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May 2006 - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal



New and Noted at Wood Technology Clinic

The biennial Wood Technology Clinic and Show, held in March at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon, continued to live up to its reputation as a major event for the wood processing and manufacturing industry. This year’s Wood Technology Clinic and Show featured over 500 booths and over 60,000 square feet of exhibit space. Over the course of the three-day show, thousands of industry professionals—many of them from Canada—were able to review the latest equipment, services, tools, software and technologies of the wood processing and manufacturing industry. In addition to the exposition, there was also a comprehensive conference program with highly-targeted sessions covering industry growth trends and opportunities, business management issues and production practices. Companies often use the show as an opportunity to introduce new products and services, and this year was no exception. Following is a review of those products and services.


MTS Systems offering factorycertified repair and service

MTS Systems Corp Sensors Division, a leader in magnetostrictive position sensing, announced it is now offering factorycertified repair service and support for its next-generation G-Series and R-Series product lines at the following authorized repair facilities:

• PQ Systems Ltd – Burnaby, British Columbia
• MCS Servo Inc – Montreal, Quebec
• Paw-Taw-John Services, Inc – Rathdrum, Idaho
• Hydraulic & Motor Control - Orchard Park, New York

These experienced Temposonics repair centres are also authorized, full-service MTS Sensors distributors for the Temposonics product line, specializing in fluid power and controls and offering comprehensive applications, field support, and products.

Combined with MTS’ factory 24-hour field service, applications engineering and repair services— including 48-hour turnaround on most repairs—MTS customers can now expect an even higher level of product support and service, says the company.


SOFTAC Systems acquires Flare Machinery

SOFTAC Systems Ltd, of Surrey, BC, which was an exhibitor at the Wood Technology Clinic, has announced the acquisition of FLARE Machinery. This addition of sawmill machinery will allow SOFTAC to offer complete optimized edgers, bandmills and log bucking/merchandizing systems.

Further information on the complete SOFTAC-FLARE line of equipment and FLARE machinery parts or services is available at their website:

Redwood Plastics introduces saw blade carriers

Redwood Plastics Corporation had its new circular saw blade carriers at the Portland show. Redco Circular Saw Blade Carriers are constructed of long lasting Redco UHMW and are said to be ergonomically designed to prevent injuries to saw filers by allowing the saw blade to be carried safely—and changed out from the saw—without having to
handle the blade.

Redco Saw Blade Carriers also prevent damage to the blade teeth during blade changes, saving maintenance costs and increasing production.


GLC Controls’ Industrial Bin Information System

The Industrial Bin Information System (IBIS) was developed by technicians at GLC Controls to indicate bin levels in sawmills and pulp mills. IBIS measures deflection in the support structures of storage tanks/vessels/bins caused by the weight of material inside. As levels change, the sensor emits a signal based on the strain in the steel and converts it into a unit of measure. Level information is then uploaded to the Internet for remote viewing.

The system is said to be very accurate, even in extremely cold environments.

IBIS gathers bin level information from small, bolt-on sensors that mount to the support structure of the container providing an accurate, non-contact measurement of
the level of the materials inside. The systems feature remote monitoring where outputs are designed to tie into existing PLC systems or remote display devices, allowing the viewing of levels visually.

An optional IBIS Modem card allows uploads of bin level information to the Internet, making it available to product handling companies, eliminating the concern associated with poor scheduling of pick-up times.


Automatic band saw tooth straightener from Simonds

Properly aligned and straightened teeth are critical to producing smooth lumber and increasing target size. The Automatic Bandsaw Tooth Straightener from Simonds International is designed to work in place on the backfeed on a bandsaw sharpener. The machine is timed from the feed of the bandsaw sharpener. Each tooth is examined as it passes through the sensor and when a tooth is not aligned properly, it will bend
it back to correct it. Teeth are examined on each round of the grinder, giving the tool straightener the opportunity to examine each tooth several times as the saw is processed, and to make progressive improvements putting the tooth back in line.

The tooth straightener uses two working stations, one for feeding and measuring, the second for bending. It uses a sensor to identify when the sharpener feeds a tooth and triggers the sequence of feed-measure-bend in the straightener itself. It will work at a rate of up to 30 teeth per minute, but timing is strictly dictated by the operation of the sharpener.

The new machine can accommodate a wide variety of saws, from 6” to 14” wide, in any gauge.


Multi-use handler from Combilift

The Combilift is said to be the world’s first IC engine-powered, all-wheel-drive multi-directional forklift. It is actually a combination of forklift and side-loader, and is highly maneuverable, safe, cost effective and efficient, according to the company.

The Combilift’s main benefits include: safer product handling; space savings; increased productivity; it can be used indoors and outdoors–over semi-rough terrain; and it is operator and maintenance friendly.

