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Allied Acquires Lufkin Winch

Allied Systems Company of Portland, Oregon has acquired the Lufkin Winch product line from Lufkin Industries, Inc. of Lufkin, Texas. The skidder winch acquisition is Allied’s fourth in recent years; the company acquired the Hyster winch product line in 1990, followed by the Ranger skidders in 1994 and the Hanover forwarder and harvester in 1996. Allied will increase its skidder winch parts inventory to provide responsive parts support to all brands of skidders equipped with Clark and Lufkin winches in the field.


Fabtek’s New FT-133

Fabtek Inc. has released their new tracked boomed harvester carrier to field-testing. The FT-133 is a new purpose-built unit, introduced at the Lake States Logging Congress last September. Based in part on Fabtek’s years of experience in converting hundreds of excavators for forestry use, the FT-133 was built to address the most asked-for features in tracked harvesting carriers, reports the company. The boom centreline is offset, allowing the rotation of the cab to stay within the tail arc, thus allowing a cab-forward design with 360 visibility. A rear-mount engine and integral fuel tank/ counter weight make this a true counter-weighted machine.

Although the track is only 102" wide, the machine is very stable as a result of the component location for additional counter-weight effect. A minimal 10' tail swing contributes to the stability as well. The hydraulic system is 100 percent Parker/ Voac utilizing the newest I-Qan control system, which allows the operator to set individual control response rates. Up to four operators can set their desired control rates. The system is powered by a John Deere 125-hp six-cylinder engine. Oil delivery is 756 gpm at 5,000 psi.


Automatic Panel Profile Detection

Monitoring the profile and grading of paneling is now easier, thanks to a new smart camera system from Wintriss Engineering Corp.

The OPSIS 1300AS Vision System catches visual defects and abnormalities in products immediately, with ultimate precision, reports the company. The result is a more precise quality control process that identifies problems before product is shipped, there-by enhancing inventory control and reducing product returns. The OPSIS 1300AS camera can stand alone or, when used with a specialized interface board, communicate with a PC to inspect the profile and grading of paneling quickly and efficiently.

Used with Vision-Blox software, the Windows NT-based application software can process image data, provide feedback signals that form a closed loop for control purposes, activate alarm lights to alert operators to improper variances, and generate logs of statistical information for quality analysis.


Hyundai Expands Loader Linesupplier01.jpg (12090 bytes)

Hyundai Construction Equipment has added three newly designed machines — the HL780-3, the HL740-3/HL740TM-3 and the HL730-3 to its product lineup. The company now offers six model sizes with capacities ranging from 1.75 cubic yards to 6.5 cubic yards. Each machine is powered by turbo-charged, direct-injection diesel engines, with the engine matched to the transmission and axles. To ensure four-wheel ground contact for optimum traction and stability, the rear axle oscillates up to 26.

Additional features include Z-bar linkage for improved breakout force; 40 articulation for increased maneuverability; box section frame and heavy-duty loader linkage for stress reduction and shock absorption; and a third spool as standard equipment on all machines.


Enhanced Performance Tires

Michelin has recently introduced the XDY-2 on/off road drive tire. This new tire features new deeper shoulder features for enhanced traction in soft soil conditions; new centre block design with lower bridging, which maintains the original traction properties for longer; and Michelin’s specialized sidewall reinforcement and belt package.


Resharpening on the Fly

Precision Sharpening Devices Inc. has developed an innovative tool for saw mill or pulp mill wood chippers. It is now possible to resharpen chipper knives without removing the knives from the machine. It takes approximately one minute per knife after the machine stops rotating. This tool will not significantly affect anvil/ bedknife clearance, damage the knives, adversely affect chip quality or change chip length. It will, however, significantly reduce down time and increase production, increase knife life by 50 to 80 per cent, significantly reduce grinding costs, reduce knife changes by 75 percent and reduce safety hazards associated with handling knives. Two models are available: Series I - for saw mill, boiler fuel and waste wood chippers, and Series II, for pulp mill wood chippers.


New Product Line for Turboforest NovaSylva

Turboforest Nova Sylva has created a new division called Nova Jack to market its new product and accessory line destined for tool rental centres. Nova Jack’s specialized equipment, such as forestry trailers, skidding arches, skidding cones, etc. were tested for years before becoming available in tool rental centres. This product line, of particular appeal to private woodlot owners , was designed with environmental protection and development of sound forest harvesting practices in mind. Nova Jack foresees the implementation of 100 forestry tool rental centres throughout the existing rental centre network in Canda. Centres are selected for their proximity to forested areas. Turboforest Nova Sylva is affiliated with Denharco, a leading forest harvesting equipment manufacturer for the past 40 years.


Tigercat Builds Stroke Delimber Carriers

Tigercat has found a new application for its 860 carrier. Originally designed as a high-production tracked feller buncher for difficult Canadian logging conditions, the machine has also found application in many regions of the US. The big advantage of the D860 over converted excavator carriers is its ability to follow the feller buncher into the woods, maintains Tigercat. The undercarriage and upper assembly are designed for extreme woods duty and tractive effort is excellent, the company reports. Other unique elements include a high-capacity cooling system, hydrostatic-powered stroker and service access through the retractable roof enclosure.

With this new unit, the high production and durability of the conventional logging system is retained and significant environmental benefits, including smaller landing areas and less soil compaction, are realized.


New Stihl Clearing Sawssupplier02.jpg (6325 bytes)

Stihl introduces three professional units ergonomically designed for extended use in forest care and landscaping. Driven by a 36.3-cc engine, the Stihl FS350 produces 1.6 kw of power and weighs only 15 lbs. Weighing 17.2 lbs., the 40.2-cc engine on the Stihl FS400 generates 1.9 kw of power, while the FS450 clearing saw boasts a 44.3-cc engine, producing 2.1 kw and weighs 17.4 lbs., reports the manufacturer. All three models accept a variety of cutting attachments and can accomplish a range of clearing operations. The FS350, FS400 and the FS450 clearing saws are equipped with such features as Stihl’s Easy Start system, including an Elastostart handle, fuel primer and decompression valve, advanced air filter with compensating carburetor, enhanced anti-vibration system and electronic ignition with lifetime warranty. The FS350 and FS400 clearing saws are sold with a double harness, while the FS450 comes with a new double "comfort" shoulder harness.

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