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Maxum Minimizes Downtime Dodge introduces the Maxum concentric speed reducer, offering increased horsepower and higher torque ratings to provide greater concentric reducer value. Fractional to1600 hp, with ratios 2.25- 194.6 available, the Dodge Maxum meets or exceeds the latest AGMA standards and is available in scoop, top mount and base plate configurations. The Maxum's rugged, compact design generates dependable performance in less space. Its cast iron housings provide strength and rigidity for industrial applications. Standard double-lip and optional Viton seals help keep lubricants in and contaminants out. The Dodge Maxum concentric speed reducer is manufactured at the Dodge gear reducer plant in Greenville, SC, which has received the ISO 9002 certification by Underwriters Laboratories.

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Cat's New Cut-to-Length Log Forwarders From thinning to final felling, the new Caterpillar 554 and 574 forwarders meet the demands of cut-to-length harvesting. With high lifting capacities and efficient travel speeds, both models are powered by direct-injected, turbocharged and after-cooled engines. The 35,200-lb 574 is powered by a 163-hp Cat 3126 engine, while the 26,400-lb 554 features a 122-hp Cat 3054 engine. Both machines have hydrostatic powershift transmissions that power all eight wheels for optimum traction in unfavourable conditions. With a tiltable loader to increase productivity on slopes and improve access to logs, the 574 is equipped with a front-powered hydraulic bogie lift for enhanced maneuverability, a feature that is optional on the 554.

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Angle Boss Has Non-Metallic Bearings:  The Angle Boss up-cut style, cut-off saw features two non-metallic bearings made of low-friction Duralon. Operating on the self-lubricating bearings that travel on a square steel shaft, the saw's guard/clamp assembly protects the blade and holds the wood in place during the cut. The filament-wound bearings, supplied by Rexnord Corp.'s Duralon Bearing Division, position the guard to prevent it from rotating and guide it during raising and lowering. Other benefits of the design include ease of operation, speed, accuracy and low operator fatigue. Manufactured by Vista Machines Inc., the Angle Boss has an 18"-diameter, 100- tooth carbide-tipped, retractable blade that comes up from below the adjustable round table to safely cut angles on dimensional lumber for outdoor furniture and other products. Safer than radial arm saws or chop boxes, the saw has a cycle time of about two-seconds, says the manufacturer.


Stihl Offers All-Season Performance:  Stihl's Arctic chain saws are equipped with a thermostatically controlled heating element that reduces the possibility of carburetor icing and allows the saw to operate at peak performance, regardless of the time of year. The models-including the 026, 036, 044, 046 and 066-are equipped with comfortable, heated handles, activated by an on/off switch. The Arctic saws range in weight from 10.7 to 16.7 lbs and in power from 2.6 kW to 5.4 kW. Stihl Arctic saws also have side-access chain tensioner and easy-access air filter to simplify maintenance. The air filter surface area is 70 per cent larger than previous models. The IntelliCarb compensating carburetor increases the interval between filter cleanings up to three times and adjusts the air/fuel intake, keeping engine rpm's up and maintenance time down. The master control lever places all controls at the operator's fingertips.

Bliss Offers Medium Fine Grind Hammermill:    The all new medium fine grind hammermill from Bliss Industries Inc. features a 1/8" hammer to screen clearance around the full circumference of the chamber. The design enables the unit to fine grind with a larger screen than a typical hammermill. With 10 models to choose from in 24" and 48" diameter sizes, the medium fine grind hammermill is the latest addition to the Eliminator family and features an extra fine screen carriage that is easily accessed for routine maintenance.

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New Scale Maximizes The Drying Process:  The Computerized Moisture Monitoring Scale (CMMS) from MEC Dry Kilns Inc. monitors the change in the percentage of moisture in the wood as it dries during kiln drying and converts lumber weight into accurate moisture content equivalents. Operational inside any double or single-track kiln, the CMMS system has a coated steel platform that is installed under the car tracks. Four load cells are linked through a summing junction box, which sends the weight data signals continuously online to the PLC computer where it is automatically converted into moisture percentage according to the lumber load in the kiln. MEC uses Centerlign load cells from Mettler Toledo's US-based North American operations to convert existing kiln cars into high-precision and dependable moisture monitoring scales.

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Next Generation of Sawmill Chemicals:  Walker Brothers has reached an agreement with Avecia Inc., the successor business to Zeneca Specialties, to sell the innovative chemical hexaconazole to the forest industry. Marketed under the name Passport, the product represents the next generation of anti sapstain chemicals, which are applied to freshly cut lumber to maintain appearance and prevent mould and fungal growth during production, storage and shipping. The chemistry represents a safer form of technology and responds to the industry need for improved worker health and reduced environmental impact. Walker Brothers is a leading supplier of coatings and chemicals to the sawmill sector in the North American Pacific Northwest.


Partnership Founds Forestry Tool Rental Centres:   Turboforest NovaSylva, manufacturers of forestry products and vehicles, has created a new division, NovaJack, to market its products through exclusive banners in forestry tool rental centres in Canada and the US. Danielle Choiniere and NovaJack are cofounders of the centres and already have eight locations in Quebec, New Brunswick and New Hampshire. The availability of forestry equipment in tool rental centres is a first in North America, says the company, and will benefit private woodlot owners who can now access the product line and service. The NovaJack line consists of forestry trailers, skidding arches, skidding cones and a variety of accessories for sustainable woodlot management. Tested for many years in the field, the tools have a reputation for sturdiness and reliability and are designed to have minimal impact on the environment, says the company, which is affiliated with forest harvesting equipment manufacturer Denharco


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