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Oct 2003 - Tech Update

Tech Update

Delimbers & Processors

Tech Update Editor: Helen Johnson

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DELIMBERS & PROCESSORS Tech Update Editor: Helen Johnson

Cutting Systems Inc
The Cutting Systems Inc (CSI) model PTD-264 delimber is a rugged built, four-knife, pull-through delimber with topping saw, designed for use in hardwood or pine for maximum production and ease of operation. It features a wide throat opening, which coupled with the special roller and knife design, makes pulling easy and smooth. Product specifications include a height of 90, width of 85.75 and length of 92.75. It has a weight of 7,400 pounds. The frame is heavy wall high strength tube and the body is high alloy steel plate. The DL-4400 classic slasher saw has what CSI terms a DOG LEG (DL) style saw box which gives the loader operator a better view, plus more grapple room when pulling the tree stems up for the next cut. It is built from high strength tube and alloy steel to create a machine that is strong and durable, says CSI. New innovations such as four larger 3/4 inch bar mounting bolts and a hydraulic cushion bar stop help maximize bar speeds. A one turn cam type chain adjuster makes adjusting chain tension fast and simple. These features, along with the auto adjusting feed system which maintains the fastest cutting speed at all times, makes the DL- 4400 a leader in bar and chain slashers. Reader Service Card #8050

Hahn Machinery
Hahn Machinery Inc continues to offer its line of mobile processors and delimbers, including the HTL300/F and HTL250GT rubber tired and track mounted tree length delimbers, the HSW110/C rubber tired shortwood processor, and the HS500 series mobile slasher-merchandisers. The HTL series machines delimb, measure, buck, and sort and are most productive producing logs 16 and longer. The HTL series processors are equipped with a powerful and efficient John Deere 6068T Powertech diesel engine that delivers 185 hp at 2500 rpm. The delimbing system incorporates a closed loop, pressure compensated, hydrostatic transmission working through a two-stage planetary gearbox to provide delimbing speeds up to 11 feet per second and delimbing forces exceeding 17,000 lbs. The machines are equipped with their own loader to feed whole trees into the machine and to pile limbs, tops, and other debris.

The track mounted HTL250GT is capable of swinging on its undercarriage and its loader can be used to deck or load the finished material. Hahns HSW110 series is a mobile shortwood processor that delimbs, measures, bucks, sorts, piles, or loads both hardwood and softwood up to 24 in diameter and produces logs ranging from 8 to 24 in length. The HSW110 series features a John Deere 6068T Powertech diesel engine, as above, and a unique double action delimbing system. Two powerful hydraulic stroke cylinders deliver up to 24,000 lbs of delimbing force for processing heavily limbed trees and two feed rollers that can pull trees through the delimbing knives at up to 11 feet per second. Measuring is accomplished with retractable, rigid, butt plates that ensure consistent log lengths. The HS500 Slasher-Merchandiser is a self-propelled or trailer mount mobile merchandising deck that bucks and sorts logs. Intended for yard or landing applications, the HS500 can be fitted with its own self-loader or used as an attachment behind existing loading machines. Logs are placed onto the live-roller infeed deck and advanced up to one of the operator selected butt plates. Once the butts of the trees contacts the butt plate, the in-feed rollers stop and a 60 circular saw drops and makes the cut. The logs are ejected and the stems are rolled up to the next stop. The process is completed until the entire tree is cut up and sorted. Reader Service Card #8051

The Keto 800PHD log and tree processor has a unique design based on the proven technology in other Keto products, thus offering very high levels of performance and reliability, says the company. Specs on the 800PHD include a weight of 7055 pounds, with tilt angles of +/- 45 degrees. Height tilt down to hanger pin center is 103 inches. Width is 83 inches with open outside guards. Length to the tip of the top knife is 96.5 inches. Maximum saw bar size is 39.5 inches. Top saw, .404 type, is 22 inches. Maximum opening on knives, tip to tip, is 35 inches. Maximum feeding speed on the 800PHD is 13.1 feet per second. It offers peak tractive force of 9031 pounds. The carrier size recommended for the unit is a range of 210 to 350 horsepower, and 67,000 to 110,000 pounds. The Keto equipment evolution started over 25 years ago and it has produced solutions for professional logging all around the world. The company is continuing that evolution to meet the needs of the industry for tomorrow and years to come. Reader Service Card #8052

Timrick Welding & Machine
A strong point of the Timrick Welding & Machine slashers has been the flexibility of the equipment. The company custom builds slashers to customer requirements to produce the best equipment for customers and their area requirements. The company has strived to produce a machine that is not only operator friendly with a larger sound sealed cab, but that also has less down time, higher production and sorting capabilities, and efficient fuel consumption. One of the options available on the Timrick Slasher are hydraulic butt board pin stops. These were designed to stop the butt board at variable lengths, due to the extensive wood sorts in some areas. The length can be set from 100 to 169. Some have been set at 96, 106, 126, or any length required by area and sort requirements. There are a maximum of three sets per machine, and when combined with the standard 8 and 169 this gives five length settings. They are operated by two cylinders per setting, which are mounted vertically so they push the stoppers up through the deck and then the butt board stops at that desired length. Buttons on the controller handles actuates them.

