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November 2004


Tech Update Editor: Diane Mettler

For more information on these products, please fill out our request form at the bottom of this page.

Scanning technology has recently moved from the sawmill to the planermill with great success. The Autolog Linear Planer Optimizer system offers a very fast payback, says the company, such as recoveries of more than $20.00/1,000 board feet. The payback will vary from three to six months, according to mill production. The systems technology is based on geometric characterization of the boards, with board thickness, width, length, wane, twist, crook and bow taken into account. Board sizes are measured with accuracy exceeding 0.010. The system receives inputs from moisture meters, MSR machines and operator overrides, and it optimizes 4/4, 5/4 and other standard thicknesses. The Visual Defect Detector module was introduced in April 2004 and can be retrofitted to existing optimizers. It is offered as an option with the linear planermill optimizer. The new system consists of four ultra sensitive CCD cameras housed in rugged enclosures, providing great reliability and requiring almost no maintenance. The detector operates at speeds of up to 2,000/minute and detects knots as small as 0.250, edge knots, spike knots, combination knots, intermediate knots, centre line knots and one-, two- and three-face knots. Autologs R&D is working on additional software and sensors, which will detect and optimize boards for rot, bark, split and blue stain. It will be available to the industry in the next 12 to 15 months, eliminating some manual decisions needed today. www.autolog.com  Readers Service Card #9050

Newman Whitney
Newman Whitney has been one of the leaders in the wood products industry with innovations such as Quietcut helical carbide cutterheads, quick-change cutterheads, computer diagnostics, electric and/or pneumatic feed works and fabricated steel frames. The company has now developed the PM-1600
modular, high-speed, four-sided planer to produce a high quality finish on lumber ranging in size from 1x2 to 6x15. The electrically driven planer has computer-controlled roll speed synchronization, cutterhead positioning, optimized speed control and touch screen operator interface. The PM-1600 comes standard with Quick Change Head (QCH) modular assembly, allowing for a variety of tooling. It is capable of feed speeds of up to 3,000 fpm. The PM-1600 is available with an inboard or outboard profiler, an additional mid-roll to make it an eight-roll machine and a high quality finish module to make it a six-head model. Other features include: heavy duty 1-1/2 thick steel plate frame members, hydraulic positioning and tensioning of feed rolls with encoder feedback for quick open and reset, standard TEFC cutterhead motors, quick-set simultaneous bottom roll setting and up to 200 hp on the top head, 150 hp on the bottom head and 75 hp on side heads. The heavy-duty, four-sided planer/ matcher, with 16 diameter steel feed rolls, is built to last in a demanding environment, without sacrificing production or quality, says the company. www.newmanwhitney.com  Readers Service Card #9051

PG Mill Supplies Ltd & GLC Controls Inc
After implementing retrofits with innovative planer solutions from PG Mill Supplies and GLC Controls, dynamic planer tensioning and setworks control can achieve increased production and significant cost savings. These systems allow for improved planer uptime due to faster and smoother operation, fewer break-ups, quicker changeovers, and faster clearing and recovery time. PG Mill Supplies Ltd and GLC Controls Inc have teamed up to provide these proven planer solutions. Together they make up a team with diverse experience in the planermill industry, approaching planer projects from a whole system perspective. These systems are currently in place and proven to be effective in British Columbia mills. These planer systems address planer setworks and tensioning issues using a unique approach. The dynamic tensioning is based on constant pressure feedback to allow for constant force on variable lumber thicknesses. www.pgmill.com  and www.glccontrols.com  Readers Service Card #9052

Gilbert Products Inc
There has been a recent revolution in the world of high speed planing due to innovative development and precision engineering by Gilbert Products Inc of Roberval, Quebec. Gilbert planers are rapidly setting new standards in planer performance and offer many high-tech options, says the company. The Gilbert planer uses a pull-through technology; each board is drawn through independently of each other regardless of the space between each piece. Benefits of this system include reduced stops in production and elimination of offset defects. This becomes particularly important when considering the jam-ups that occur in planers due to brittle wood from over-drying and large knotsthe conventional system of running one board into the next causes breakage of timber in the planer. This feature results in significantly less downtime (95 per cent uptime is common with Gilbert planers) because timber can be seen passing through the planer and the operator is able to remove broken pieces at all times. All Gilbert planers are built to receive a scan and set option for piece by piece optimization. An optimizer installed before the planer optimizes each individual board to obtain the highest grade coming out of the machine. The scan and set planer sets between each board to remove maximum wane on the four sides. Both the pull-through and scan and set designs are patented and exclusive to Gilbert Products Inc. www.gilbert-tech.com  Readers Service Card #9068

The Weinig Group will be introducing a revolutionary, high-speed planer in 2005the 2,000 feet per minute Powermat 6000 planer from Waco, a member of the Weinig Group. The Powermat 6000 will employ the industry-tested PowerLock (HSK) cutter head clamping system that produces a high quality surface finish and has a fast changeover capability because of the push button clamp/unclamp of the PowerLock clamping system. The planer will plane at 2,000 feet per minute, set up quickly, have cutterheads that clamp and unclamp at the touch of a button and is so stable that an outboard bearing is not needed. www.weinigusa.com  Readers Service Card #9053

