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Nov  2003

Tech Update

Diesel Engines

The spreadsheet summary is not available on-line.

Imperial to Metric Conversion

Horse Power (HP) = 0.746 kW Kilowatts = btu/min x 0.01757 Meters (m) = ft x 0.3048 Newton-meters (Nm) = lb-ft x 1.356 Millimeters (mm) = in x 25.4 Newton = lb force x 4.448 Litres (L) = gal x 3.785 (U.S. gallon) Grams/kilowatt-hr = lb/bhp-hr x 608.28 Litres (L) = gal x 4.54 (Imperial gallon) Litres/seconds (L/sec) = ft min x 0.472 Litres (L) = in x 0.016387 Electrical kva = Generator output 0.8 Kilograms (kg) = lb x 0.4536 Celsius = (deg. F - 32) x 0.556 Kilowatts (kW) = bhp x 0.7457

Company Websites

American Isuzu Motors Power Train - www.isuzuengines.com
Caterpillar Inc. - www.cat.com
Cummins Diesel Canada Ltd. - www.cummins.com
Detroit Diesel Canada Corp. - www.detroitdiesel.com or www.sg.daimlerchrysler.com    
Deutz AG - www.deutz.de
John Deere - www.deere.com  or
Timberjack - www.timberjack.com 
Kubota Canada Ltd - www.kubota.ca
Perkins Engines Inc - www.perkins.com 
Sisu Diesel Inc. - www.sisudiesel.com 
Volvo Construction Equipment - www.volvo.com 

Formulas and Conversion Tables

Brake Horsepower (Bhp) bhp = rpm x Torque 5252

Torque Torque = bhp x 5252 rpm

Torque Rise (T.R.) T.R. = Peak Torque - Rated Speed Torque Rated Speed Torque

Fuel Consumption (gal/hr) gal/hr = bhp x bsfc 7.1 lb/gal

Load Factor (L.F.) L.F. = Fuel Consumption Fuel Consumption @ Rated Output

Piston Speed (in/sec) in/sec = 2 (stroke) x rpm 60

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