Timrick is also very flexible as to setting up of the pilot functions. The controllers are set as requested by customers for whichever functions they would like on each handle and you also have the choice for the house swing, on the handles or on a foot pedal on the cab floor. The hydraulic system is load sense, pressure compensated. It was engineered and designed specifically for this application by both Bosch Rexroth & Timrick Welding. The systems benefits include maximum efficiency and production, longer life for pumps, motors and valves, better fuel consumption, 2 4 gallons per hour, and no heating problems in summer weather, according to the company. Reader Service Card #8053

Fabtek offers two dangle processing heads. Valves are mounted in the head, making field installation easy, says the company. Fabtek dangle heads are designed for hardwoods, with a heavy-duty 3-pillar structure. The 400 Brinell hardness knives have ramped backs to wedge-cut branches. A high-speed 11H saw system allows for fast bucking, but with component strength required in rugged conditions. A retractable independent measurement wheel allows for positioning on the tree without damage to the unit. A lower delimb arm removes bottom branches and supports the tree when reversing direction. Head mounted valve has adjustable feed reducers. Drive rolls are available in steel spiked or rubber with chain. Models include 18 dangle and 24 dangle. Fabtek also has 2 and 4-roll controlled fell processor heads designed with a heavy-duty structure, making them ideal for use in hardwoods. As above, the knives are 400 Brinell hardness to maintain sharpness and have ramped backs to wedge-cut branches.

With an 11H saw system, the Fabtek heads are tolerant to rugged working conditions. Hydraulics are carrier mounted, keeping the head simple and clean. An optional three-way measuring system gives the capability of measuring by the roller wheels or the independent wheel, for greater accuracy when measuring hardwoods. Also as with the above dangle processing heads, drive rolls are available in steel spike, steel machines or rubber with chain. Models include 13 2-roller for small excavator conversions and 18 4-roller used on purpose built track carriers and large excavator conversions. The CTR 550 delimber was developed specifically to serve the hardwood market and is also ideal for large wood, whether its big pine or hardwood. The large 28 throat can handle stems in the 26 to 28 range or as small as 4, without readjustment. It is designed with two additional rollers to reduce friction and make pull-through faster. The five alloy-steel blades and a floating bottom blade follow the contour of the stem, resulting in clean stems. The CTR 550 delimber is cradle-mounted with a topping saw. The cradle mount allows the delimber to follow the curve of the tree without guide arms, and is perfect for mounting on delimbing trailers, but is also available on mobile units and the CTR Whole Tree Processor. Reader Service Card #8054

The Timberline model SDL2a is said to be a very versatile delimber, being purpose built, environmentally friendly, rugged and having a large hardwood capacity. Standard equipment on the machine is a 42 boom, front topping saw with oiler pump and tank, butt saw with oiler pump and tank and butt plate. The machine is equipped with 5.5 delimbing knives, a Cat 330 undercarriage with 4-way leveling system and a Cat 330/24 single grouser track system. Powering the unit is a Cummins CTA 8.3-C, 215 HP engine with 145 amp alternator. Other standard equipment includes swing motor (leveling 50cc), swing motor (non-leveling 63cc), 130 cc, 75GPM Rexroth pump and valve bank, ether starting system, master disconnect switch, electric hydraulic tank fill system, smart system computer with inch or metric unit measurement, diameter readout system, AM/FM radio/stereo cassette player and cab air conditioning and Halogen lighting system. Options include 6.5 diameter cylinder 4-way leveling, a 260 HP engine, automatic fire suppression system, log stem support, Arctic hydraulic tank heater, Cat 330/28 double grouser track system or Cat 330/34 triple grouser track system. Reader Service Card #8055

