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May 2004


Ground Based - Wild Fire Suppression Equipment

Tech Update Editor: Diane Mettler

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H T Kegs
The companys poly kegs and tanks have found their way into many different industries and have proved essential for fire prevention. With the addition of Fire-Trol 104 foam concentrate, a 26-gallon keg of water becomes 150 gallons of fire-foam. There is no special training, no complicated foam injection system to deal with, just a simple easy-to-operate, go-anywhere fire prevention product. The first attack on small fires is the most important step. H T kegs have provided the necessary fire prevention to control small fires before they turn into large expensive ones. With 12 or 24-volt power supply available on site, either of which will power the Keg, it can provide fire prevention in remote locations where it is needed most. www.htkegs.com  Readers Service Card #4100

About three years ago, a logging company in Montana purchased a TimberPro 820 to do forwarding on their logging job. During the fire season, there was a major need for fire fighting equipment so Scott Wilke, who is part owner of WW Contractors, designed a 3,000 gallon tank with a large funnel device mounted on top so it could be loaded using a helicopter. Then he installed hoses to the end of the boom along with a grapple saw, so that he could be building a fire break while putting out the fire with his well-guided spray of water. The machine can work in very rough terrain and handle slopes up to 25 degrees. The company says that set up this way, the TimberPro TF820, which is among the best rough terrain forwarders on the market today. becomes a very effective dual-purpose machine, www.timberpro.com  Readers Service Card #4101

The KMC Fire Tracker unit is designed around the KMC 2000 Series Track Vehicle with its balanced weight distribution, torsion bar suspension and live steel track. The Fire Tracker carries a 1,000 to 1,500 US gallon tank unit with separate foam system, high pressure wildfire pump, high volume loading pump and 200/1 hose mounted on an electric hose reel. It can also be equipped with an optional hydraulic tilt or angle/tilt brush or dirt blade. Over the past three years, the unit has proven itself on fires in BC, Alberta and Oregon. Its versatility includes transporting large volumes of water over rugged terrain, front line fire attacks, fire guard construction, mop-up assistance for ground crews and as a stand-by fire engine when doing fuel reduction via prescribed burning. The vehicles combination of high travel speed capabilities, steep slope climbing ability, heavy load capacity, high pressure water/foam system and four-way tilt or six-way angle/tilt front mounted blade make it an excellent tool for initial attack, mop-up or stand-by on wildfires in hard-to-get-at areas. www.kmc-kootrac.com. Readers Service Card #4102

Central Oregon Workensport
The FireTracker is designed to put out brush fires, transport and evacuate people and haul equipment for use in rough, remote and hard-to-reach areas. This vehicle can be utilized as a foam fire suppression unit, and also be converted on-site in less than 30 seconds to a search and rescue apparatus equipped with stretcher and oxygen tank mounting system features. Its equipped with a 100 forestry fire hose, class A foam inductor system, a six hp two-stage pump, 100-gallon United Plastics tank (90 gallon water/10 gallon foam cell) and more. Buyers can also choose from three different chassis: UTV 4x4, UTV 4x4 w/all-terrain track system, and UTV 6x6. The companys FireTracker Junior is a fire suppression water delivery system that fits most off-road utility task vehicles such as John Deere Gators, Kawasaki Mules, Polar Rangers and others. The tank holds 70 gallon water/5 gallon foam cell. It weighs 800 pounds and is 45 W x 36D x 36H. It also features anti-skid rubber pads mounted under the tank to reduce movement, double-welded seams and a six hp two-stage pump. www.coworkensport.com  Readers Service Card #4103

The MegaSecur Water-Gate
The Water-Gate is a portable, reusable water barrier that can be used in place of traditional barriers such as sandbags, rock, or dirt dams. Unlike sandbags, Water-Gate is self-filling. It can be installed or removed in minutes and be packed and reused for different applications. The portable barrier can be carried in a small pickup truck and smaller barriers can be carried in and installed by a single person. For fire suppression purposes, the Water-Gate is used to build water reservoirs by blocking streams used to meet pumping requirements. The water barrier has little or no negative effect on the environment. More than half the provinces in Canada use a Water-Gate in fighting fire. Water-Gate comes in several lengths and depths and can be linked together to create longer sections. On average, a reservoir built using a stream as a source can hold more than 5,000 gallons of water, which is constantly replenished by the natural flow. www.megasecure.com  Readers Service Card #4104

Shiloh Enterprises Ltd
These stand-by water tanks for remote access fire suppression are made for loggers by loggers. The tanks come in different sizes and are transported by grapple skidders. The average tank size is approximately 4D x 8L and weighs 1,300 lbs empty/6,300 lbs full. The tanks stand on two attached skids, making them free standing when not in use. Tank capacity is approximately 500 gallons (or 11 gallons of foam). Secured in the storage compartment are: 1 litre gas bottle, a fire extinguisher, 100 of lined fire hose (with room for two extra hoses if needed), a spade, fire ax, nozzle, 1 valve for suction hose, and a Honda WH 15x pressure pump. The tank saddles are built to fit John Deere grapples, but can be revised to fit most other grapples. The tanks also work well to wash machinery when water isnt handy. For more information call (250) 698-7451. Readers Service Card #4105

Wildfire features the Fire Quick flare systems. Unlike signal flares, Fire Quick flares work in all weather conditions, including high humidity. They come in convenient sizes and are designed to be thrown or launched. The flares will burn in 4,000 degree flames until consumed and are safe to handle, store and transport. The largest, the 2.5 flare, is designed for heavy or damp fuels and is hand thrown. Crews report that using the 2.5 flares was effective on steep hills, heavy fuels and on marine layers. It has a 30 to 40 second fuse and sprays 4,000 degree material over 15 to 25. The smaller varieties, the Hotshot Flare and Stubby Flare, are designed for light to medium forest fuels and are launched. The Hotshot sprays material over 10, the Stubby Flare sprays material over 5. www.wildfire-equipment.com  Readers Service Card #4106

Hydro Engineering
Hydro Engineerings Wet Break forest fire and peat bog fire extinguishing system was first used in BC and Saskatchewan in 2003. The system consists of a pumping unit that will pump water at 1,200 gpm or 1,500 gpm from a lake, pond or river through a 6 hose that has multiple water hookups every 100, and is loaded on a hose reel holding 1.5 miles of hose. A farm tractor or bulldozer is used to pull the hose reel along logging roads or into any area that needs to be a Wet Break or flooded, unreeling the hose as the operator is driving. The system can be set up and running within four hours or less. www.hydro-eng.com  Readers Service Card #4106

Built by Mercedes-Benz for over 50 years, the Unimog is a highly capable all-wheel drive chassis often used for forest fire fighting. The unit is equipped with high ground clearance portal axles and long travel coil spring suspension thatin combination with front and rear differential locks and aggressive Michelin tires up to 49 tallallow passage over difficult off-road terrain. The 260 hp Mercedes diesel motor also powers it to 111 km/h on the road. The cab over design and large windshield in the carbon fibre cab gives uncompromised visibility for a crew of three. Up to three power takeoffs, up to 204 hp, allow the fire crew to use powerful fire pumps without heavy auxiliary motors. Integrated hydraulics can power special tools such as dozer blades, winches and chain saws. It is available in 133 and 154 wheelbases and a GVW up to 15,000 kg with water capacity of up to 6,000 litres. Readers Service Card #4107

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