Hasko says that its FSM MatchMaster hardwood strip flooring side matcher is among the biggest improvements to flooring machinery in the past 40 years, utilizing revolutionary technology to achieve record production rates within weeks of installation. The FSM MatchMaster is a five-head, 6x3, true matcher (with directly opposed sideheads) and eight hydraulic feed rolls typically used for flooring and S4S mouldings at variable feed rates of 250-575 lineal feet per minute. Its advanced technology can clear a jam anywhere in the machine and reset to exact position in one minute or less, every time, according to Hasko. Hardwood strip flooring manufacturers typically utilize it to produce over 200,000 linear feet per shift while processing random length material as short as 10 inch. The standard machine is equipped with a 12-knife (optional to 16 knives) high-speed, steel bottom cylinder built into the machine and houses 11 long knives to provide four cuts on 2-1/4 flooring before replacing. Close-coupled design, built-in jointing and the availability of up to 16-knife top and bottom cutterheads ensures high-grade finish and accuracy on random length strips at high feed rates. www.haskomachines.com  Readers Service Card #9054

USNRs high-speed electric planers utilize the patented Positive-Lead geometry to help reduce sniping even at feed speeds up to 2,000 fpm. The Positive-Lead advantage is in the angle of the top and bottom cutting heads with respect to the guide and the centreline of the machine. In a traditional configuration, the cutting head arbor is oriented 90 degrees to the centreline, and exerts a force on the lumber that tends to push it away from the guide. The more material removed, the greater the forces, and the greater the likelihood of sniping the sides of the lumber. USNRs Positive-Lead planer is designed with the cutting head arbors oriented 90 degrees to the lumber guide instead of to the centreline. The forces exerted by the cutting head are now parallel to the lumber guide, eliminating the tendency to push the lumber away from the surface, and cause side snipe. All-electric VFD drives with electronic speed balancing make it easy to fine tune systems for consistent results. The positive hydraulic locking system for the top, bottom and outside heads maintains accurate lumber dimensions, while the quick-change cutterheads facilitate faster knife changes. The system is constructed with heavy-duty 2 steel plate, stress-relieved and line-bored for perfect alignment. Designed for lumber from 2 to 15 wide, up to 6 thick, and as little as 6 in length, USNRs High-Speed Electric Planer accommodates 16 to 24 knives for enhanced surface quality, providing a superior lumber finish. www.usnr.com  Readers Service Card #9055

Yates-American Machine Co
The companys Planer-Matcher A-95 can handle lumber 1/2 to 6 thick, 2-1/2 to 13 wide and 95 in length. The top head has 150 hp (200 hp option) and the bottom has 100 hp (with 125 or 150 optional). The A-95 has a hydraulic or electric drive feed system with 16 feed rolls, and all feed rolls are reversible and interchangeable. The cutterheads come with up to 32 knives/head and the A-95 frame is constructed of heavy steel. Standard features include pneumatic side head chipbreaker and infeed hold-over shoe, electrical interlock safety guard and quick-release left side head. The B-26 Hydraulic Drive Double Rough Surfacer top head has 75 hp and the bottom 40 hp. It features a 40 hp hydraulic drive feed system with a feed speed of 75-240 fpm (75-400 fpm optional). Upper rolls are 12 diameter urethane filled tires, hydraulically driven and tensioned. The lower rolls are 12 diameter non-power, idler type, and reversible. Cutterheads have an 8 diameter cutting circle, up to 12 knives (straight) and up to eight-row carbide spiral bits (optional). Other standard features include: anti-lap bar device, air tensioned/released chipbreaker, LCD digital positioner and built-in top and bottom jointer with safe stone advance. Some of the optional features include automated pressure bar control, hydraulically powered infeed conveyor and bottom rolls and small remote operators station. www.yatesamerican.com  Readers Service Card #9056

Coe Newnes/McGehee
Coe Newnes/McGehee (CNM) is a world leader in planermill technology, says the company, offering complete planermill systems. CNM planermill technology includes continuous tilt hoists with tier gap time of less than five seconds, planermill optimization in either linear (LHG) or transverse (D-Tec)
applications, high speed grade and trim lines capable of speeds to 200 lugs per minute, pusher, drag and J-bar sorters, high speed stackers and package lines. The companys integrated planer controls include ControlLogix, VFD and Vector drive control, state-of-the-art grade mark readers and full-featured WinTally sorter management systems. CNM Global Speed Control offers the repeatability of highest production runs by saving individual drive settings on demand. Coe Manufacturing says it leads the way in high speed planing with the Coastal Planer product line. Planers are available with hydraulic or electric drives, speed and position control, ribbon feeding or Smart Gapping, and throughput rates of up to 3,000 feet per minute. www.coemfg.com  Readers Service Card #9057

Industrie Gurette
Industrie Gurette has been a long-time leader in the sawmill industry. The company has developed new products and modernized its installations to maintain that position, and to respond to the new requirements of customers. Gurettes planers have a reputation for efficiency and are a popular choice in the industry. The company has developed a new generation of planer (with speeds up to 1,800 feet per minute) that offers superior quality finished wood. It also now offers the Hydro-Grip system for cutting heads or the automatic position systems with eight axles. Industrie Gurette is the exclusive distributor for North America of the Stratoplan planers of Ledinek (www.ledinek.com), which feature the newest technology in high-speed planers (3,000 feet per minute). Gurette has the equipment, knowledge and technicians to repair or rebuild the majority of planer brands and models on the market today, and the companys technical service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. With its large inventory of brand new parts, the company will soon be able to offer 24-hour parts and service on all its planers, covering the Atlantic provinces, Ontario and Quebec.    www.guerette-inc.com  Readers Service Card #9058

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Newman Whitney  #9051
PG Mill Supplies Ltd & GLC Controls Inc  #9052
Weinig  #9053
Hasko   #9054
USNR   #9055
Yates-American Machine Co   #9056
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