The latest addition to the Waratah HTH600 series of harvester/processor heads is
also the smallest. The HTH616S is built with the durability of the bigger heads in the series, and is suitable for softwood applications with 16 to 20 ton carriers. A high speed, high productivity head, the HTH616S is most effective in wood up to 16-in (40 cm) diameter. Three feed rollers with full hydraulic synchro-drive develop speeds up to 20.5 ft/sec (6.3 m/sec) while maintaining positive contact with the stem. With either the Logrite or T10 measuring and control system, it produces clean delimbed log lengths accurately measured to mill specification. The chainsaw has hydrostatic drive and automatic tensioning, and the standard topping saw helps increase fiber yield. Reader Service Card #8056

Votec Innovation
The Hornet 825 requires less room to operate than other stroke type delimbers because its tail swing is no longer than that of a standard excavator, the company says. Its low centre of gravity, due to its mounting at the end of existing booms, allows the Hornet 825 to maneuver easily at the stump or at road side. The Hornet 825 weighs in at 8,725 pounds, including rotator. Overall length is 194 inches, with a height of 76 inches and width of 60 inches. Maximum lifting capacity of the rotator is 100,000 pounds. Maximum cutting diameter of the butt saw is 26 inches, and 18 inches for the topping saw. Saw motors are VOAC F11-19. Chain pitch is 0.404 inches, and chain speed is 9,500 to 10,900 rpm. The unit features a standard linear measuring system, with an optional 10 present length measurement system. Feed speed on the 825 is from 10 feet/sec to 14 feet/sec. The maximum opening between rollers is 32 inches, and minimum opening is 1.5 inches. The steel feed roller diameter is 25.75 inches, and rubber feed roller diameter (optional) is 26.5 inches. Maximum delimbing arms opening is 28.5 inches, with minimum arms opening of 2.5 inches. Butt plate width is 28 inches, with a height of 22 inches, and length adjustment from 96 to 127 inches. Carrier recommendation size for the delimber is from 150 hp to 200 hp (25 to 30 ton carriers). Reader Service Card #8057

Denharco has developed a more rugged delimbing head that combines a top saw and a butt saw. Positioning both the top saw and butt saw in the delimbing head increases operational flexibility. Visibility is improved because the butt saw, located several feet from the operators cab, is placed well away from the grab arms. Crosscutting of damaged or rotten sections at the base of the stem is facilitated. Furthermore, slash can be left on the landing, rather than at the roadside. Combining the two saws in the head speeds up the delimbing cycle and allows loggers to optimize their production. With the modular design of its 4000 series, Denharco offers loggers a delimber that meets their operating requirements. This latest evolution is part of the ongoing effort Denharco makes to continually improve its products to meet the needs of customers. Reader Service Card #8058

Pierce Pacific Manufacturing
Production has already begun on the new Pierce Teloscopic Delimber. Results from the field test unit have been very successful. Production is high and all expectations are being met, says the company. Preliminary specifications on the PTD 2856 include an overall weight of 18,000 pounds, and a 24 inch delimbing capacity. Delimbing reach from the butt plate is 54 feet, while minimum reach is nine feet. It has a tail swing of 26 feet. Degree angle tilt up is 15 degrees and degree angle tilt down is 45 degrees. Maximum butt saw cutting diameter is 28 inches. The butt saw system is a 3/4 pitch Pierce saw system. Maximum boom speed with the PTD 2856 is 13 feet per second. Boom drive type is 140D traction chain and maximum pulling power is 10,000 pounds. Required flow is 135 hp/100 gpm. Measuring system on the delimber is Pierce level 1 or MK2 Level 2. Tunnel opening is 28 inches, and rear hold arm maximum opening is 30 inches. Reader Service Card #8059

Pro Pac
The delimbers from Pro Pac Industries Ltd include the PP393, the PP453, the PP513 and the PP613 and offer grapple openings from 20 to 34 and maximum delimbing diameters from 18 to 32. Optional heads for the delimbers include twin toping knives with an 8 capacity, a 24-capacity bar saw head, with or without a standard timing arm, and circular saw heads with an 11 or 16 capacity. Other features include butt saw, butt plate, 3 1/2 cylinder (rear only), measuring device (length and top) support cables, drive motor, time delay, stroke limiter and independent rear grapples. The delimbers feature 36 to 48 booms and a stroke of between 26.6 and 37.5. The Pro Pac delimbers are adaptable to all makes of carriers. Pro Pac manufactures two slasher models, the 500 and 600, that feature a 60 saw blade, butt plates of 48 to 50 and 96 to 100. Cut lengths vary from 48 to 164. The 500 has an overall length of 197, while the 600 is 287 in length. The slashers weigh 5,000 lbs and 8,900 lbs respectively. Reader Service Card #8060

