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Sept 2003 - Supplier Newsline

Supplier Newsline

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Deere Realigns Forestry Organization
John Deere and Timberjack have announced a reorganization of their forestry sales and marketing group in North America. A team focused on the logging industry has been established, under the leadership of Don Switzer, director of sales and marketing NA Forestry, to reflect Deeres commitment to the logging industry and its customers. This realignment is a way of renewing our long term commitment to our customers who expect the best service, delivery and support possible from the Timberjack and Deere names, Switzer said in a news release. Our job is not only to bring the best products to the market place, we must continuously strive to excel in our leadership role by providing unsurpassed customer support and the added value that comes with the Deere/Timberjack name. Newly added district sales manager in Western Canada is Wally Buchanan. He is joined by Elliott Little in Eastern Canada. Bill Lewis, corporate business manager, will continue to work with large forest companies focusing on the sales of forestry equipment directed at mill yards, road building, harvesting and reforestation applications. Dorothy Torbush, manager, forestry advertising and market communications, will report directly to Switzer, as will Buchanan. Clark Johnson has been appointed to the newly created position of manager, marketing support for North America and will also report directly to Switzer. Johnson will be responsible for strengthening and support of marketing, sales, customer support and training in advanced logging systems and technologies. Johnson will also lead three teams established to focus on advanced harvesting systems (AHS) and full tree logging. The team leaders, each focusing on specific North American regions, are Dave Wellman, western US; David Althaus, central US; and Paul Holman, in the eastern US. Technical support representatives providing assistance to dealers for AHS include David Hill, in the western US and Pierre Fortin, in the east. Rob Hansen and Art Jones have been appointed as the DTAC specialist and service training coordinators. Pekka Saloranta will relocate from Finland to the US in the capacity of AHS automation support. Also under Johnson, a group of experts in full tree logging includes Berry Johnson, full tree application specialist, and Travis Wollbrink, full tree service training specialist. A full tree support manager is to be appointed at a later date. Team members Den Storey, product manager of skidders and wheel feller bunchers, and Chuck Gee, product manager, track feller bunchers and knuckleboom loaders, will also report to Clark Johnson. www.timberjack.com www.deere.com  Reader Service Card #7064

Offers New Weight Scaling Feature WoodX.com, a web-based information company, adds weight scaling data to assist its clients in making competitive bids on BC Timber Sales. Log volumes are calculated by applying a weight-to-cubic-metre ratio for each species, region and company, determining timber volume and average stumpage. Companies set up stratums of species and grades that reflect their expected timber. The WoodX weight scaling listing allows clients to easily compare the ratios for each company and find the best value and fit for their timber. Sorting on each stratum will also give per cent of species, grade and sample load information. www.woodx.com . Reader Service Card #7065

Containers Recycled with Oil in New Recycling Program
The challenge of harnessing a non-renewable resource received a boost with the launch in British Columbia of an industry-led lubricating oil recycling program
replacing the current return-to-retailer model. Now used oil filters and used plastic oil containers (up to 30-litre size) will be accepted along with used oil. The program will be managed by the British Columbia Used Oil Management Association (BCUOMA), a non-profit, industry-led organization. The program is funded by an Environmental Handling Charge (EHC) assessed on new oil, filters and plastic oil containers. The EHC is not a government tax, but a user-pay levy to be used by BCUOMA solely for funding the collection of used oil, oil filters and plastic oil containers. In 2002, approximately 75 million litres of used oil, seven million oil filters and 2.2 million kilograms of used plastic oil containers were available for collection and recycling in British Columbia. Only 61 per cent of the oil, 17 per cent of the filters and 12 per cent of the plastic oil containers were collected. www.usedoilrecycling.com  Reader Service Card #7066

Tanguay Markets Ponsse Products
Finlands Ponsse OYJ has signed a dealer agreement with Tanguay Industries of Saint-Prime, Quebec. Tanguay will market the Ponsse product line in Quebec, except in the Gaspe. Ponsse is a manufacturer of cut-to-length forest harvesting equipment including six-wheeled processors, six- and eight-wheeled forwarders and tree harvesting heads. Tanguay has been a distributor of forestry equipment since 1951 with dealer outlets in Amos, Quebec City and Saint-Prime. www.ponsse.com  Reader Service Card #7067

New Grading/Coding Device Speeds Upgrade Process
Matthews International has developed a printed system to ensure tracing and grade certification on boards for the Carlotta mill operated by The Pacific Lumber Company (PALCO). The Matthews system consists of assigning a permanent, unique code number to each board gradeone to 20. Each grader is assigned a number from 21 to 99. Grade numbers may designate low-grade boards for fencing to high-grade boards for architectural paneling. Then, the computer electronically conveys the two-digit grade and the two-digit grader ID numbers, which are ink-jet applied by the Matthews SCI FI 3200 marking system. The SCI FI 3200 is the first adaptation of Matthews proprietary valve-jet technology for small character printing and coding. The drop-on-demand valve printer features a pressurized ink delivery system, prints one or two lines of characters ranging from 3/32 to 13/16 character height, and provides enhanced throw distance for difficult industrial applications. The Matthews 3200 is designed to communicate through a serial port which was already used on the Allen Bradley PLC (Program Logic Controller) to connect to the PALCO optimizer. PALCO added an Allen Bradley 2760 RB module allowing them to get the coding information from the PLC to the marking device. The new board marking system also gives a better ability to check quality and to identify when graders may be off the mark, a significant added value. Reader Service Card #7068

Rockwells Extended Length Infeed
The Rockwell Industries infeed has all be benefits of a double length 50 to 60 footer, but in a 38 frame which includes the log turner. The double scan system and high speed setworks require less than a second to optimize the log and position the infeed. Some mills have seen increases of four to 10 per cent and an even larger increase can be realized when the infeed is combined with the slewing and skewing operations. Further benefits of an extended length infeed are that less reconstruction of the existing mill structure is required and costs are reduced by 20 to 30 per cent less than most double length infeeds, the company says. Reader Service Card #7069

Muhlbock Kilns Offer Multi-Zone Control
The multi-zone control kilns from Muhlbock Vanicek Drying Technology provide minimal variation in the final moisture content of the boards. By dividing a large kiln into smaller drying areas and differing the drying speeds, drying is controlled and final moisture content is more even. Muhlbocks Harmony Control System addresses the problems of uneven drying and improves the final moisture distribution by more than 50 per cent compared to conventional drying systems, the company says. The system reduces overdrying, drying times and maximum heating capacity requirements, resulting in reduction in waste, increase in productivity and better utilization of the kiln. www.vanicek.com  Reader Service Card #7070

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