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May 2005  - The Logging and Sawmilling Journal


For more information on these products, please fill out our request form at the bottom of this page.


New BABAC tire chains
New from BABC are the 5/8" and 3/4" Forestry Protection studded tire chains.  These tire protection pattern chains feature the added traction benefit of the innovative U-Form studs.  Each stud is welded on the flat/square side of the link to stay upright, offering constant ground contact.  The tighter diamond net design provides superior tire protection and traction with six studs per diamond.  Each pair of BABAC tire chains is hand-assembled for optimum quality control and 10B21 through hardened boron alloy steel is used for uniform hardness and strength throughout.  www.wallingfords.com Reader Service Card #4050

DENIS CIMAF expands skid steer attachment line
DENIS CIMAF has introduced the DAF-080, a new front-mounted brushcutter-chipper for skid steers.  In response to the larger DAF-180, the company developed a lighter version for skid steers 65 hp and up.  Under suitable terrain conditions, the DAF-080 can handle site preparation and land clearing jobs with ease, cutting down and chipping brush, bushes and unwanted tress in one pass.  the DAF-080 uses 72" wide cutting rotor consisting of 25 fixed knives with bolted-on blades and features a height-adjustable attachment system.  It requires continuous hydraulic flow between 25-30 gal/min, and operating pressure of 3,000 psi, and a rotating speed of 2,300 rpm.  The sturdy unit is easy to maintain and the blades can be sharpened on-site with a grander, and worn-out blades quickly unbolted and replaced with new one.  www.deniscimaf.com  Reader Service #4051

Business Training for forest industry management
Since 1981, Business Today International (BTI) has been introducing first-line supervisors through executive managers to what the company says is the world's most effective simulation-based training system.  And BTI is now providing special focus on the forest industry in both Canada and the United States.  Introducing participating teams to real business situations, BTI's simulations accurately resemble the organization's internal challenges, while teams experience the direct financial effect of each strategy they implement.  The main benefit teams learn are:  short-term profitability; investing in capacity for the longer term; market/product development strategies; and striving to be a low-cost supplier.  The simulations are not computer based, but a highly visual simulation business-board.  The have a profound affect on the ability to deeply learn the information as though it were really experienced.  www.bt-usa.net     Reader Service #4052

New end-Matcher from Doucet
Doucet Machineries has announced the introduction of the GPS-90 End-Matcher, a new model end profiling machine for slid wood tongue and groove and interlocking engineered flooring.  The GPS-90 end-Matcher features massive framework, a high precision machining environment and a digital spindle positioning system.  The GPS-90 allows operations to create or re-create complex set-ups in a matter of minutes, and hold machining set-ups within very tight tolerances board after board.  The GPS-90 is offered in a basic five-spindle configuration suitable for interlocking engineered flooring.  www.doucetinc.com  Reader Service #4053

New delimber from Blount
Blount, Inc, recently introduced the CTR 426 four-knife delimber with an automatic hydraulic tensioning system on the topping saw that increases productivity and minimizes chain maintenance.  When the saw is activated, the hydraulic pressure applied to the tensioner arm maintains ideal chain tautness while cutting, and then relaxes the tension when de-activated.  Because of the relaxed tension cycles, there is no need for manual adjustments.  With a 26" throat and four knives, the delimber loads quickly and accommodates multiple stem softwood, large pine and medium hardwood.  Hydraulic cushions  in the three-blade cylinders increase knife life.  The hydraulic reservoir holds 8.25 gallons.  The 426 also features a central lube area with remote grease fittings to reduce daily maintenance.  www.blount-fied.com Reader Service Card $4054

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  New BABAC tire chains  #4050
  DENIS CIMAF expands skid steer attachment line  #4051
  Business Training for forest industry management #4052
  New end-Matcher from Doucet  #4053
  New delimber from Blount #4054

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