The Hood mobile slasher features articulated steering, is self-propelled and has capacities for a 24,000 pound or 32,000 pound loader. The slasher cuts from 100 to 168 with optional 4 to 24 cuts. It has a hydraulic fold up back extension, and cab guard. The Hood slasher has a 27,330 pound capacity at 10 and 13,300 pound capacity at 20 feet. There is five feet of saw travel over the slasher bed. The articulated steering is powered by two 3-1/2 by 12 double acting cylinders. It features 23.1 X 26 tires for high flotation and positive traction. The disc brakes on axles are air over hydraulic with Mico locks. Other features include a JD 6 cylinder 6068T engine, automatic engine overhead and low engine oil pressure shutdown, a 30 boom with 32 boom available. It has two 6 by 48 lift cylinders and one 7 by 36 jib cylinder. It comes with planetary drive swing gearbox with automatic fail-safe break, and features non-continuous rotation with 39 turntable bearing with a 43 option. It has four stabilizers with 6 by 17 cylinders and 24 by 24 stabilizer pads. The slasher has a 90 gallon fuel tank, and a 100 gallon hydraulic system. Approximate weight of the unit is 48,000 pounds. Reader Service Card #8061

Risley has recently introduced three new models of long log processors, the LM3600, the LM2600 and the LM2700. Designed around the already established Lim-mit, these new Lim-mits have been designed to maintain the high standards of productivity and reliability while setting new standards for quality and accuracy when processing merchandized lengths, the company says. The LM3600 has a 36 capacity while the LM2600 and LM2700 have a 30 capacity. The Risley Cobra and Sidewinder processors are designed as purpose-built controlled processors especially suited for the sorting and processing of variable length softwood and hardwood species. Measurements are achieved by use of a DASA Measuring system. The Sidewinder is designed to handle up to 30 capacity while the Cobra processor is ideally suited to 16 to 22 delimbing and a maximum 24 butt cut. Reader Service Card #8062

The Quadco/Levesque 240 head was introduced to loggers during the 2003 Logfor trade show in Quebec. While still under development, this head is designed for short-wood processing of what the company calls the big and ugly hardwoods and softwoods. The 24 capacity 240 employs two moving knives and one fixed knife, two holding arms, an Allen-Bradley computer, a movable butt plate and a movable butt saw. The 6800 pound head mounts on a 22-25 ton carrier. On the Forespro stroke delimber/processor side, the company offers monoboom (standard and heavy duty) and telescopic (standard and heavy duty). Heavy duty is for the larger Western timber and comes with a larger capacity tunnel, heavier trough, drive shaft, holding arms and cylinders. Both the telescopic and monoboom can be equipped with the feed roll option for added productivity in tall timber. Quadcos unique feed roll system, rather than squeezing the stem from the sides like other roll/stroke delimbers, uses a patented horizontal feed roller-butt plate assembly, which uses the weight of the tree to its advantage. In addition to reducing pressure and spike damage to the log, visibility is not impeded. Quadcos three harvester/processor heads include the 22 to 24 capacity 5600, the 24 capacity 6000 and the 30 capacity 7500. Top saws are standard on all models and the main saw can be a disc or bar and chain.

The 7500 has two-speed motors for high torque in heavy delimbing, and high speed in lighter conditions. A unique processor-mounted yoke provides attachment control for decking and the head can pivot seven degrees side-to-side to reduce fiber damage. The 6000 and 7500 models feature modular construction with three boom mounts, three butt saws and two feed roll types to choose from. An independent hydraulically controlled length-measuring wheel and in-cylinder diameter reading achieve accurate log measuring. The self-adjusting, proportional-pressure soft clamp system, based on tree diameter, minimizes friction and maximizes feed speed, the company says. Other features include a twin-motor rotator with a 100,000-lb capacity sealed bearing, a harvester-style tilt frame with 3-1/2 cushioned cylinders and standard bottom delimbing arms. The 5600 can handle stems up to 22 with the standard slide-out disc and up to 24 with the optional swing-out disc (called the 5660), borrowed from the 6000 model. Its frame structure and delimbing arms are built to handle heavy limbs and hardwoods. The accumulator arms, solid mount and measuring wheel are designed for multi-stemming, improving operations in small diameter timber stands, as well as for road-side processing. Reader Service Card #8063


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Timrick Welding & Machine    #8053
Blount    #8054
Timberline     #8055
Waratah   #8056
Votec Innovation   #8057
Denharco    #8058
Pierce Pacific Manufacturing    #8059
Pro Pac    #8060
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