell offers certified equipment appraisal studies for lending institutions and investors that meet US FIRREA standards. Kittrell provides appraisals related to federal income tax, estate planning, property assessments and insurance purposes. All Kittrell appraisals are completed in accordance with USPAP standards. The value of assets are established for a variety of needs, including fair market, as is and in place, in use, going concern, replacement, liquidation, estate and orderly liquidation. Kittrell offers auction services, appraisals, equipment brokering, business sales and piece-by-piece liquidations. The Kittrell Groups guaranteed approach combines its selling experience with advertising and promotion to bring customers top dollar in the least amount of time, on commission. www.kittrellauctions.com  Reader Service Card #7056

Michener Allen
Michener Allen Auctioneering has been in business for more than 32 years and now has two locations, Edmonton and Calgary, AB. To assist clients in disposing of surplus industrial and agricultural equipment and vehicles, Michener Allen holds six unreserved industrial sales and approximately 10 automotive auctions annually in each location, attracting 3,000 to 5,000 potential buyers per sale. www.michenerallen.com  Reader Service Card #7057

Suncorp Valuations
Suncorp Valuations Ltd has provided valuation counsel services to Canadian clientele for over 40 years and provides valuation studies for the logging and sawmilling industry, locally, nationally and internationally. Services provided include industrial market value, insurance, corporate planning, allocation of purchase price, financing, property tax review, enterprise valuation, acquisitions and mergers, and due diligence issues. Suncorp staff members are either members of the American Society of Appraisers and/or the Appraisal Institute of Canada. Many have obtained senior designations within their area of expertise. Each year, the company prepares reports on over $10 billion worth of assets, including equipment, vehicles, machinery and buildings. Suncorps appraisal conclusions are introduced as evidence in court proceedings, providing expert testimonies for clients. Suncorps corporate office is located in Saskatoon, SK, while branch and service offices are located in Winnipeg, MB, Vancouver, BC, Edmonton and Calgary, AB, Toronto, ON, and Vancouver, WA. It has international strategic alliances with Rushton International, UK, and Greater China Appraisal Limited, Hong Kong. www.suncorp.ca  Reader Service Card #7058

Tri-State Auctions
Tri-State Auctions specializes in liquidation and appraisal of forestry equipment including sawmills, logging, pallet mills and woodworking. The family-owned and operated company began when John C Kimbel, CAI, set up and prepared the auction of his lumber business. After working for another auction company for two years, he started his own, specializing in forest industry equipment. Now that John Sr is semi-retired, John C Kimbel Jr, CAI, CAGA, GPPA, runs the company. He is a professional appraiser whose experience, professionalism and expertise make him a leading forestry equipment auctioneer. On site manager Sandra Kimbel-White, CAI, GPPA, is a licenced auctioneer and real estate broker who is in charge of advertising and scheduling. In the auction industry for 18 years, she has the education and knowledge of the equipment to best emphasize their values in advertising. James Savage, GPPA, auctioneer and on site coordinator, works with buyers and sellers and knows what order of sale is required for the equipment to sell in order to maximize the value of the items. The company operates in 18 southeastern states. www.tri-stateauction.com  Reader Service Card #7059

James G Murphy
Established in 1970, James G Murphy specializes in commercial and industrial auctions, including all aspects of the forest industry. It conducts about 100 no minimum bid auctions a year throughout the US. Its six-acre auction facility in Kenmore, WA, hosts eight large heavy equipment and vehicle auctions a year, featuring equipment from local utility companies, cities, counties, contractors and dealers. They also auction wood processing, logging and contractor equipment. The companys Web site is updated daily and offers online bidding. Although most of its auctions are conducted in the US, James G Murphy has the capability of conducting auctions anywhere in North America and provides a complete appraisal service if necessary. The companys list of 40,000 company names is broken down into various categories to optimize its customer base. Tim Murphy, president, has a crew with over 50 years of combined experience, diversified in different types of auctions, to meet the needs of sellers and buyers. www.murphyauction.com  Reader Service Card #7060

National REPO Center
The National REPO Center specializes in marketing large commercial equipment such as forestry, construction, mining and highway tractors. It markets on an individual unit basis as well as on a comprehensive basis such as complete transport companies and mine sites. The goal is to offer one-stop services for its client financial institutions. National REPO Center offers auction services and complete bailiff services, as well as seizures, storage, appraisals, re-conditioning and re-marketing in both Canada and the US. Other services include those under the Commercial Tenancies Act, Personal Property Security Act and Mechanics Lien Act. The National REPO Center provides complete appraisals and condition reports upon seizure and supplies estimated net recovery values. It also handles smaller items such as cars, boats, RVs and restaurant equipment. www.nationalrepocenter.com  Reader Service Card #7061

Hodgins Auctioneers
Hodgins Auctioneers provides a services and auction plan tailored to a particular clients needs when disposing of farm equipment or farmland. Conducting auctions anywhere in North America, generally with two to three auctioneers and fully trained clerks and cashiers, Hodgins offers a range of financial options, including straight commission, financial guarantees and outright purchases. The companys Web site offers live Internet bidding. www.hodginsauctioneers.com  Reader Service Card #7062

The management of Tradewest Asset Solutions Inc has more than 28 years of experience in the sale of sawmilling, lumber remanufacturing and logging equipment, ranging from individual pieces to major sawmill and logging operations. Tradewest also does extensive consulting on market value appraisals and valuations for owners, banks and receivers. It offers confidential, no obligation proposals for the sale of clients assets with a range of financial options including outright cash purchases, guaranteed minimum returns and straight commission sales. www.tradewestsales.com  Reader Service Card #7063


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