The four-way forklift truck has employed innovative designs in engineering, control technology and ergonomics, allowing for superior operator comfort, efficiency and maneuverability. Available in LPG/gas, diesel and electric/battery powered engines, the Combilift offers a range of lift models and capacities from 5,500 lbs to 26,000 lbs and lift heights to 295”.

Providing maximum stability, the Combilift has been designed to have a lower centre of gravity and retractable load when traveling. The ability to easily transition from sideways mode to normal mode enables operators to safely maneuver long loads in narrow aisles and environments.

Moisture analyzer from LMA-Atlas

When consistency counts, it’s often the more simple approach that holds the answer.
The LMA-Atlas lumber moisture analyzer is based on time tested and proven weight-based moisture calculations, and what the company says is a revolutionary Patent Pending material handling system.

The LMA-Atlas analyzer is designed for easy operation and maintenance, with all serviceable components off the shelf. It will easily fit on existing lines.


Volvo launches three new purpose-built forestry machines

Designed with input from forestry customers and extensively field tested, Volvo Construction Equipment’s heavy duty tracked forestry machines are said to be more than just adapted construction excavators: they are purpose-built for forestry applications. The first machine in this new series, and bound for North American forestry job sites, has been delivered to Strongco Equipment in Timmins, Ontario.

Currently, three models are available: the 26-ton Volvo EC 210 BFX; the 31-ton Volvo EC 240 BFX; and, the 36-ton Volvo EC 290 BFX. The Volvo FX range—F denotes Forestry and X means Heavy Duty—has been designed to meet the needs of the international forestry industry.

There was extensive customer input in the development process of the new equipment, and the machines have been tested in a range of applications, conditions and environments worldwide.

Regional alliances with preferred attachment suppliers are being developed to contribute to and ensure the stated intent to provide full-solution equipment to the industry.

The FX range is being introduced in three specification configurations to suit the customer’s needs in harvester and processor, log loader and general forestry operations. Together, these allow a wide scope of forestry duties to be carried out, including road building, harvesting, processing, log loading and stacking, and site preparation.

The Volvo FX forest equipment has been built with special features that include heavy duty track-drive motor and undercarriage components such as rollers, links and idler of a higher capacity than those utilized on conventional excavators. The machine is also built with a strong, high and wide heavy duty “high walker” forestry undercarriage, which helps avoid obstructions. Muscle is readily apparent in the undercarriage, which features a heavy-duty, full-length track guard.



KMC-KOOTRAC broadens focus from timber harvesting

KMC-KOOTRAC has been successful in utilizing the unique KMC designed track and suspension system for other than logging applications. The well-known KMC Track Skidder design has now been reconfigured to become KMC’s contribution to Wildfire Prevention and Suppression. The KMC Fire Tracker unit is equipped with a six-way angle/tilt dozer blade, a 1,250-gallon water tanker, a 20- gallon foam retardant tank, high pressure fire pump, high volume loading pump and an electric hose reel with 200’ of 1” lined hose. This makes for an excellent, speedy and maneuverable off-highway vehicle to be used as an initial attack unit, a prescribed burn stand-by unit or a mop-up unit in areas where other vehicles cannot work efficiently, says the company.

The KMC Mulcher/Grinder unit with rear engine, hydrostatic drive and front (or rear) mounted mulcher attachment is a highly maneuverable machine capable of brush clearing and major fuel reduction in both timber harvesting areas, as well as on land development projects. Again, because of the unique track and suspension system, this unit can work on steep slopes to 50 per cent, moderately wet/boggy ground or on environmentally sensitive soils where conventional rubber- tired or rigid track framed vehicles cannot. KMC-KOOTRAC specializes in manufacturing machines specifically for individual customer requirements, from 200 hp to 400 hp, and hydrostatic or mechanical drive power train.

1 800-562-5303


Pierce Pacific acquires Denharco

Pierce Pacific Manufacturing Incorporated, a Portland, Oregon-based manufacturer of forestry, construction and material handling attachments, has completed the acquisition of certain assets of Denharco Inc of Saint- Hyacinthe, Quebec.

Denharco is a leading brand in mechanized forestry equipment in the North American forestry market. Denharco’s products include a full line of stroke delimbers, single grip
harvester/processors and log handling equipment.

Pierce will continue to service Denharco parts business from existing Canadian locations in Saint-Hyacinthe and Edmonton and in the United States from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and its headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Pierce Pacific will move all manufacturing of Denharco products to Portland, Oregon.

“Denharco manufactures leading log processing products, and has done a fine job throughout North America over a number of years. While Pierce has secured a significant share of competing products with Denharco in the Western United States, the acquisition of Denharco enables us to have a leading presence across all of North America,” said Mike Hildebrandt, president of Pierce Pacific.

“However, our first order of business is to replenish depleted parts inventories while putting ourselves in a proper position with support staff to enable our future success with Denharco products, parts and service.”


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